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11 Best e-Learning Apps For Business

For a business to grow successfully, proper learning and training is necessary for all  the employees on the business strategies is the key. Also keeping them updated on the advanced technologies is important to compete well with other businesses. So it is not surprising that the e-learning apps are slowly becoming an integral part of today’s business. The user friendliness, the easy accessibility, and flexibility in proper coordination are making the use of e-learning apps in business so relevant. Building an app from the scratch to implement novel training programs can take off your time and money. So it is no wonder why businesses look for advanced apps from reliable sources to improve the learning goals of their business base.

Considering the increase in demands, many enthusiasts are coming up with novel apps in the category with advanced features and options. Here are a few among the best e-learning apps you can try for your business this New Year to keep up the pace of the success rate.

1. Mindflash

This awesome e-learning app is a great option to train a larger set of partners, customers and employees with ease.Unlike similar apps, the mindflash app lets the users to create courses, manage trainees, add quizzes as well as track the output despite time and location. The learning is an ongoing process and it is important for the employees and the organization. The learners can get motivated throughout the process with powerful reports and learning analytics.

The features of the app include the following:

  • Train new employees with all comfort

  • Give comprehensive awareness of services and products

  • Customer care training

  • Compliance training

  • Built-in audio and video recorder

  • Reward learners on success

  • Upload files in multiple formats

2. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This is an interesting app for e-learning purpose that is chosen by a pretty good number of enterprises. The features of the app allows recording of different lessons, annotated images and videos. Even when the learning in real time is not possible with this app, the recorded lessons can be easily shared via email and social media networks. The instructional designers are widely using the app to set up an instant performance support lesson during the work schedules in and off the field.

This highly rated app comes with the following features:

  • Gain deep insights on projects

  • Rich audio/video feedback on work

  • Tutor someone remotely

3. Skill Pill

This efficient e-learning application can be a great addition to improve the productivity of corporate and business employees. With over a million learners around the globe, the Skill Pill app is turning out to be one of the idyllic digital learning platforms for the present day business settings, particularly for large enterprises. The flexible availability of tailor made contents as well as ready to use materials has made the app unique. The users can come across supporting templates, customized videos as well as podcasts.

Here are the app specialities:

  • Augmented reality options
  • Machine-learning ready

  • Consultative approach of training

  • Available in a range of languages

  • Quick training videos through multiple platforms

4. Apple Keynote

The course content can be built pretty easily on-the-go with this presentation app from Apple. The created content has multiple saving options that free up the mobile space such as Dropbox or iCloud. The content can be used in multiple business settings on the go as exporting is possible in multiple formats. World-class presentations are at your finger tips while using an iOS device.

Here are the app’s key features

  • Create cinematic transitions and animated charts

  • Update content on all devices with built in iCloud

  • Real-time collaboration for group projects

  • Follow the edits of other users

  • Get back to previous changes using undo

5. Moodle Mobile

This convenient app is an amazing app for business enterprises that allows the employees to access the course content even when they go offline. TheMoodle Mobile app can be accessed by both iOS and Android devices and the users can easily get connected to other course users. The app lets the users to view the course grades and receive instant notifications of events and messages. This awesome app for enterprise of diverse settings can be accessed for free.

Here are the app features:

  • Easily upload audio, images and videos

  • Send messages through app

  • Quickly find other course participants

6. iTunes U

This app lets to create interacting training lessons and share them with employees to engage them on a single place. This awesome iOS app lets you create and share it on the go in a matter of minutes. This app can be a great addition to the e-learning needs of a business as the users can stay on track and save a fair amount of time.

The app looks amazing with the following features:

  • Built in grading

  • Answer individual queries with a one-to-one chat

  • Push notifications

  • Huge library of paid and free instructional content

7. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

With this advanced e-learning app for business, the users can take part in web conferencing sessions from their iOS device. This option lets them to be part of live online classes, one-on-one tutoring, meetings or group projects with just a click on the device.

This app lets users to do the following:

  • Participate in breakout room sessions

  • View web tour and multimedia content

  • Use emotions to indicate the feeling

  • View shared applications and desktops

  • Raise their virtual hand for comments and queries

  • View the responses of other members

  • Answer live multiple choice questions

8. BoostHQ

This is an entirely different e-learning concept for business in which free content sharing is possible with a larger audience. The information can be shared with only selected people to keep the privacy intact. This app lets the instructors to push learning content to employees as and when required. This helps them to keep them updated about the upcoming technologies, alerts to note, preparations to up skill to a new level and a lot more. The BoostHQ’s analytics oversee the effectiveness of the new strategies that was shared and gives proper feedback.

The app comes with some awesome features:

  • Moderate content and comments

  • Centralized resource library

  • Initiate discussion in groups

9. BizMobile

This convenient mobile app can be a good choice for your start up business that helps you to bring all employees at a single place for comprehensive training. The BizMobile app covers about 6000 courses on diverse corporate training programs. The users handling both Android and iOS platforms can utilize the app. The app can be used conveniently at the work place and also on the go.

The areas that are handled well in this free app includes the following:

  • Communication skills

  • Compliance training

  • Leadership and management

  • Sales and customer service

  • Desktop computer skills

10. DesignJot

This convenient app can be a good choice for instructional designers despite their experience to build better training on products and services. With flexible options and features, collaborating with the clients are a lot easier for an instructor and creating advanced training courses are just a few steps away. There is an analysis tool that oversees if the instructional strategies go well with the business opportunities and needs. With this app, the key learning activities can be identified and planned in advance.

Here are the app features:

  • Review a sample course design

  • Sketch activity mock-ups

  • Export projects in diverse formats

11. Udemy

A good learning culture in an organization can say a lot about how their employees are more productive and progressing every year.The money and time they invest for such sessions can really pay them back if they choose comprehensive e-learning apps such as Udemy. The app gives an exposure of a wide variety of business topics with strong assistance by real world practitioners and industry experts. The business version of the app can provide good assistance in diverse areas such as success story, training material, presentation or white paper.

Closing Thoughts:

Giving a tough fight to the competitors is the key to stand up high in your business and improve the reach of your product to a large user base. Well trained employees who are comprehensively coordinated to handle the business become really important to register your business in this competitive market.

The e-learning apps are truly a handy option and an inexpensive alternative to heavily charged training programs by experts. With such amazing apps, all what the officials have to do is to introduce the app to the team and may be set up an account. However, the way you use these apps to train your employees is really important and it depends on the type of business you handle.