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Apple to Adopt ‘Service Workers’ with Key Google-backed Technology

Apple plans to work with the key Google-backed technologies that contain a list of new generation apps which do not require downloads and are altogether known as ‘Service Workers’.

Apple has started to work with this new technology and is trying to integrate part of this technology in their upcoming software releases.

Apps built using the ‘service workers’ technology is also known as Progressive web apps which do not require downloads. All you need to do is to point the browser at a particular website and start using the app.

These apps can be added to your home screen for easy access and users who opt for push notifications will be notified on special offers and discounts. Payless and Lancome are examples of progressive web apps.

Widespread adoption of this new technology could result in numerous changes to the overall app system.  But, on the other hand if software developers can build one app that runs on iPhones, iPads, Google, Microsoft and operating systems, it can save time, money as of till now they had to build separate “native” apps for each platform.

Apple to Adopt 'Service Workers' with key Google-backed Technology