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13 Best Selfie Apps For 2020

Selfies have obtrusively penetrated our self-driven, passionate photography culture. Love it or not, we are surrounded by the youthful generation of selfie lovers.

People usually take their own snaps to follow the trend, grab attention, connect with friends or capture that special moment in their life. However, act of taking selfies has evolved into an art and social media apps like Instagram have a lot to do with this revolution.


To satisfy the purpose and make your selfie a masterstroke, there have emerged plenty of photo editing apps that help you create better photos, edit and beautify them. They offer a gamut of tools for effects, objects removal, enhancements and more.

Imagination runs wild as you explore these best photo editing apps for selfies.

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There is nothing as worthwhile as reveling in these 13 best self-transforming selfie apps.

1) Camera+ [Android,iOS]

Available solely for iPhone device, Camera+ allows you to take a good-looking selfie with its in-built camera feature and ultimately helps you turn that selfie into spectacular photos.

Camera+ Selfie Apps

You can use these apps to control its features while taking selfie with a tap of a button. Alternatively, you can also rely on its filter provisions to edit your selfie pictures to get a better look.

Camera+ - rating Selfie Apps

Clarity filter adds brightness to your dark selfies while Portrait filter adds light to the background and makes your skin look slightly smoother as you attempt to enhance the selfie.

Google PlayApp Store


2) FaceTune [Android,iOS]

FaceTune is one of the Android/iOS apps that boosts your selfie and photo editing experience even more. If you wish to take the best selfie, FaceTune allows you to transform the shape of your nose or face, eliminate blemishes, whiten your teeth, giving you a little more appealing facelift in a few seconds.

Facetune Selfie Apps


Smooth and effortless, FaceTune also helps you put a smile, adjust the lighting source and, of course, apply suitable filters.For iPhone, you have FaceTune 2, for Android users, there is FaceTune.

Facetune - rating Selfie Apps

They are all free with in-app purchases in place for more interesting options and tools.

Google PlayApp Store


3) Afterlight [Android,iOS]

Afterlight takes the entire game of selfie to another exciting level. This unique photo editing tool fuels your efforts with 74 filters, 78 textures and 128 incredible frames and turns your simple and straight selfie into marvelous, attractive picture.

afterlight Selfie Apps

Giving you a personalized enhancement, Afterlight frames supports your Instagram photo activities perfectly, taking off your shoulder the redundant burden of re-adjusting to Instagram-friendly square photo.

afterlight - rating Selfie Apps

The in-app purchases unlock additional power of features as it does in other apps.

Google PlayApp Store


4) Frontback [Android,iOS]

Frontback not only lets you take a good selfie, but the app also allows you to share what you are doing and seeing the moment you capture it.

Frontback is perfect app if you want your selfie to flaunt more personal details such as places and surroundings you are visiting including mountains, stations, concerts and more.

frontback Selfie Apps

Frontback has social network for sharing and users can also save their photos to their device to send it to anyone. It gives you many options to revamp your photos. You can use front and rear camera to take two photos to create a ‘Frontback’ selfie.

Google PlayApp Store


5) Photo Director [Android,iOS]

Photo Director is packed with great many options for selfie lovers. With this excellent natural selfie creator app, users can simply get that one perfect look without having to going through several other apps.

Photodirector Selfie Apps

Photo Director has got a special auto skin toning feature to create a beautiful selfie and remove unwanted elements from a photo. This way your selfie picture does not contain distracting objects and focuses only on your presence.

Photodirector - rating Selfie Apps

You can enhance its colors, add HDR effects and overlays to show specific mood. The Android app features more advanced controls.

Google PlayApp Store




6) Snapchat [Android,iOS]

Snapchat quickly allows you to take a Selfie and make it stand out using its Lenses and cool effects (World Lenses, Bitmoji, filters). Snapchat is free to use and you don’t essentially post your Selfies to Snapchat.

Snapchat Selfie Apps

After you take snappy selfie, you can choose Save to Memories and Camera Roll to automatically save it your local photosand easily share it on Instagram or Facebook.

Snapchat - rating Selfie Apps

To process the photo, you can simply add text, filters and options followed by download button.

Google PlayApp Store



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7) YouCam Perfect [Android,iOS]

This selfie app, as the name follows, makes you look perfect when you take the snap. With a lot of options designed to enhance your look, YouCam Perfect contains a real-time beauty camera that brings you tons of brilliant photo effects.

The app also empowers you with video selfies. Its auto beatify option enables all the options at once.

The app even supports beautifying the group selfie by making all the faces in the photo look best. This free app defies your imagination and lets you stretch the truth by leg-lengthening and waist shrinking features so you be in the perfect shape.

Finally, the object remover feature gets rid of those inessential objects.

Google PlayApp Store


8) Retrica [Android,iOS]

With Retrica, you choose the right filter for a desirable look so as to minimize the editing labor afterwards. While beautifying yourself in live selfies, you can also boost likes by using instant collage for group selfies.

Retricia Selfie Apps

You are to be surprised with filters like old-school point-and-clickers, toy cameras, cheapo work with a button to choose random filter in case you are confused. In Retrica, you have stickers, stamps, doodles and more to overlay on stills before sharing them on Instagram.

Retricia - rating Selfie Apps

Surprises don’t stop there as you can also capture short videos and animated GIFs. Plus, collages add pictures to a user-favorite grid at pre-set intervals. The result you experience is a wonderful, evocative and unbelievable.

Google PlayApp Store


9) Instagram [Android,iOS]

The giant photo-sharing social app, Instagram lets you share your creations with millions of people while following those keen photographers whose work stands out.

Insta Selfie Apps

The app has generous options for shooting and editing: the built-in camera itself puts live overlay effects like stickers, text and scribbles. You can upload and edit an existing photo using Instagram’s own editing tools that essentially include stunning filters, vignette, adjustments and tilt-shift effects.

Instagram - rating Selfie Apps

For photographers who are keen on instantly committed, be-in-the-moment camera and editing work, Instagram emerges as the agile tool.

Google PlayApp Store



video chat app

10) FocalMark [Android,iOS]

The actual purpose of selfie is to look better and get more likes, and FocalMark helps you do just that easily. Based on your subject, location and camera type, FocalMark app generates tags which helps you connect with other users with similar topics.

Focalmark Selfie Apps

You can select good amount of hashtags to use for Instagram. If you don’t much relate with all those tags suggested organically, FocalMark also lets you customize the tags before using them.

Focalmark - rating Selfie Apps

Emphasis on using precise tags for your photos actually gives you an opportunity to gain more exposure – more likes – especially if the photo looks great.

Google PlayApp Store


11) Microsoft Selfie [Android,iOS]

Microsoft Selfie goes one step ahead and leverages computer vision technology to learn more about your age, gender, skin tone and lighting.

Microsoft selfie Selfie Apps

This is done to present you with ways to upgrade and make the original selfie more impressive. The editing efforts executed by the app achieve far better than many other contemporary photo editing apps that still remain mediocre.

Microsoft selfie - rating Selfie Apps

Passing the selfie through Microsoft Selfie ensures a great picture that looks realistic and attractive. The app’s noise reduction option that supports poor lighting, and an auto exposure option to enhance backlit photos.

Google PlayApp Store


12) Touch ReTouch [Android,iOS]

Touch ReTouchworks as more than a better selfie maker and may become your favorite app for the valid reason that it also mends damaged old photos.

Touchretouch Selfie Apps

Use the app to remove unpleasant objects from selfie such as vague lines in the background or stains and spots on your dress.

Touchretouch - rating Selfie Apps

The easy to use, Touch ReTouch is strikes as the best way to eliminate all the trivial old dust from your photos before you ever filter them through other photo editing apps and upload to Instagram or Facebook.

Google PlayApp Store


13) Slor [iOS]

To highlight what is in the front, Slor for iPhone helps blur what is in the background for photos taken well in Portrait mode using iPhone device.

Slor Selfie Apps

As you take a selfie, you can apply controls to adjust focus area and blur in the subject background. In the end, you receive beautiful selfies with sharpened face and perfectly blurred background.

Slor - rating Selfie Apps

The functionality specifically supports iPhone 7 plus & 8 plus rear cameras, and iPhone X’s both cameras. If you want to use Slor, you better have iOS 11 system or higher.

App Store


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Hope you had a fantastic roller coaster ridethrough the best photo editing apps for selfie in the market today.

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They all are unique and offer unmatched value and power to look better, impress people and share moments with your cronies. Join the fever and try them while the trend is still alive.