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Top 13 Free Online Shooting Games

Shooting games are where you explore your fantasy world of competitive actions, drama and chaotic hustle of bullets, snipers and explosions. From first person shooter (FPS) to third person and to multiplayer mode, you indulge in the bounty of fun.

Mobile game scene is now packed with brilliant shooting games with difficult challenges and incredible winnings. Some are premium whereas others are freemium and the rest are completely free.

Considering the ongoing trends and excitement around mobile video games, we have meticulously pulled together a list of top 13 free shooting games with various mechanics for iOS and Android.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is your irresistible royal battle shooter that is feeding frenzy for mobile users. It lets you feel the thrill of falling to an island right from the plane where you strived to get your weapons, vehicles and equipment you need to win the game and become the last person standing towards the end.

The main free version allows for 100 persons while PUBG Lite make it 50 for sleek and compact functioning on mobile devices. Though it may appear to be a little overshadowed against Fortnite’s crafting facility, there are game fanatics who love the realistic experience of PUGB Mobile more than Arcade structure of Fortnite especially because, unlike Fortnite, PUGB is available on the Google Play.

Download : Android, iOS

2. Critical Ops

Critical Ops has all the potential needed to emulate for number one spot on the list since users are addicted to playing the game as much. The credit goes to its exhilarating graphic structure, multiplayer format, grand choices of weapons and ability to customize with added weapon skins.

For a first person shooter, control mechanics seem intriguing with fair chance of learning curve when played on a touch screen. But you can still manage to figure out and learn everything if you are truly involved in the play. The game project receives frequent updates and improvements from its dynamic developers.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Deer Hunter Classic

Unlike your typical Deer Hunter game you think you grew up playing, Deer Hunter Classic is one of the most competently designed shooting games on mobile device. Like its name hints, you will be on the foot hunting various types of animals of over 100 species.

It includes games such as Google Play leader-board and achievements and global coop challenges where you can participate to score better than other rivals. Deer Hunter Classic is a freemium game and users can highly relate with its exciting actual game mechanics.

Download : Android, iOS

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is among the most engrossing shooting mobile games in modern era. Originally started as a pay-once game, the game is not available as freemium version. It boasts great number of followers, cool graphics and decent elements and tons of other marvels for Modern Combat lovers.

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The game offers a usual campaign mode as well as a competitive multi-player mode along with freedom to choose from six available classes to play. Each has their own perks and unique advantages. For mobile gaming, the game gives the most authentic mainstream shooter experience with good released and updates. Its Modern Combat Versus version is available though Blackout theme is far better at the moment.

Download : Android, iOS

5. Fortnite

Fortnite has joined the new-age shooting games for Android platform and is almost familiar to modern game players. It lets you drop from the sky, craft items and search for and kill your opponents and cleverly survive the entire round by becoming the last one standing. Having massive amount of followers, Fortnite has slightly unpolished, clunky game mechanics that are not completely shabby.

Given the fact that the game is still new in the race, Fortnite is expected to grow mature and more fun progressively. To keep up with its skins and unlockable content, you can sync your account with other versions of the game.

Download : iOS

6. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is regarded as one of the best shooter mobile game sensations among many other. You get to pilot an aircraft like most similar games and battle it out with a bunch of villainous guys. The game has excellent graphics and simplicity of mechanics for anybody to master.

To give you muscles and defense, the game has got upgradable weapons and armor, in-level objectives and other real-world elements. You also have buff cards system and more to get a boost in your chances to score better and succeed.

Download : Android, iOS

7. Gunstar Heroes Classic

The popular 1993 SEGA Genesis shooter is transformed into mobile version Gunstar Heroes Classis, a part of quite acclaimed SEGA Forever series. It has all the sharp graphics and touch controls as presented by the original game mechanics. Additional features include local as well as cross-platform multiplayer, HID controller support, leader boards and much more.

To eliminate ads from its complete base version, you will need to spend $1.99 single . Gunstar Heroes Classic is definitely the most celebrated old classic arcade shooter that SEGA brought on mobile screen. The length of the game is fairly long considering its replay value afforded by leader boards feature.

Download : Android, iOS

8. Last Hope: Zombie Sniper 3D

Last Hope Zombie Sniper 3D is amongst the top 13 shooting games for it offers unique gun control experience with a bit of challenge while holding the sniper rifle stable. This is unlike most FPS games as it demands efforts from the shooter while targeting the bad boys.

However, the best aspect is its spectacular landscapes, mostly waste lands, that take you from deserts and soccer fields to wilderness and rural countryside. You can get this free sniper game from Microsoft store.

Download : Android, iOS

9. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead is another fun shooting game for cross-platform multiplayer engagement. The game mechanics is built to make you an infinite runner who runs through a colossal horde of zombie throughout the session where survival is the ultimate goal.

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The game is embellished with charming graphics, tantalizing weapons, a dog companion, various endings and tower defense mechanics. Into the Dead 2 is overall a unique introduction in the shooter space. This freemium game nonetheless makes for a deep, mesmerizing play for zombie fighters.

Download : Android, iOS

10. Madfinger Games

Madfinger gamer is a collection of exemplary shooting games developed by ingenious developers of this time. Their collection of games essentially includes Unkilled, Shadowgun series, Dead Trigger 1 & 2 and a few other attractions. Amongst these, Dead Trigger and Unkilled are Zombie thrillers where shooting runs powerful regime. You get pleasure from killing loads of zombies and its enchanting graphics, and earn various weapons.

As for Shadowgun, players indulge in classic shooter with a campaign, multiplayer experience enhanced by amazing features. A few of these are free whereas others are freemium. There are also pay-once games in the category. Shadowgun Legend is the latest creation from Madfinger developers.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a successful successor to Dead Effect original and has flourished as a brilliant sci-fi shooter. Built smartly for mobile gaming, Dead Effect 2 is infused with rich graphics, thrilling amount of guns for upgrade, cocksure bad boys and 20-hour single player session and engaging RPG-style character development opportunity.

These spellbinding features make the game quite mature, giving profound shooting experience to Dead Effect fans. It appeals massively to those who expect more than mere plain shooting.

Download : Android

12. Morphite

Morphite has been revered as one of the best shooting games of 2017 featuring decent graphics, adventurous fits and many exciting missions for players. The game is large in its exploration scope and fits slightly close to the mobile version of No Man’s Sky.

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In Morphite, the planets will be surprisingly presented in a random fashion which bestows on you the element of newness in every game played. It’s a freemium deal where free version comes with two-story missions and generous exploration while its full-fledged experience costs up to $4.99. Of course, there is a pay-once option, too.

Download : Android, iOS

13. NOVA Legacy

NOVA titles are renowned for releasing some of the successful games and Legacy is the latest title. NOVA Legacy is focused more on sci-fi theme which is unlike Modern Combat. This again has great graphics, campaign mode for solo play as well as multiplayer enjoyment.

To add more generosity to the game play, you can have special events and crafting mechanics. The game is freemium which means some additional features and ad-free revelry might cost you some penny.

Download : Android, iOS


We just covered in this post the top 13 fantastic free shooting games that are most desirable today. Hope the list will resonate with your individual taste in games and appeal to you. You may share your comments and opinions on what you think of these games. As new video game releases keep coming now and then, the collective list here is prone to changes.