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Top 11 Booster Apps For Your Android/iOS Device

Although is it okay to go without daily maintenance of your Android or iOS device, cleaning your device will benefit its ability to deliver better performance.

Hence, it is a good idea to get rid of junk files and unnecessary cache data once in a while to increase its working performance and improve battery life.

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Device booster apps stand for this purpose. They work to deplete all those cache files left by apps you use on your device and clean it thoroughly. These files include thumbnail images, and ads, consuming good amount of space.

As the internal RAM gets overwhelmed with the junk, you need Android and iOS booster apps that find and destroy them and clear some memory space for proper functioning of the smartphone.

Take a look at the following list of top booster apps for Android and iOS:

1) Clean master

Clean master is quite a popular Android cleaner with massive 1 billion downloads in Google Play Store. Packed with amazing features, it helps clean junk files and boosts performance of your device battery.

Clean Master - booster apps

It also has antivirus to prevent your phone from problems caused by malicious software. Clean master’s junk file cleaner handles content without deleting your photos, videos or other personal data.

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Its Charge Master is another incredible feature that displays battery status on your phone’s status bar. It makes for an excellent Android cleaning app.

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2) DU speed booster

From optimization of apps to cleaning memory space, DU speed booster is the most recognized Android cleaner app in 2019. Trusted by more than 230 million users, DU speed booster and cleaner enables users to optimize background apps, free some phone storage space and eliminate additional junk files.

DU Speed Booster - booster apps

All you need is just a single touch to initiate the entire operation of cleaning. With this app, you can uninstall apps that are seldom used and also know which apps consume excessive CPU power with its CPU cooler feature.

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This way you can turn off those apps in the background. It comes with a default notification toolbar which you can disable by changing Notification toolbar in its app setting.

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3) Power clean

Power Clean is a highly rated cleaner app in Play Store for Android users with 2 million ratings. It is lighter, faster and pretty smarter than other cleaner apps as users claim.

Power Clean - booster apps

The cleaning mechanism of this app is designed to offer simplicity and speed while clearing up useless junk files.

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You can easily boost your phone system with just a single tap as the app deep-optimizes your phone storage. Its notification cleaner also helps get rid of inessential notifications.

Google PlayApp Store


4) Go Speed

Go Speed is another admirable lightweight Android cleaner app for you to try. It is built to perform cleaning with 50% more efficiency than many other cleaner apps in this category.

Go Speed - booster apps

This is because it prevents the apps to auto-start and leave junk data, cache files or temp files. Go Speed is created with advanced monitoring technique and helps clean up space and keep your phone performance boosted by stopping the auto-starting of those apps in the background.

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The app manager suggests removing the apps used less frequently. Its pre-installed terminator stops bloatware in the background and a floating widget displays real-time memory status.

Google PlayApp Store


5) Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner

Tenorshare Cleaner is an excellent speed booster app that targets device cleaning and helps free up massive storage space and clean unnecessary items. The easy-to-use app boosts your iPhone’s performance and also ensures your data remains private.

Phone cleaner - booster apps

It helps with backup storage and empties personal information stored previously. It can find and erase useless temp and system files, long file and storage files in no time and dumps the downloads gone wrong.

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The unique aspect of this iOS app is that it optimizes your photo size without compromising its quality with photo compression feature. This further enhances storage space of your iPhone device.

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6) Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner brings you an all-new phone optimization experience being the efficient yet simplest Android cleaner app.

Ace Cleaner - booster apps

Many of its features are focused on boosting your phone’s performance and maximizing its storage space. The highlight features are Ace Boost, Ace Clean, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, and CPU Cooler.

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Additionally, as a part of deep optimization, it includes a duplicate photo cleaner dedicated to finding identical photos in your device and deleting them to clean up some space.

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7) Cleaner – boost, clean, space cleaner

Cleaner is a great file cleaning tool from Apex Apps designed for Android. It clears cached files left by running apps with a single tap. The applications whose data is to be removed are mentioned with a cache size or its name.

Cleaner - booster apps

By cleaning your phone, Cleaner does the job of enhancing Android performance. Also, it allows users to monitor the performance of their phone by putting it through a speed test.

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The app is available for free in Play Store without any paid purchases. It uses unique algorithm technique to execute background cleaning processes and discourages auto-starting of apps. Its CPU cooler monitors CPU temperature while the batter saver focuses on battery performance.

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8) iFreeUp

iFree Up is an easy-to-use and efficient tool designed to speed up iPhone devices and free up their storage space by managing extra files in the device.

ifreeup - booster apps

This incredible app helps prevent privacy leak ensuring utmost data privacy for iOS users. The software is computer based and boosts device performance by removing junk files, cache files, cookies, logs, temps, etc from your iOS device.

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The tool is especially handy for devices with 8GB/16GB storage that needs smooth performance. Its easy-to-navigate user interface and quick transfer of files from iOS device to desktop are what makes iFreeUp a popular iPhone cleaner app.

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9) All-in-one toolbox – cleaner, booster and App manager

Unlike a few android cleaner apps listed here, All-in-one toolbox is reputed to be a multi-purpose Android cleaner app. It is known to deliver fast, smooth and smart Android mobile experience.

All in One - booster apps

It is powerful enough to handle a lot more operations that just simply purging junk files. Surprisingly, the app consists of more than 30 amazing tools designed to help boost productivity of your phone.

rating - booster apps

It has a system app uninstaller and Boot Speedup with which to choose which apps would auto-start upon giving your phone a restart. The app manage also allows for batch uninstalling or installing and moving apps from internal memory to removable external storage.

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10) The cleaner

The cleaner is a unique, light and feature-rich Android cleaner app with intuitive interface. You can batch and uninstall apps and schedule reminders to execute frequent cleaning.

The cleaner - booster apps

App’s interface is laden with fantastic features for optimizing your Android device performance. The cleaner thus makes for a great lightweight option to get cleaning done.

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Its dashboard details overview of your phone’s performance and Game booster speeds up games. With an app locker, you can lock apps with PIN. However, it has ads and in-app purchases.

Google PlayApp Store


11) Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android cleaner has got a wide range of brilliant cleaning features. This powerful app helps with cache cleaning and boosts RAM and exempts users from doing manual cleaning.

Systweak - booster apps

To save and optimize battery life, its battery saver feature can turn off all background apps that are inactive and displays device temperature. Like several other apps, this one also comes with an app manager that suggests what apps you don’t use.

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Also, you can find and delete temp or hidden files stuck for longer to your device. It also supports taking backup and share files and features duplicate files remover, junk remover, app hibernator, etc. to experience the best performance in your device.

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These are the top booster apps that you can use to boost the speed and performance of your Android and iOS device.

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They are all diverse in their features and capabilities and give you power to keep your smartphone system clean and efficient by removing junks from its inbuilt storage.

Download a few booster apps to try and see how they work to improve your phone.