Updated Skype App is Being Admonished By Reviewers

Updated Skype App is Being Admonished By Reviewers

Microsoft recently updated Skype with new features, but the feedback from consumers has not been that great.

The new featured experience was created to stay ahead to the SnapChat generation. Following this update, the star rate of the app has fallen down to one-and-half-stars at the App Store.

Many users have complained about the app and have shown their dislikes as reviews like “New update makes no sense,” “Hate it,” “Worst update yet,”  “It got worse” etc. In general, based on these reviews it’s quite clear that no one was looking for a social media app, which is exactly; a Snap Chat clone.

In the new version, users find difficulties in navigating. Several mentions that they cannot set the ‘invisible’ option, cannot find the call button and status and some do not even get notifications. As, many of us use Skype for texting and video chats, users prefer to use this app as uncomplicated as possible.

Skype Corporate VP, Amritansh Raghav say’s that

“These updates are things Skype users have apparently been asking for. Whoever was satisfied by this, it certainly wasn’t the users leaving review scores online.”



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