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13 Best Navigation Apps For iOS and Android

Whether you are driving around the city or hiking or cycling in the wild, you need to have clear directions and knowledge about traffic-free routes to enjoy the journey and reach a specific destination in time.

Regular commuters do not want to encounter hassle of traffic and resultant delays. Hence, it is really important to be thoroughly prepared when you step out of your abode.

Thankfully, there are a few navigation apps for iOS and Android users that help you stay informed of the path you wish to travel.

Some of these apps give you up-to-date live traffic details, weather condition and shortest routes to your destination. While your eyes are glued to the road, these incredible apps will be your guide.

Check out these 13 best navigation apps for iOS and Android:

1. Google Maps

Popular all across the world, Google Maps deserves a top place in navigation apps. It is the most updated app and has mapped the entire world in its database, including new lanes and roads, bypasses and routes.

Google Maps - navigation apps

It also keeps Google Street View updated. It offers easy-to-set navigation view and displays multiple stops along with live traffic details to keep at bay troubling spots or high-traffic zones.

Google Maps - rating

Laced with offline capability, it also allows users to save maps without using internet data. It gives personal recommendation when you reach a location such as places to eat, feast, drink and stay based on your tastes. Google Maps is overall an unbeatable app by far in this niche.

Google PlayApp Store


2. Waze

Waze is a second best navigation solution which is actually a set of drivers that help you drive away from traffic as move from one place to another and on correct map-enabled routes.

Saving you from getting lost with up-to-date map, Waze is a community-driven app that is updated constantly by millions of active Waze users.

Waze - navigation apps

It shows accurate data in real time on travel times, fuel prices, traffic and more, all fed by its users. It lets you add your friends and see them in the app map so that you know when they are likely to reach you.

Waze - rating

It is a handy resource for daily commuters and so options-rich users may feel baffled to choose between Waze and Google Maps.

Google PlayApp Store


3. Apple Maps

Apple Maps befriends iOS device users as a default navigational aid and fits competes with Google Maps with its al-in-one solutions.

Apart from all the usual expected navigation features, Apple Maps also gift users travel suggestions and choices considering your previous journeys or existing events marked in your calendar.

Apple Maps - navigation apps

It displays useful information specific to your taste including nearest bars, restaurants and matching your recent searches. It guides you with what lane to prefer when you are on the move and, surprisingly, suggests you where to stop when using public transport.

Not just that, it allows you to book appointments for services like Lyft, Uber, OpenTable, which makes Apple Maps a top-notch for you.

App Store


4. Citymapper

For users looking to travel around a city, Citymapper appears like a worthy option. The app is available in selected cities around the world and gives you real-time information about routes, bus and train schedules, walking directions.

City Mapper - navigation apps

With Citymapper you get real-time updates that help you follow the right directions free from traffic.

Great for regular commuters, the app is an up-to-date informer on projected traffic during your commute time. It offers alternative routes to make you reach the destination without a delay.

City Mapper - rating

Not good in woods and remote patches, it is the best app for city-dwellers and city explorers.

Google PlayApp Store


5. MapQuest

MapQuest has been around for quite a while and has also landed on top 10 preferred navigation apps as Apple claims. It is juxtaposed close with Waze and offers terrific turn-by-turn navigation.

Mapquest - navigation apps

MapQuest keeps you updated with directions while you look for driving and walking routes.It has outstanding feature of Live camera to check existing conditions before you hit the road.

Mapquest - rating

The app is also layered with other delightful services including food, hotels, gas filing and shopping spots nearby so that when users click on a restaurant, they can access all its relevant details.

Google PlayApp Store


6. Komoot

Komoot is an amazing app that doesn’t work as a typical navigation aid for drivers. It is dedicated to people looking to indulge in outdoor adventures such as cycling, road trips, hiking, backpacking, or mountain biking.

Komoot - navigation apps

The app makes sure you get reliable help as you plan and explore outdoors. It lets you create your own outdoor experience by offering a planning tool, turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps.

Komoot - rating

The features of this app is sports-specific and generate topographic routing, letting users take liberty to decide their own navigation.

Google PlayApp Store


7. DriveMode

DriveMode follows a unique approach in helping users with navigational routes as they drive around. Considered as an all-in-one safety app, DriveMode is more like a handy interface placed over your phone screen.

Drivemode - navigation apps

It is equipped with large screen buttons and convenient voice commands for handy accessibility of useful information via user-friendly interface.

Drivemode - rating

Reply to text messages with your voice or skip songs on your music player or discover new routes all touch-free. It offers incredible compatibility with other music and map apps such as Google maps, Spotify, etc. It also gets synced with Google Assistant, which makes DriveMode a smart, intelligent app.

Google PlayApp Store


8. Scout GPS Navigation & Meet up

This is one of the convenient option for finding place easily in no time. Scout GPS Navigation and Meet up helps users find locations, discover routes and makes for a wonderful car navigation app.

Scout - navigation apps

It gives you real-time traffic updates and allows you to share location with all of your friends and also view their actual location.

Scout - rating

Other features provided by Scout GPS Navigation include turn-by-turn navigation, traffic status and routine, becoming an appreciable alternative to Google Maps.

Google PlayApp Store


9. Magic Earth Pro Navigation

Magic Earth Pro Navigation is a great navigation resort that works with OpenStreetMap and provides incredible 3D maps for enhanced viewing and accurate directions.

Navigation - navigation apps

It comes with 3D maps, Satellite maps, turn-by-turn navigation, HD traffic details, Transit and also offline capability of map your mobile device.

Moreover, icing on the cake is its ability to combine other services such as weather updates, Wikipedia information along with in-app purchases for more quality experience.

Navigation - rating - navigation apps

These features make the app one of the terrific GPS navigation apps for mobile app users.

Google PlayApp Store


10. Maps.me

Supporting iOS, Android and even BlackBerry devices, Maps.me is another detailed offline map and navigation app used by many.

Maps.me - navigation apps

The app relies on OpenStreetMap project to fetch the important geolocation data. Reviewers have admired it for its use while travelling across the country and for its functionality in rural areas away from the city.

Maps.me - rating - navigation apps

It guides you with precise directions wherever you are and finds you nearest gas station. With turn-by-turn navigation, it can come handy for bicyclists, truckers, car drivers and more. It also helps track distance between user-mentioned places.

Google PlayApp Store


11. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

If you want to reach your destination using the fastest route possible, keep Tom Tom GPS Navigation Traffic on your device.

It lets you see the traffic-ridden areas and finds you solutions to avoid them. It supports offline functioning so people can use it inlow-connectivity areas.

Tom Tom Go - navigation apps

The app is quite up-to-date to provide a handy lane guide for ease of navigation. It has got Safety Camera Reporting system to help you report any accidents or ongoing constructions on the roads to warn other motorists.

Tom Tom Go - rating - navigation apps

The top-notch app enables real-time traffic details and offers 3D views, making for one of the usable navigation apps on Earth.


12. Navmii GPS World

Finding places for users is made easier by Navmii GPS World navigation app. Driver-friendly and convenient, the app enables hassle-free direction guide with touch-free operations.

Navmii - navigation apps

Users can focus fully on driving while they seek aid from the app. It gives you updates on live traffic, navigational routes and driver analytics.

Navmii - rating

The app also hosts information contributed by its user community.

Google PlayApp Store


13. Here WeGo

The last in our list is Here WeGo, a navigation app that makes your travel around the city effortless and hassle-free.

Here We Go - navigation apps

The app offers users detailed routes and directions, turn-by-turn navigation guide and shortest ways to reach your destination.

Here We Go - rating - navigation apps

As you take a drive around the city, Here WeGo is the most preferable navigation app. It has voice-enabled turn-by-turn guide that sets you free from distractions along with offline usability.

Google PlayApp Store



Now that there is an app for almost everything, you need, why not opting for apps that guide you router on real-time map?

These apps are designed to comfort your journey as you travel by offering precise directions ad substantial guide. Try them to know what fits your requirements the best.