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Uncovering the Mobile App Development Process

Mobile app market is on a rise these days. As a result, more businesses are venturing into mobile app development and you may be one of them. Wondering what goes into the development of a mobile application?

Well, here are the steps:

Determine What you Want to Do

Before beginning mobile app development, you have to decide upon the purpose of creating the mobile app, the techniques that will make your app successful and the platforms your app will work on. This will help you to determine the user interface design needs for your mobile app. Also, analyse the problems or needs of the audience that your app intends to solve.


Do a little research to understand where you stand in the market. Analyse the success of other mobile app development companies that have created apps similar to yours. This will help you to understand the mistakes they have made and then, you can try to make it right in your app. Also, know who your potential customers will be based on research and real customer feedback and try to determine why they will be interested in your app.

Bring in the Technical Team

Hold discussions with all technical teams involved in the mobile app developmentprocess. This will help you to determine whether your idea of the mobile app is practical and whether it will be a success. Also, the discussion helps you to have an idea about the time within which the app will be completed and the budget.

Sketch your Ideas

Depict your ideas in the form of rough sketches. The visual representation of your concept will help you discover usability issues if any.

Determine if your App is Technically Feasible

It’s now time to determine whether your app will function well with back-end systems. Decide upon the devices and platforms your app is going to work on.

Review the Changes Made

By now, you may have made many changes to the initial strategy. It’s time to hold discussions and review the changes.

Create a Prototype

Use wireframe tools like Balsamiq and Visio to create a prototype of your mobile app. You can then bring in real-users to test run your prototype and collect their feedback and suggestions. This helps you to have an understanding of the working of your app and what needs to be included in it.

Start Marketing

Find a place in the market right from the beginning stage of your mobile app development. This will make the job easier for you later. You can start a landing page for your app, start a blog, use social media platforms, post videos and use any media possible to let the audience realise your presence.


This phase of mobile app development begins before you start coding. At this stage, the interactive features and other aesthetic features in terms of colour scheme, style, layout, fonts etc. are designed. Despite having great features, a poor UX design alone can lead to the failure of the app. Therefore, it is important to test run the designs before you fix upon a design. At the end of this phase, layouts are created to let the development team know that this is how you want your app to look, feel and interact.


It’s now time to build your app. The tools and software development kits used for the mobile app development are chosen based on the platforms the app will work on and the skills of the developer. Usually, the Agile approach is used for mobile app development as it gives importance to collaboration, clarity and easy adaptation to changes.


The testing process is usually done simultaneously with the coding process to determine bugs and other defects at the earliest. This can help to fix defects itself, thus saving time and unnecessary expenditure.

BETA Testing

BETA testing is a type of user acceptance testing where the app is tested among real users. It is important to perform BETA testing and garner feedback from the users. It will help you to understand what features of your app works for the targeted audience and what doesn’t.


This is the day you have been waiting for. If you are happy with your final product, wait no longer. Choose an app store and make your app’s presence felt there with screenshots, app description and title.


Your job doesn’t end with the release of your app. It’s also important to upgrade it with new features to keep the users interested.

Can a Mobile App Development Company in India Produce Quality Apps?

Outsourcing is an option considered by most companies these days. Before outsourcing mobile app ideas there are a lot of things that every client considers. Crucial decisions are being made around the timeline, quality required, and budget, so that there will not be a demanding situation later on.

One of the first things considered includes the abundant availability of talent in the country that they are planning to outsource the project. India is one of the top countries that undertake outsourced mobile app development.

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So, Is Outsourcing to a Mobile App Development Company in India a wise Choice?

Well, Yes! In fact, India is a good place to reach out for mobile app development. More and more companies are looking forward to the Indian mobile app development industry for their development needs. In India, mobile app development not only comes with quality, creativity, and personalized services but also with a low cost. There are newer startups cropping up everywhere and every year in the current scenario.

Let us understand why development in India is a wise choice from the points that are mentioned below.

Top Class Universities and Eminent Faculties

The first step towards the delivery of quality excellence starts from recruiting well educated employees. In India, there are a lot of world class universities and colleges that groom out talented students. Devoted and expert faculties teach in these institutions and mentor future designers, software engineers and other technical experts.

Top Companies with a Quality Moto

The interview conducted by many standard companies are tough in India. Also, the tight screening procedure help to comb out the best ones from among the candidates. Apart from that after recruitment, employees are given world class training, a great work environment, ample recognition, sustained career growth, attractive salary package and access to the latest resources. Companies like Qburst and TCS are examples for this.

Find Development Companies Experienced in particular Domains

As the companies progress forward through the years, most of them will mature to become specialized in several major domains. In India, you can find reputed mobile app development companies based on the particular domain that you are focusing on. These companies will have a greater experience dealing with the complexities faced while development and will have better insights about the trends in the market related with the project.

Cheap yet No Compromise on Quality

The complete project development, it’s testing, post-release maintenance, and additional gadgets that you may need can be obtained in India with an amount lesser than one might have to pay in the home country. But this does not signify that the quality of the project is that of second grade. The reduction of cost mainly comes from the currency value of each country, and not because of it’s poor quality or outdated tools used.


Scalability is one of the most useful advantages of outsourcing app development. You can develop a single project over many different platforms in India for the same budget needed for single platform mobile app development in your home country. This will let you concentrate on simultaneous release in multiple markets, focusing a much larger crowd. Also, in India you can get an intricate app architecture and heavy designs done at a much cheaper price.

The Time-Zone Advantage

Most companies in India nowadays have a 24 hour service schedule that will assure you operational and technical support round the clock. This means that you can save a lot of time and meet your goals within the strict timeline that you provide. Also, due to the differences in time zones, you can get to your team members at their most cheerful and productive time of the day.

Highest Number of English Speaking Population

One of the most common hurdles that is experienced by the project outsourcing companies is the communication barrier. India is a country where you can find one of the largest English speaking population. This will allow a more risk free, efficient, transparent, and decision oriented approach towards project completion.

Stable Government

Even though there are a number of outsourcing destinations out there, India is one of the friendliest countries that you will find. With a democracy that is 69 years old, there is a very stable government in the country. An efficient legal structure, reliable law enforcement, genial policies, and exceptional support are some of the factors that attract outsourcing companies to India.