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21 Best VR Apps ( Virtual Reality Apps ) 2019

VR apps offers a truly immersive experience and offers a sensory experience that can transport the individual to virtually any place, well ‘virtually’.

While the space has been taken up by expensive as well as inexpensive headsets and fancy gear to enjoy the VR apps experience, it is now possible to leverage your smartphones display for a good VR experience.

All that you need is to get the right apps on your smartphones.

Here are 21 of the top VR apps that will transform your smartphones into a great VR experience.

1. Google Earth VR

The whole new Google Earth VR lets users explore the world from a totally new perspective. With this app, the whole world becomes within your reach.

This app can be of great use for people everywhere to explore our planet in detail.

It also consists of a new search function that prompts the VR keyboard that can be manipulated according to your headset controller.

Download : Android

2. Google Expeditions VR

This VR teaching tool allows you to lead immersive trips all over the world and get more virtual reality experiences in mountains, underwater and at any outer space that you visit.

An additional feature in the app the solo mode lets users explore over 600 different tours by themselves.

For this experience, users just need to download the app, drop phones to Google Cardboard and then ready for the adventure.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Netflix VR

An app that allows Netflix subscribers to watch their favorite shows, movies using Google Daydream, Oculus VR devices. Netflix happens to be one of the video-based services to implement VR and which introduced 360-degree view in apps that let users step into a virtual room to watch TV, movies or shows using their Gear VR. Within the app, users can choose between 2 modes- void more & living room experience.

Download : Android, iOS

4. YouTube VR

Along with other features, Google is ramping up its VR efforts mainly for videos with the YouTube VR. Now experience your favorite channels, videos, etc. in virtual reality, reimagining YouTube as a 3D world.

Users can explore all videos from 3D 360 videos to standard rectangular videos. Along with this, the app also provides features of special audio.

Download : Android, iOS

5. Littlstar VR

This is one of the largest global platforms dedicated to immersive VR content. Users can discover, search and share top rated content about global brands like Fox, Universal, Disney, ABC, NBC, Sony, etc.

With this app, you can use both touch panning and the movement of your phone to experience 360 video content without VR headsets or even get into the VR mode using headsets like Google Cardboard.

Download : Android, iOS

6. End Space VR

Regardless of the generation you belong to, the notion of controlling a spaceship and shooting the hell out of your opponents, has its own special appeal.

VR has made it a lot more immersive with End Space VR, which has spectacular game plays and stunning visuals that will turn you into an excited kid.

With high speed action, you can be sure that this VR game will give you a thrilling experience. Though you need to pay for this VR experience, you will find it worth in every single dime.

Download : iOS

7. Jaunt VR

This is one app that every movie buff would love to have. It offers you a select playlist of movies and clips that you get to see with VR.

The app dons the mantle of a portal where you enter to select a clip or movie to watch.

The VR experience will take you right to the thick of action, giving you an experience that is difficult to forget easily.

Download : Android, iOS

8. Liftoff VR

This gives you a bird’s eye view of SpaceX liftoff. The controls in the gaming app will permit you to check out different angles of a satellite released in orbit from the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket.

You will also get to try your hand in landing the separated booster without crashing it. The whole immersive experience is bound to make you space bound, with a great view.

Download : Android

9. Virtual Reality Moon

While it may not be possible for everyone to turn Neil Armstrong, you can certainly relive a similar experience with this app.

Choose a good enough headset for this experience and depress the action button to ‘virtually’ walk on the lunar surface that Neil Armstrong once walked upon.

The features on the app give you a great experience in finding your way around the Earth’s satellite.

Download : Android, iOS

10. VR Mojo Orbulus

Travelling to certain destinations may remain a dream for many, due to one of many reasons. However, it is possible to have a near real experience with this VR app.

Choose the most iconic places to visit in famous locations on the planet and enjoy a fully immersive experience.

The app will take you places, and it will also take you to the most unusual of spaces – arte facts of historic value and modern day appliances.

Download : Android, iOS

11. VR Noir

This could be your chance to become a virtual private eye like Miss Marple from one of Agatha Christies novels. The app gives you a good shot at playing detective, with an interactive game, driven by VR.

The plot thickens and enthralls, relying on real settings and environments, to give you a wholesome and immersive experience that makes you the central character.

Its interactive mode combines with the 360 degree view to make it fully interesting.

Download : Android, iOS

12. VR Roller Coaster

This has got to be one of the best roller coaster rides ever, at least on a VR app. It gives you a near real experience with some crazy loops, twists and turns that will give you the same feeling as an actual roller coaster ride.

To add to the feeling, the landscape depicted on the app, gives you the sensation of heights as you get to see skyscrapers and landmark buildings.

Download : Android, iOS

13. Zombie Shooter VR

This is something that will ratchet up the excitement many notches higher. The zombie franchise will not die and the VR experience only makes it all the more interesting.

You get to shoot zombies out of the way as you make your way through a city landscape, with surprises thrown with increasing frequency, you will be in the grip of zombie mania, turning trigger happy and enjoying it.

Download : Android, iOS

14. Google Street View

This is definitely a VR app that you should have on your iPhone, as it has possibly the largest collection of locations. You name the place and the app seems to have it.

And it offers additional features like giving you the flexibility to include your own collections to the app.  If you would like to good look at the most sought after locations on the globe, here’s your chance to do it virtually.

Download : Android, iOS

15. NYT VR

Now this may catch you by surprise, but it is true. The New York Times VR app is actually giving mothers a run for their experiences.

The app permits you to actually experience the plight of people chronicled by the newspaper.  You can virtually go into locations covered by the newspaper in the pursuit of its news.

Download : Android, iOS

16. Relax VR

This will certainly make it to the bucket list of ‘must have’ apps. The hustle and bustle of cities can sometimes turn lives into an highly stressful existence.

This is where the Relax VR app can help. At the flick of a switch you can find yourself in the most tranquil locations, at complete peace with yourself and the world.

Download : Android

17. Star Chart VR

If you are scientifically inclined and would like a touch of reality to your interest in astronomy, this VR app gives you the freedom to explore the solar system.

Take a close look at a planet of your special interest, give any constellation your undivided attention with this VR app, and learn more information about the focus of your attention.

Download : Android, iOS

18. USA Today VR Stories

For all those who love to have a taste of America through a VR headset, this app has it all. A mixed bag of clips gives you a stunning experience of some of the most historic locations of America.

Take a drip down memory lane and into the lap of nature at its best in landmark locations with this app.

VR and AR are transforming experiences through spectacular advances in technology. End uses include business applications, healthcare and recreation, among others.

The virtual reality apps in smartphones give users an incredible immersive experience, when combined with a decent VR headset. Choose your pick, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the next level of experiences.

Download : Android, iOS

19. Ocean Rift

The world’s first aquatic park that has VR effect & which provides an ultimate and vivid underwater world view which includes sharks, dolphins, sea snakes, rays, sea lions and even different types of dinosaurs.

The app is mainly divided into 12 habitats ranging from coral reefs, lagoons, etc. and even details on prehistoric seas. It also has 45+ information points that let you learn more about ocean animals.

Download : Android

20. Tilt Brush

An app that lets users start their painting from a whole new perspective like never before. The main feature of the app is that one can paint in 3D space using VR and make your room your canvas.

Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Other features include dynamic brushes, intuitive interface, poly integration and much more.

Download : Android, iOS

21. Virtual Desktop

An app that lets you convert your PC to VR, creating great experiences for watching movies, browsing and even playing games with the giant virtual screen effect.

This function of virtual reality has led to the enhancement of the physical workspaces of today. For now, the virtual desktop is available in Gear VR & Oculus Go.

Download : Android, iOS