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16 Best Voice Search Apps For Android (2019)

Virtual assistant technologies like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home have made us believe in the power and usefulness of Artificial Intelligence.

Recently, the demand for Personal assistant apps came about ferocious in last couple of decades.

Having a virtual assistant voice search unquestionably adds a lot of comfort and amusement to your life since such intelligent apps take a lot of stress from your routine tasks.


Gym workout, making calls, sending urgent emails, playing on-demand music, giving news alerts and even booking movie tickets – a courteous voice assistant in your Android mobile makes it easy for you to go through your everyday to-do list.

Using voice-enabled search apps on Android, you can gain quick access to nearby hair salon, restaurants, facts and statistics, ATMs and more.

Let’s walk through some of the best voice search apps for Android 2019.

1. Cortana

Cortana is perhaps the leading personal assistant app that not only helps you keep track of the things of value when you are on the go.

Initially launched as an attractive intelligent feature for Microsoft Windows 10 OS, Cortana voice search assistant is now completely available for Android mobiles.


  • Manage all the call records by linking your phone with Windows PC
  • Finds you high-traffic areas to help you reach your office in time
  • Schedule your important dates, meetings, alerts, etc
  • Voice-enabled assistance for information and updates

Download : Android

2. Google Allo

Functioning as an Android virtual assistant, Google Allo is basically a messaging app. Users can freely include Google Assistant into their personal chat or group conversation by just using @Google in it and enjoy the best of both messaging and voice search assistant.


  • Smart Reply suggests automatic responses to text and photos
  • Doodle on or add text to images to describe them before sending
  • Include Google Assistant in the conversation to ask for help
  • Find near located spots like hotels, bars, restaurants, etc
  • Use Google search to get voice-based answers
  • Setup a reminder, schedule messages and lot more

Download : Android

3. AIVC (Alice)

Alice is an impressively unique voice assistant search app for Android users with reliable assistance on hand. With ability to learn and know new things through cognition, Alice is smart enough to understand more than just commands.


  • Voice-enabled orders to launch specific apps and search things
  • Answers the requests regarding weather, time, scores and more
  • Users can define their own commands
  • Creates a fine to-do list, schedules, alerts and reminders
  • Interacts with mobile functionalities like SMS, Calls, etc
  • Calculates maths problems in just a few seconds

Download : Android

4. Voice Search – UX apps

Voice Search- UX Apps is a quite useful and free application for Android device users. Its current version is 3.2.1 and has received great responses in Google Play store.

It has an outstanding capability to help you choose right options from voice recognition. Users don’t need to explore phone contacts as they can speak the name and it will show up.


  • Voice search support in various languages
  • Advanced voice input for more polished user experience
  • Choose right results of voice recognition
  • Voice-based command to search through the phone contact list
  • Speak the name of the app and it opens it
  • Integration with search engines like YouTube, Google, etc
  • In-built widget on home screen for quick access
  • App customization options

Download : Android

5. Voice Search – Prometheus Interactive

Voice Search- Prometheus Interactive is another considerable free Android application that claims impressive ratings for its incredible voice search capability.

The latest version is 2.0.13. The application stands on the fact that it gives you accurate, almost organic voice recognition experience and can dazzle you with its smart response potential.


  • Amazing accuracy in voice recognition
  • Automatic selection and ranking of users’ favourites
  • Handles a wide range of questions and queries
  • Keeps the history log of recent searches
  • Completely customizable app widget
  • Perfect user experience for search functionality seekers

Download : Android

6. Bing

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has voice-enabled recognition capability and can emulate its rival Google in many ways possible. For once, it has fluid, intuitive and elegant user interface that helps users find what they want in style.


  • Smooth, attractive and competitive interface
  • Smart voice search recognition support
  • Delivers mobile searches quite like desktop Decision Engine
  • User-friendly simplicity and straightforward assistance
  • Answers a variety of queries and on-demand requirements

Download : Android

7. Magdalm – App search by Voice

Magdalm is another incredible free voice search application for Android users in 2018. It has glorious 4.2 out of 5 ratings and latest version 1.8.0.

The main job of Magdalm App Search is to find users the application they need by means of voice command.


  • Search and find application through voice-based command
  • Magnifying glass to look up names and packages
  • Simplified interface for quick assistance
  • Vertical bar for users to look up items in alphabetical order
  • Advanced filter to search by apps, system and more

Download : Android

8. Hound Voice search and Assistant

Created by SoundHound, Hound is another remarkable free voice search and personal assistant app for Android smartphones which was initially available for U.S residents.

Along with basics, it has several advanced features to take assistance to next level. The voice search of Hound has staggering 5 star ratings as well.


  • Make phone calls and send text messages using voice commands
  • Refined voice search experience for quick, reliable assistance
  • Advanced mortgage calculator
  • instant weather report and news alerts
  • play games such as Hangman for more interactive experience
  • integration with Expedia support for hotel booking
  • SoundHound Now enables sing/hum music search

Download : Android

9. Vlingo

Vlingo is one more interesting and fairly surprising choice among Voice search apps for Android 2019.

Lavish personal assistants are not just for the busy, rich people since smartphone users can also leverage the power of search and indulge in digital form of virtual assistant. Vlingo has both free and paid versions with free version offering basic features.


  • Unique, addictive and user-oriented voice recognition
  • Quick personal assistance with easy-to-use interface
  • Send text message or update Facebook status with voice
  • Voice-enabled web search services
  • Find answers and leaves you with nice interactive experience

Download : Android

Indigo enjoys the reputation of being a a free and easy-to-use virtual assistant app in Android market.

Interactive and absolutely user-friendly, Indigo VA is so organic it makes you feel as if you are actually having a conversation with a friendly human being.

From launching an app to showing news alerts and weather reports, she performs all the tasks you request.


  • Keep you updated with the news across various domains
  • Search using Google, Bing and Yahoo for any queries
  • Voice-enabled commands to control your music player
  • Easily connect with social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Weather forecasts for any location
  • Acts as a location finder for special occasions

10. ChaCha Answers

There are many search engines to answer verbal questions and provide a wide stretch of information.

However, in the moment of narrow, specific questions, you require quick, straight answers instead of staggering through multiple pages of results.

ChaCha comes to your rescue at the time of urgent need and looks quite productive.


  • Simple and straightforward Q&A service
  • Quick answers to pressing questions of specific nature
  • Saves a lot of time by getting you what you really expect
  • Best resort for urgent queries
  • Surprising ability to resolves toughest questions

Download : Android

11) Amazon Alexa

Alexa is the name of the AI voice search of Amazon which has raised with its popularity within the Google homes. This voice search app can work in any of the Amazon echo product.

Once you have got the device you can install the Alexa app. By default, the Amazon Echo devices usually use ‘Alexa’ as their wake up word after which only they will follow any of the searches and give you results.


  • Can buy Amazon products with voice search
  • Other than the tons of features integrated, you can also extend certain features of Alexa using the third party skills
  • Perform web searches
  • Integrate with smart home stuff
  • Organize your day with to-do-lists, weather updates, news, set timers, and even alarms

Download : Android

12) Bixby

Known as the Samsungs personal assistant app, Bixby is only available on Samsung devices and is not available on the Google Play Store.

The most striking feature of this voice search is that it prompts you to focus on what’s important and also keeps a track on your previous searches and learns about what are your favourite apps or services


  • Carries out web searches
  • Can download apps from Play Store
  • Has direct support to several apps
  • Acts as a smart home tech
  • Understands natural, the conversational language which makes communication easier
  • Recognize voice commands of languages- English (US), Korean and Chinese (Mandarin).

Download : Android

13) Data Bot

This is a cross-platform AI support app that comes with some basic and customized features.

Even though this is not that worthy like the Google Assistant or the Siri as it comes with certain simpler and entertaining functions.


  • Can quickly identify things and showcase results accordingly
  • Create customized multimedia presentations
  • Can use it in a laptop, smart phone or tablet
  • Can tell jokes, riddles and other good stuff like that
  • The app is free with some optional in-app s

Download : Android

14) Dragon Mobile Assistant

This AI has some great features integrated and the latest update brings in even more capabilities.

Using this, users can launch other apps, set alarms, and play music just by speaking to the voice assistant.


  • Can execute different commands at the same time
  • Clear interface with excellent voice prompts
  • Collect information from various sources
  • Has the ability to read and respond to text messages in driving mode
  • Can set reminders and even set appointments

Download : Android

15) Google Assistant

Known to be the champion of the personal assistant app in Android Google Assistant comes with tons of features which include both basic and advanced level of functioning.


  • Can handle custom routine commands
  • Teach kids manners
  • It’s more conversational
  • Users have the choice to pick from 8 voices
  • Search and browse anything and everything for you
  • Get personalized user updates under ‘Discover’
  • When the connection is bad it automatically optimizes for better results

Download : Android

16) Robin

A personal assistant that is both fun, useful and constantly learns and adapts to you. Anytime you’re in need, just tap on the microphone button and it will be right there for you.


  • Perform basic functions
  • Can respond to calls and messages
  • Has the ability to respond to gestures
  • Get information about parking spaces, gas price, traffic information etc.

Download : Android


Voice search apps provide hands-free experience to answer the quick queries or find locations or urgent information.

Android users must seek voice-powered search apps that provide ease, accuracy and fun while interacting.

Described above are some of the potential voice search apps for Android, with some of them having an added streak of personal assistance or chat conversations.

There are still more voice recognition search apps flooding the Android market, but we believe these are the best befitting 2019 standards.