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How to Develop a Ticket Booking App Like StubHub?

From travel and stays to sports and movies, smart ticket booking solutions have made our life easier, saving us all the tiring visits to the place where they book tickets.

Thanks to Ticket booking mobile apps, people can continue to live their busy lifestyle as they can comfortably book tickets for shows and events online.

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Due to ease, convenience and wide array of choices, Ticket booking mobile apps have risen up in full swing giving audience the power to book their favorite shows in advance.

BookMyShow, StubHub, LiveNation and a few other mobile apps have enabled movie fans to book shows with the seats of their choice without going to cinema halls for booking.

The process of ticket booking is as easy as going online, opening an app, entering the location and viewing the available movies released in nearby theatres. The same goes with live sports games or concerts.

Due to increased popularity of StubHub as a trending Ticket booking app, we are going to discuss how you can shape and design an app like StubHub and scale it up with a comprehensive revenue model.

About StubHub


StubHub is a modern ticket booking app cleverly designed to help users buy tickets for many types of events and shows including sports, movies, concerts, plays and more.

With brilliant interface and impressive ease of booking, StubHub allows users to discover, learn and book events in a chosen location and buy tickets.

In exchange for the convenience of booking tickets, the app takes a small charge from your transactions. StubHub’s major ticket booking services can be summarized as:

  • Movie ticket booking
  • Sports event ticket booking
  • Concert tickets
  • Play or theatre tickets
  • Seminar passes

Essential Features For Developing a Ticket Booking App



You may jot down the highlight of the following features if you are determined to work on the project of developing a ticket booking mobile app like StubHub.

User Panel

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Choose location
  • Home screen
  • Listing
  • Show details
  • Settings
    • My account
    • Booking history
    • Notification (Booking confirmation, latest offers and scheduled shows)
    • Wallet (Cashback credit, reward points accumulation, etc)
    • Language (Multilingual support to view the app content in different language)
  • Booking screen
  • Ratings
  • Age restrictions and compliance
  • Multi-payment mode
  • Booking confirmation
  • e-Ticket/Print ticket
  • Loyalty points
  • QR code verification
  • New App updates

Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage user profiles
  • Manage Shows/events
  • Venue manager
  • Booking updates manager
  • Manage revenues
  • Content editor
  • Push notifications management
  • Ticket scanning

Advanced Features

  • Google Map Integration
  • Real-time calendar
  • Advanced search
  • Instant cancellation
  • Shared tickets
  • Visual media integration
  • Multilanguage support
  • Global currencies support

Apart from these straight features, we can also consider tweaking a little and adding a facility inside the app where users are allowed to cancel their booking instantly with a tiny little extra fees under the Instant Cancellation feature.

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Alternatively, you can also think of having social media integration where users can share or resell their tickets with friends instead of cancelling them completely. This can keep them happy by saving them extra cost of cancellation.

Remarkable Features to Imitate From StubHub

As you analyze the various outstanding features of StubHub, you will come across a few adorable elements of its creative design and uniqueness of usability. The features we believe are splendid and can be thought as an inspiration for your ticket booking app are:

Custom UX with Easy Discoverability and Zero Clutter

StubHub stands on its clean interface and ability to keep things clutter free. This is what you realize when you land on its event page.

App users can view additional options and information about Sell or Venue at the top section.

They remain hidden into a title as a tiny button called “Event Info” while users scroll down. When they select the title, the options show up again.

StubHub steers away from the standard practice of hiding secondary information as “More” button somewhere in the top corner.

The app houses a custom header in its custom UX, creating a whole new perspective of playing smartly with user engagement. Keeping more to represent further details of events will limit the discoverability of events.

So keeping users thrilled with event options as they enter the event page, and later hiding it as users start to explore more appeal best to StubHub users.

Greeting Animation For Users Taking Big Steps

Another small yet significant aspect of StubHub ticket booking app is its unique loyalty program where animation of stars greets you for taking quite a leap.

Such elements please users by making them believe they have achieved something meaningful.

It could be a great practice for your app to welcome and encourage users with expressive animations as they take big steps in your app like booking a ticket or recommending the service to someone.

Clear View of Seating Arrangement

Its hard to imagine the structure of sitting at a live show venue or in a movie. StubHub understands this better and allows you to select “See the view” with which you can take a look of seats from a specific section of theatre or stadium.

This helps a lot when it comes to deciding which tickets to buy for a neat view. The feature comes handy especially for movie tickets booking.

Map View For the Ease of Location Selection

If you have a concern about location-specific selection of events, StubHub soothes your woes with its incredible map view. This user-friendly feature helps you find events based on location criteria.

Its UX is designed to focus on a specific region so that when you look for town or city in its search box, you can zoom in to the exact location you want to travel to. Its map view determines whether or not an event area falls in the region you have searched for.

Though UX is optimized to support region-specific search results, StubHub does not show them on map itself as it is considered unnecessary.

This is entirely due to the fact that events come with time constraints unlike those shops and restaurants that have permanent existence on the map.

Brief Technology Stack For Development Project

UI : ReactJSBootStrapJS
Server : Java, Swagger, Hibernate
Database : MySQL
Caching : Hazelcast
Notifications : RabbitMQ
Payment API : Paypal, Stripe, Square
Code Repository : Git
Load Balancer : Nginx

The stack mentioned above is hugely in practice in app development industry and is subject to the availability and requirement of specific project.

As for technologies used for implementation of security, Log entry & management, app deployment and cloud storage, you can further contact your ticket booking app development partner and discuss the suitability of resources.

Considering a Strong Revenue Model



Its important to keep the revenue model of a ticket booking app simple and transparent, focusing on all the minute aspects of money making features.

Since the app helps users book movie and event tickets, the users would be charged small sum of money for the fast and easy service of the app.

Furthermore, the app distributes layers of show information like cast, reviews, storyline and more which can be thought as a monetization scope.

Including more events such as sports, theatre plays, live concerts and music festivals can also contribute to making more profits.

Like other ticket booking platforms, your app can generate sporadic revenue from special screenings, online advertisements and exclusive homepage features.


The idea of simple mobile app development does not sound that challenging, but developing a spectacular and successful mobile app with exceptional capabilities is a task of huge efforts and brainstorming.

For an online ticket booking app like StubHub, you need a skilled manpower that helps build a competitive architecture of UI and Backend system.

There is a significant investment, but it pays off with staggering rewards if you know how to implement an attractive revenue strategy for monetization.

We hope the insight on creating a movie/event ticket booking app like StubHub provided here will lead you to a colossal success in future.

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