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13 Best Finance Apps of 2019

A few years back, it could have been impossible to claim that mobile apps can take care of all your finance activities, but it is quite feasible now.

In fact, these help you address diverse money management concerns ranging from building a solid budget discipline, controlling spending to keeping the track of your expenses and down to future investments.

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There are finance management apps that offer even finest debt payoff solutions.

However, settling for a one financial planning tool could be a grueling task. Hence, to take the guesswork out from your finance management, we have prepared the list of top 13 finance apps of 2019.

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They each are designed to target the specific area of your finance with some fulfilling multiple purposes.

1. Mint [ Android, iOS]

Mint is a highly usable,oldest running app focused on budgeting and money management. It lets you track your spending, build budgets and make a strong financial planning by linking your financial accounts and generating reports.

Mint - finance apps

Mint is popular for getting the job done easily and enables great customization and flexibility.To get started, just link all your financial accounts and you will be able to see reports on category-wise spending, net worth estimated budget, etc.

Mint - rating - finance apps

You can even access reports on both PC and phone. This is one of the finance apps that is completely free and presumably makes money through in-app ads.

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2. YNAB (You Need a Budget) [Android, iOS]

You Need a Budget aka YNAB is dedicated to those thousands of people who want to manage their debts or loans. The smart app is must-have money pal if you need a strict discipline for paying off your debt faster and wishes to control money spent effectively.

YNAB works on a balanced strategy so that you can save enough money and can be a month ahead.

YNAB - finance apps

Every first date of a month, you will have enough money to take care of your month-long expenses till the next month.

YNAB - rating - finance apps

Thus, YNAB becomes a carefully constructed month-to-month money management solution. After a 34-day free trial, the app costs $6.99/month.

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3. Ibotta [Android, iOS]

Ibotta takes a fresh perspective on money saving mechanism by helping you save money at your most preferred shopping places.

The app breezes in your life when you expect more than coupon clipping and substantial money saving solution.

Ibotta - finance apps

It works best and saves a lot of typical hassle of cutting deal coupons. Ibotta offers hot deals with top retailer stores around you.

Ibotta - rating - finance apps

Check Ibotta deals for your favorite stores before you go shopping. Usually, the app is free unless you keep your account inactive for 6 months – which charges $3.99 a month. The fee is only applicable if you have a balance in your account.

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4. Chime [Android, iOS]

Saving money while shopping is still not a big jerk; however, fostering an unbreakable discipline to add money to your saving account is quite a challenge made easier by Chime.

As you get started with Chime, it will let you set up the round-up feature that figures out your total purchases and round it up to approximate dollars.

The process eventually has the difference deposited into your Chime savings account.

Chime - finance apps

With Chime bank account, you can set up paychecks you want deposited, pay bills and make transactions for purchases using the app or linked VISA debit card.

Chime - rating - finance apps

There is no minimum balance maintenance or any monthly maintenance or overdraft fees.

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5. Tiller [Android, iOS]

Tiller lets you set up the spreadsheet that automatically downloads the bank’s transaction data and works like a balance sheet. You can use it to easily to track your expenses and spending, quarterly taxes, budget, net worth and other financial activities.

Tiller - finance apps

Tiller is a unique platform that gives you the transparent picture of your existing financial situation, saving you all the hard work of doing it yourself.

As you sign up, Tiller will give you access to its spreadsheets in a standard format via Google Sheets where all your financial data will be imported with strong security. After a first 30-day trial, the app costs $59/year.

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6. Wally [Android, iOS]

Wally is a completely free boon to people who want to keep their personal expenses as organized as professional expense reports.

The unique aspect of the app is that you don’t have to log all your expenses and numbers manually in a sheet on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Wally Lite - finance apps

You just capture a photo of your receipts or it will fill in the details if geo-location is turned on your device.

Wally Lite - rating - finance apps

Clean, streamlined and easy-to-use, the app is good for knowing exactly where you spend your money without putting manual attempts.

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7. Unbury.me

Unbury.me as the name suggests is for individuals who feel overwhelmed – buried – in debt. Free to use, this money management tool lets you visualize your debt payoff activities so that you can see the burden of debt slowly receding.

Unbarry.me - finance apps

To get started with Unbury.me, you will need to enter all your debts details upon visiting the app and select either debt avalanche or the debt snowball method.

The avalanche method prioritizes the debts with heavy interest while the snowball method lets you deal withyour smallest debts first.

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8. Acorns [Android, iOS]

More like Chime bank account, Acorns also works with a round-up approach to rounds up your purchases to the nearest possible dollar. The difference is that Acorns will invest the difference into a taxable investment account instead of a straight saving account.

Acorns - finance apps

Its much evolved, advanced service called Acorns Later includes tax-advantaged traditional retirement accounts.

Acorns - rating - finance apps

The Core Acorns with round-up feature costs $1/month while an upgrade to Acorns Later with tax-advantaged model charges $2/month.

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9. Coinbase [Android, iOS]

A standard digital platform for online currency exchange, Coinbase lets users trade for major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc.

Coinbase is a compact, stripped down version of its desktop app with a simple-to-use interface and will add more assets in future.

Coinbase - finance apps

Once the app verifies your identity with valid personal documents, you get to spend $25,000 per day.

Coinbase - rating - finance apps

The app allows you to set up price alerts so you will be notified when your trade reach your target sell/buy price. This is one of the greatest finance apps, for those who wish to start buying/selling cryptocurrency.

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10. Stash [Android, iOS]

Similar to Acorns but focused more on well-planned investment, Stash facilitates taxable as well as tax-advantaged investment account without setting up any round-up program.

It adds value to your financial planning by offering categories of investments: Clean & Green and Defending America.

Stash - finance apps

You can make investment of as little as $5 and choose investments based on values or interests for your investment accounts. However, you can always make better financial decisions with Stash.

Stash - rating - finance apps

A Taxable account with Stash costs $1/month while a tax-advantaged retirement account costs $2/month as long as your account balanced stays below $5000. For anything more than $5000, flat 0.25% annual fee is charged.

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11. Robinhood [Android, iOS]

Stuffed with many breathtaking, competitive features, Robinhood is a unique investing app that provides you with free Transactions for stock options, ETFs and ADRs (American depository receipts).

This rare personal investment app offers unparalleled Bitcoin trading facility and is good if you are new to investing.

Robinhood - finance apps

The app’s monetization stems from its upselling premium services: margin trading and payment for order flow.

Robinhood - rating - finance apps

However, there is no constraints such as commissions, no account minimum or any maintenance fees. Your need to get real-time updates and alerts on market information is addressed by customizable Cards on your screen – which is quite helpful.

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12. Zebra [Android, iOS]

Zebra makes the comparison shopping for insurance a little less heavy and complex especially for those with little background in the industry. Auto Insurance fits perfectly as a common example for such insurance complexities.

Zebra - finance apps

Zebra as a handy tool that allows insurance enthusiasts to compare different available auto insurance offers provided by companies so that you can end up with the best possible deal in the market.

Zebra - rating - finance apps

Using Zebra is free and users just need to enter certain basic information about their vehicle, residence and preferable drivers for the policy. The app will check if you are eligible for any trending discounts and present suitable offers.

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13. Tycoon [Android, iOS]

Founded by supermodel Jess Perez, Tycoon is designed to cater to special requirements of freelancers such as keeping the track of multiple projects.

Tycoon - finance apps

Freelancers sometimes struggle to get the payment on time and have to wait even for months after contractually committed period is over. Also, it is a big hassle for them to juggle through multiple projects simultaneously.

Tycoon - rating - finance apps

Usually suitable for fashion industry, Tycoon befits every self-employed individual who want to standardize project details, add a timetable, payment status (received, scheduled or past due) and take-home pay minus tax deductions just like an informal balance sheet.

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We hope that this carefully crafted list of 13 best finance apps would help you cover almost all of your ongoing financial needs.

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Whether it is for better budgeting and expenses or paying off debts or investing, they come handy in every step of your money management decisions.