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14 Best Photo Collage Apps

A picture speaks louder than the words as they say. But a collage does the better job than pictures nowadays especially if you are looking to build an impressive portfolio.

Collages built of images, videos or animations can help you present your story or memories in an effective fashion and add power to your creative instinct. Combining multiple pictures from important event will also save you the hassle of selecting only the one best photo.

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To strengthen your portfolio and share your memories, we have chosen 14 best versatile photo collage apps 2019.

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They offer template frames, grids, layouts, effects, backgrounds and much more. Start exploring your creative side with them:

1) Pic Collage (Android/iOS)

Pic Collage is a great photo collage maker app that introduces a huge variety of template and grid patterns where you can accommodate the photos selected from local library or social accounts.

Pic Collage - photo collage apps

You have classic collage grid, freestyle blank scrapbook and greeting card layout to start with. After picking your favorite photos, you can freely adjust the size of grid and its cells along with its boundaries, pattern and background color.

You also have the option to change the focus of the image or swap images inside each cell. The photo collage app lets you apply basic edits, stickers, doodles, effects and picture frames.

Pic Collage - rating - photo collage apps

The free version leaves watermark on edited images and shoots ads to remove which you can pay $1.99. there are also in-app purchases for additional stickers and grid patterns.

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2) Layout from Instagram (iOS/Android)

Layout is a funky photo collage maker app created by the Instagram makers that lets you play with your photo creativity without opting for any third-party software.

Instagram layout - photo collage apps

The app is exclusively designed for Insta users to engage and share their collage with others on Instagram. Layout’s most amazing feature is layout with which you can drag and drop photos to tweak and edit by the skill of pinch-zooming.

Instagram layout - rating - photo collage apps

Layout from Instagram is built with user-friendly perspective to make picture collage creation a breeze except for a tiny little letdown: the app does not offer reliable photo-editing solutions and focuses heavily on layout.

Google PlayApp Store


3) Diptic (iOS)

Diptic is one of the photo collage apps, that is paid for iOS that works well for both photos and videos and is brimming with tons of templates across lots of categories such as jumbo, Classic, Animated, Fancy and more to enhance your expression.

Diptic - photo collage apps

You can adjust many design elements including size, colors, frames, aspect ratio and fonts. Within a single frame, Diptic lets you combine photos, Live photos and videos captured with iPhone device in desired quality.

Diptic - rating - photo collage apps

You have an option to save a custom layout for future. You will see a range of adjustments to photos uploaded from local Camera Roll, Facebook, Dropbox, or Flickr accounts. You can even add a song from iTunes library and share the created collage to social media directly.

Google PlayApp Store


4) MOLDIV (iOS/Android)

MOLDIV is a unique name in the world of photo editing and collage creation and claims that it lets you do everything you ever wished in photography.

Moldiv - photo collage apps

The app houses solutions for all-in-one camera, a complete suite of editing tools and free photo collage maker as well as a vast number of predefined magazine-specific layouts.

Moldiv - rating - photo collage apps

Even a person with shallow skills can operate MOLDIV and select the best designs. The app’s picture collage section is non-destructive and lets you save progress. To embellish your work, you have an entire range of tools with hundreds of patterns, labels, stamps and over 250 fonts.

Google PlayApp Store


5) PicsArt Photo Editor & Collage (iOS/Android)

PicsArt photo collage app not only gives you incredible ways of photo editing but also offers a platform to share your creations with PicsArt community.

picsArt - photo collage apps

Collaboration with PicsArt community gives you awesome perks as sharing a photo collage with a group of friends can earn you loads of stickers, fonts, doodles and drawings.

picsArt - rating - photo collage apps

To boost your creative inspiration, the app also prompts you to participate in themed contests for sharing your work with community. This makes PicsArt a great choice for collage creations.

Google PlayApp Store


6) PiZap (iOS/Android)

PiZap explores all the zany and fun elements hidden the in the world of free-spirited collage creativity. It helps you stand out by unlocking unseen controls on social media platforms and letting you be weird and amusing.

piZap - photo collage apps

The app is laden with fun stickers and doodles – which in a way resembles Japanese photo booth experience.

piZap - rating - photo collage apps

Although it is best for social media fanatics, the collage maker app does not appeal much to those who seek serious editing.

Google PlayApp Store



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7) Fuzel Collage (iOS/Android)

Fuzel Collage fulfills your need to accommodate unlimited number of photos in your collage within a few seconds.

Fuzel - photo collage apps

At the touch of a Plus button at the bottom, you get the access to your collections from Camera Roll, local albums, social accounts, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

Fuzel - rating - photo collage apps

You have an option to choose from its generated templates to showcase your selected images with an added music. Animated and Simple categories for templates are free, but they are enough for you to shine.


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8) Ribbet (iOS)

Ribbet brings many of its incredible website features and is deemed the one of the best photo collage apps for iPhone.

Ribbet - photo collage apps

With its deep photo editing tools, it appeals equally to both novices and professionals.

Ribbet - rating - photo collage apps

It opens up its in-built filters to make significant changes to your photo collage as well as Pro tools option for deeper darkroom features.

Google PlayApp Store


9) Adobe Spark (iOS/Android)

Adobe Spark might not appear like a typical collage creator, but it still works greatly for collage making. This is a quality app that is made user-friendly and easy to approach unlike its pro apps.

Adobe Spark - photo collage apps

With Adobe Spark, you can create professional-looking online photo collage and share your talent on social media.

Adobe Spark - rating - photo collage apps

It even helps you with video posts and offers simple editing tools. It also works as a story maker in high quality and allows you to add music.

Google PlayApp Store


10) Pic Stitch (iOS/Android)

Pic Stitch lets you make photos and video collages with custom aspect ratio and background music. You can trim and adjust them before adding with drag and drop to template cells.

Pic Stitch - photo collage apps

Edit them using filters, frames, text, stickers, doodles, and cropping and also adjust video playback speed. The app guides you on using functions like image swap, zoom and frames.

Pic Stitch - rating - photo collage apps

Users also share it on social media or via email or export it to their Gallery/camera roll.

Google PlayApp Store


11) PhotoGrid (Android/iOS)

Inside PhotoGrid, you can effortlessly scroll through your photos and videos to select your favorites, and then the app does the job.

Photo Grid - photo collage apps

It gifts you 15 filters varying from classic collages to Snapchat styles, including Venus Filter (which makes anyone a fairy princess) and Twinkle (which styles your pictures in certain painting styles).

Photo Grid - rating - photo collage apps

You have a classic template with text on top and bottom of the image and option to change the layout, and add backgrounds, decorations and GIFs. Also, explore additional modules like Face Pop, Scrapbook, 3D cards, etc.

Google PlayApp Store


12) PhotoCollage (iOS/Android)

PhotoCollage is one of the most simplified and highly convenient photo collage maker apps that also contains handy keyboard shortcuts to craft collages.

Photo collage - photo collage apps

Like other photo collage apps, you have options for image editing, template selection and text addition as well as beautiful fonts.

Photo collage - rating - photo collage apps

With a straightforward UI, the app makes for a nice, quick-and-decent sort of collage creator. As there are no bells and whistles, you can’t add filters, effects or stickers.

Google PlayApp Store


13) Pic Jointer (Android/iOS)

Being one of the best photo collage maker apps, Pic Jointer offers easy-to-use interface, minute and precise editing and professional quality images.

Jointer - photo collage apps

You will realize how amazing the app is after using it a few times. There are also a huge range of filters and effects and tons of cool layouts, frames, stickers and fonts to pick from.

Jointer - rating - photo collage apps

It also allows you to easily zoom into photos and mirror them.

Google PlayApp Store


14) Fotor Collage Maker (iOS/Android)

Fotor Collage Maker became available on browsers in 2012 as an all-in-one online photo editor. Now the free yet powerful collage maker is available for iOS and Android.

Fotor - photo collage apps

The app supports all leading image formats and editing and works equally well for both amateur and professional photographers.

Fotor - rating - photo collage apps

Great resort for photo collage experience, the app has both free trial version and paid one where the paid one unlocks more filters and effects. The app is suitable for users who are not big at photo editing software.

Google PlayApp Store



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Collages are the best way to flaunt your portfolio and photography skills. The photo collage maker apps described above are designed to support your Instagram story sharing activities, too.

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These photo collage apps will help you with fresh themes, styles and fonts. Once you upload your collage creations to your online portfolio integrated with Instagram profile, you can easily impress clients with your exceptional photo editing skills.