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15 Best Free Offline RPG Games 2020

Albeit many amazing mobile games published in Play Store, the problem is that most of them depend on internet connection for delivering a complete, unlimited gaming experience. So players are often compelled to stay within the proximity of web connection to make it run.

However, nowadays Role-playing games (RPG) that have ample followers are made available free offline so that gaming enthusiasts can spend hours reveling in captivating storyline, beautiful characters and fascinating graphics.

Here is the list of 15 Best Free RPG Games that you can Play Offline:

Altos Odyssey Eternium Pocket city
Final Fantasy SoulCraft Shadow Fight 2
Pixel Dungeon Crossy Road Dark Sword
Quizoid Arcane Quest 3 Pocket Mortys
Dungeon Hunter 5 Brothers in arms 3 Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle


1)Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is comparatively a new offline game that works without internet. In this side-scrolling infinite runner, player skis down the slopes, jumps and continues to collect a bunch of coins that unlock rewards like more customized elements.

Enriched with attractive and colorful graphics, the game is nice for those who appreciate simple mechanism and expect no awards.

Here as you move forward, the only major controls you have are jumps and flips in mid-air. Free version has ads which can be removed in paid one, but you can also buy coins to enjoy more customization.

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This premium action-based RPG does not demand internet or connecting to a server to play it. Like most mobile actions games, the player keeps running around, exploring many ruins and dungeons, using magic and killing bad guys.

You have a story line, though, with tons of goods to plunder and other engaging actions of the gameplay if you have downloaded latest content. This one of the most successful freemium action games in RPG category.

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3)Pocket city

Like Sim City, Pocket City is your best city builder with which you can build a custom city with buildings, public facilities, roads and other urban amenities.

You will be either enjoying parties or dealing with challenges like massive fires, all playable offline. To accumulate more money, level up and unlock more excitement (buildings and land), make sure you maintain great balance through everything.

It has no in-app purchases, but the free version contains basic level with ads while premium one removes ads, adding more features like sandbox mode.

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4)Final Fantasy

A few Final Fantasy games rock well in Google’s list of free offline RPG games, especially Final Fantasy IV. Some of its sequels need online support to play the game while others don’t.

They are usually more than 20 hours long and deep story lines with impressively simple graphics and exciting soundtrack. However, the twist is that players may occasionally open the app online to check its DRM so that it remains playable offline for a while.

Hence, it is not your entirely offline experience but still works enough.

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SoulCraft is another considerable RPG Android game playable offline. It puts together angels, demons and humans in a rich, incredible storyline: humans have found the secret to immortality which concerns angels and demons enough to make an agreement and inflict the apocalypse to set things in its natural flow.

Players can be on one side and participates in a 3-way war that leads to a winner. Such a unique gameplay and fascinating graphics make for extraordinary experience.

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6)Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an addictive game developed by the makers of the legendary Android hit Vector. This immersive RPG marries Roles with Classical fighting to create something irresistible.

Here you are equipped with tons of powerful weapons and martial arts moves to combat the opponents. What makes it wonderful is that it contains fantastic storyline and that you journey through 6 different worlds each offering you to customize a fighter.

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7)Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is the fantastic game with lots of levels and challenges atypical of contemporary free offline RPG mobile games. The game surprises you with a feel of an old, traditional game and, as the name goes, pixelated graphics. However, don’t ever think that Pixel Dungeon doesn’t contain tricky environment.

In this seemingly simple gameplay, you are supposed to explore every corner of the dungeons to collect items that can help fight the monsters you encounter and find the Amulet of Yendor.

Things get intense as you have to face the random levels generated in the game. This is why Pixel Dungeon is one of the most difficult free offline RPG games today.

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8)Crossy Road

Crossy Road has an interesting gameplay for offline experience and is quite popular around. It offers a unique play where gamers will guide a chicken as it has to cross the road, or streams or other various obstacles thrown in.

As it is not too wild or intense, friends and family should play it together. Its in-app purchases are not too deep in its effect on overall gameplay.

You will be able to choose over 150 collectible characters and enjoy multiplayer mode, offline support and Android TV support.

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9)Dark Sword

Dark Sword is a stylish, appealing and dark game that follows the side-scrolling and slash gameplay. Surprisingly, the game does not have a well-defined storyline or open world setting.

Instead, you have 100 different stages to play where your objective is to defeat the dark dragon. For more intense actions seekers, Dark Sword also offers a thriller hardcore mode.

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Quizoid is an addictive offline quiz game where you attempt to answer over 7000 questions set across several levels and a dozen of categories.

It doesn’t stop here as their developers think of adding more to the quiz. It contains three popular game modes and some hints that you need to catch to figure out the right answer.

If you select the pro version, you will get to answer 3000 more questions as well as some other perks. Thus, Quizoid makes for one of the intriguing offline games for quiz lovers.

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11)Arcane Quest 3

Best for classic tabletop game fans, Arcane Quest 3 is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of revenge, redemption and honor, combining role playing with adventure, fighting and strategy elements.

Here your fight is with hordes of orcs and other wicked enemies in order to save people and restore the honor. You have 10 unique classes to choose from to create your adventure.

The real-time multiplayer quest allows you to play with teams of players across the world and unlock amazing rewards. The quest editor lets you customize and share your own quests and play quests created by other players.

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12)Pocket Mortys

If you have played Pokémon ever, you will love Rick and Morty in this game. At its basis, the original gameplays of Pokémon were nothing but Role Playing fun, which is what Pocket Mortys seems to achieve.

The game tantalizes gaming enthusiasts by bringing the similar experience to the classic Pokémon on your device.

In the game, you control the character Rick who is in garage and engaged with his science until Mysterious Rick steps in through a portal and challenges him to a Morty battle. Rick then enters the portal to reach the Council of Ricks, and so on.

Google PlayApp Store


13)Dungeon Hunter 5

This is a free, deep RPG with three major modes: a story mode, online mode and co-op mode.

Like other dungeons games, here also you slaughter your way through dungeons, while exploring its depth to unlock new weapons, reach new levels and getting upgrades that help you make more powerful weapons.

Dungeons Hunter 5 has you downloading lots of gigs as there are whopping 900 incredible weapons to acquire along with hundreds of spells and skills.

Google PlayApp Store


14)Brothers in arms 3

Brothers in arms is basically a massive multiplayer game to be played against large group of players across the globe online.

However, the game is present in this list because it also supports offline story mode. In this gameplay, Sergeant Wright takes the lead and battles through the aftermath of World War 2 invasion.

It allows you to try two gameplay modes and use four maps masterfully.

Google PlayApp Store


15)Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is an eerie, gory puzzle gameplay filled with violent surprises, horrors and an unparalleled premise. In this RPG, you are Jason Vorhees and have 100 levels to finish.

At each level you slaughter those people while trying to evade traps, temptations, cops, land mines and rotary telephones.

 Packed with pleasant little elements of horror and gore, Friday The 13th is built to offer you massive action served with arcade style experience. Due to its explicit scary content, the game is not recommendable for kids.

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The list above rounds up 15 irresistible free RPG games that you can play offline without any WiFi or Data connection.

The list includes a diverse range of mobile game titles, each having power to thrill, engross and immerse you its unique gameplays, graphics and characters.

You will undoubtedly find some of them worth downloading and playing with your friends.