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16 Most Downloaded Apps in 2018


Mobile apps have redefined innovations as modern technologies grew more powerful, helping startups and entrenched businesses better engage with their customers.

Mobile apps also help them stay relevant and dominant in the market especially when target users are already exploring mobile apps spending more than half of their digital media consumption time.

Hence, if creating massive engagement and acquisition is your goal, your first step should be to build a powerful, feature-rich mobile app with an outstanding user experience.

To help you learn the mobile app trends in the current digital world, we have compiled here the 16 most downloaded mobile apps in 2018 that are also among the most remarkable. To fuel your future mobile app development efforts, have a look at the list below:


1. Uber

The world’s best on-demand cab service app, Uber connects riders and drivers together to make transportation easy and fast. It helps riders find cabs to reach nearly any location to the city without waiting much.


Uber is used by over 8 million people in 70 countries.Using your device GPS, it lets you see and pick from available drivers in the nearest location. You can even choose to split the fare with your travel friends.

Due to its scalable features, pleasing updates, online payment and efficient service, Uber joins the list of most downloaded apps in 2018.




2. YouTube

Already a frenzy among modern youth culture, YouTube video service has spawned a marvelous virtual world of young artists and contributors, aka YouTubers, who dedicate their time and passion for creating their own channels.


From creativity and cooking to film trailers, marketing and educational clips, YouTube is the host of diverse video content uploaded every day.

YouTube app now offers more personalized and streamlined features for social activities and personal expressions. Approximately,25% of YouTube traffic stems from its mobile app.




3. Facebook Messenger

The immense popularity Facebook messenger app has worldwide further bolsters the position of Facebook in the smartphone app marketplace.


Despite all the allegations about privacy and data misuse issues, the increased implementation of bots – along with ability to make audio/video calls – has made the standalone FB messenger service more interesting and valuable.

In 2018, the app has successfully retained the spot as it did in 2017 and has emerged compelling especially in fast-growing Asian market.




4. WhatsApp

Acquired by Facebook in 2014 in a whopping $19 billion deal, the burgeoning adoption and growth of WhatsApp has made the app a global sensation among instant messaging tool in the chat app niche.

WhatsApp Messenger

Here, too, Facebook sweeps it clean by creating a huge user base across the globe and also enabling brand marketers to connect with their WhatsApp using customers.

Most downloaded in 2018 in first two quarters, WhatsApp is also available now as WhatsApp business application separately.




5. Netflix

After YouTube, Netflix is the exemplary video content streaming platform that hosts numerous original TV shows and movies across wide array of genres.


Addictive and compelling, Netflix mobile app subscription brings engaging dramas such as The Crown, Stranger Things, Bright, Defenders, House of Cards and more. Offering sometimes even better content than Cable TV channels, Netflix also emphasizes on delivering rich quality.

With offline viewing capability and over 5 million subscribers, the app has ended up being the most downloaded app in 2018.




6. Spotify

Spotify is the eminent leader among the music streaming platforms and provides music lovers with unique features for innovating their overall listening experience.


The app is consumed by millions of listeners and composers for it lets you create personalized playlist, discover rare music files and share them.

It also offers simple search function, genre-specific browsing, new releases and a library of 35 million songs. The app is active in 61 countries among 159 million users.




7. Instagram

Bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is an outstanding social sharing app that allows people to connect with friends via expressive images and videos.


Using the effective hashtags, you can grab myriad opportunities to create millions of followers like Twitter. Instagram app has also grown to be solid professional digital marketing platforms.

It has over 500 million active users and surpassed the success of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram reviews are impactfully positive as well.




8. Google Maps

Google Maps app seems to have got a permanent spot in top 10 most sought-after apps in both Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google Maps

The mapping app usually comes by default in Android device and is super-handy.

During the initial days of its launch, an estimation says that Google Maps was downloaded 22.4 million times only on iPhone globally.




9. Skype

Owned gloriously by Microsoft, Skype is a great chat and online video calling service. Scalable and user-oriented, Skype offers incredible features, minimalist interface and high-quality smooth calling experience.


Due to its conference call capability, group chat and other handy functions, Skype is widely adopted among users, especially for corporate and business communication. Its reputation is still luminous due to its long-standing, undefeated brand recognition.




10. Zomato

If you are looking for effortless restaurant finder, Zomato satiates your cravings with its unique food delivery services. It helps you discover favourite restaurants with features like opening times, average costs, menus and photos, etc.


It accesses your phone’s GPS to suggest nearest eateries and also allows you to search by specific cuisine, specialties, location.

You can also choose pick from its presented collection of famous food hubs, gluten-free cafes and discounted meals, which makes it the most downloaded apps in 2018.




11. Subway Surfers

With more than a billion downloads, Subway Surfers calls in the semi-classic games. This game is perhaps more popular than Candy Crush Saga.

Subway Surfers

In this game, you will be running endlessly down a railroad in order to flee away and escape a police officer and his search dog. The Android game has fond a spot as the most downloaded app last year.




12. Snapchat

Even though Instagram steals the best of Snapchat, Snapchat is still searched and downloaded more frequently with over 150 million daily users.


The ability to control message visibility and limit its appearance for a certain time frame still manages to appeal to users.Take a picture, put some words or a doodle on it and send it.

Users still love the privacy as a part of which the messages disappear from receiver’s end in 10 seconds. The app is also downloaded for its exceptional visual experience, fun ways of expressing yourself and its security standard.




13. Twitter

Twitter is one of eldest social media platform in the history of digital media and its reputation is still intact. It is the primary app used especially to share tweets, chat and market brand-specific content.


It comes as no surprise that Twitter dominates as one of the most downloaded apps previous year.

For Android, Twitter is third most popular (after Facebook and Instagram) social app and will incontrovertibly continue to be a substantial digital marketing tool in future.




14. SHAREit

Productivity is for sure as pivotal as social networks and games, often even more. After all, it is not the game for leisure cravers. SHAREit makes it possible for you to transfer massive files between devices in a matter of seconds.


As its developers affirm, the app is over 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This should make you realize how epic SHAREit could be in your real-world work and activities of productivity.




15. Flipboard

Flipboard is a huge content center app which has half a billion downloads and is quite popular. It may not attract as many headlines as other apps, but Flipboard is a rage among readers.


The app helps collate news, conversations, articles and compelling stories on any selected topic and thus becomes a one-stop shop for all areas and subjects that interest you.




16. Airbnb

Because of its irresistible uniqueness in finding accommodation in other cities, Airbnbhas also grown to be the most downloaded app in 2018.


The travel app basically helps you rent out the place for other app users. The app can be easily used to pay and rent out rooms.

Once you finish installing the app and open it, you can then find contacts, reach them, search for places and converse to finalize the deal and pay within the app.





What is a mobile device without amazing apps that actually bring the digital life alive? Google Play Store and Apple App Store might be bursting with innumerable mobile apps, but without a helping hand you may get lost in the maze out there.

These top 16 mobile apps mentioned above are worthy of your attention as not only they have been downloaded most in 2018 but they also promise lasting engagement and memorable user experience.