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13 Apps That Potentially Save Your Life In Emergency Situations

We are living in the world where perilous situations can happen to anybody, requiring emergency rescue assistance and relief operations. You might be on your way home from work and suddenly confront an unpredictable disaster or accident that you never imagined before. In a time like this, communication technologies and social media tools emerge as a viable solution to respond to emergencies, connect with rescue specialists and maintain personal safety.

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When Paris was attacked, Facebook immediately launched Safety Check tool that promoted users in affected area to confirm their safety. Users could share their safety status with their Facebook friend using the tool. After this incident, the demand and development of saviour mobile apps that serve as a life saver went high.

Here we have put together a list of 13 outstanding mobile apps that alert safety system and help you in unfavourable situations.

1. Medical ID (iPhone/Android)



With smartphones allowing you to create a Medical ID, you can get immediate help in an emergency situation. With this Medical ID that you can access from your phone’s Emergency Call screen, people can identify you as known and refer you medical record. a pre-installed health app lets you create the ID.

You can view a person’s Medical ID by tapping on Emergency Call on the lock screen. The ID will pop up with their details such as Full name, blood type, emergency contact, etc.

2. Guardly (iOS)



This app can be a great life-saving tool that helps organization employees or business individuals to connect with their organization’s security operations from literally anywhere. Security operators, admins and dispatchers can avail Guardly to send reliable emergency alerts and helpful messages to staff members in critical situations.

If there is a threat (fire, shooter, thief) in the building, the security man can notify all the employees to be cautious. Guardly detects and transmits real-time GPS location within the premise and forms two-way communication with security, community, or 911.

3. Disaster Alert iOS/Android



This app is brought in by Pacific Disaster Center’s World Disaster Alerts and provides users a useful real-time access to data about upcoming or active hazards around the globe and relevant disaster warnings. Disaster Alert shows events that are highly dangerous and potentially hazardous to people and assets.

Detailed information and hazard reports can be accessed and shared by users. Nearly 1.5 million users globally rely on this app.

4. Kitestring(iOS)



Kitestring is the great option for mobile users who don’t have iPhone since the app service is now available to any phone that has built-in text messaging functionality. Kitestring consciously cares about you enough to send you a message each time you are out of your premise at night or travel out of town and in the event you don’t respond it sends alert to your friends.

The downside is that if you fail to respond or fall asleep, your people will get the wrong call of you caught in the trouble.

5. Bugle (iOS)



Bugle is the app built to help your friends and families find you in case you are stuck in an emergency situation. Almost similar to Kitestring, Bugle’s notification service notifies your family if you fail to come home on expected time.

With this app, you can easily put in your check-in time, create an activity log and decide on an emergency contact. So for instance if you determine an activity and you don’t check in after the set time, the app will get in touch with your pre-defined contacts. The app comes handy if you are visiting some unfamiliar neighbourhood and feel lost.

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6. Life360 (Android/iOS)



Life360 is another app that helps families to stay in touch and connect and rescue those who are dangerously trapped. Family can create a private network to know about each other’s locations and safety. This app is a buoyant support for people who are caught in the middle of a disaster and want to contact their loved ones.

Life360 helps them contact their people and tell them how they are. To establish immediate connection with your family via text, email or voice call and notify them about your current location, the app comes with a panic alert feature

7. First Aid by American Red Cross(Android/iOS)



It is always advisable to keep the first-aid kit with you and First Aid by the American Red Cross is a great ad-free resort for those looking to learn about emergency aid and disaster preparation. It introduces users to the basic first aid lessons on many topics through supporting videos, FAQs and illustrations along with condensed instructions and a handy red button to contact 911.

Users can also find check-list on disaster preparedness and links to other useful resources from American Red Cross.

8. SirenGPS



SirenGPS goes beyond the usual and creates a collaborative network of emergency management and responses where entire community stays connected to first responders on a single platform and take part in seamless emergency communications.

With the press of a button, this GPS-based app sends an SOS to 911 and shares your precise location with first responders like police, paramedics or fire fighters depending on the emergency type. Users can conduct two-way communication despite the poor cellphone network.

9. Patronus(iOS/Android)



Patronus is an intelligent personal security app that shares your location with mobile 911 service dispatchers who can access your location through device’s GPS sensors. Users can tap “on my way” feature to let trusted contacts track your progress on a map.

Upon successfully reaching the place, the smart app sends a confirmation text message and switch off location sharing. The intelligent feature of Patronus is its superior 911 system that makes no delay in automatically sharing your location with 911 dispatchers. It allows you to send notifications even when the screen is locked.

10. ICE (iOS/Android)



The ICE (In case of an emergency) app takes and stores crucial information that can be used in time of emergency by active responders or hospital staff to address the situation. It includes emergency contacts, personal information, medical condition and any other important details.

The app allows you to use it even when you can’t unlock the phone while being stuck in an accident. Upon losing your phone, the ICE lock screen helps you with ‘if found’ message. App is available in 13 languages so that you can change the language while travelling to foreign locations.

11. Red Panic Button (iOS/Android)



Considered as a great help in peril, Red Panic Button is a user-friendly, safety-ensuring EWVAS (Early Warning and Vulnerability Alert System). It sparks off one-to-many communication the moment you push the Red Panic Button in the app.

When the button is pushed, your GPS location details are accessed by linking to Google Maps. The app then sends it to a previously set contact list via SMS or email. To enhance safety, the app also allows you to post your worry to Facebook and Twitter.

12. MY3 (iOS/Android)



The cases of hyper depression and suicides have increased. Therefore, it is better to identify the telltale signs of depression that abruptly leads to tragic suicides. MY3 is the exemplary resort targeted for those who experience overwhelming doldrums and resultant suicidal instincts.

MY3 is keeps you connected with at least 3 close contacts from families, friends, or therapists who you can reach out in the moment of disturbance. MY3 designs a reliable Safety Plan that includes common warning signs, strategies, distractions and support network so that you can work on the problem quickly.

13. FEMA (Android/iOS)



FEMA is from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that is responsible for handling the U.S. government’s response to disasters of big scale. The app prepares people for possible hazards and emergency situations with a set of important preparation tips.

This includes the suggestions and guides to creating your emergency kit for serious disasters like flood or hurricanes, and also basic instructions on ensuring safety before and after disaster strikes. FEMA is also a great resource for finding Disaster Recovery Centers and Shelters and informative FEMA blog.

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No matter how much we avoid disasters, some events are inevitable. Even though you hope you don’t have to use them, there are certain emergency management mobile apps perfect to overcome such situations. These mobile apps discussed above either connect you to an Emergency management team, paramedics or your own custom-made network of close contacts.

At times when you think your safety is endangered, you can quickly send SOS and notify your contacts using these life-saving apps.