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Top 20 Apps for Entrepreneurs

From time saving and client management to communication and accounts, there is an array of areas in an entrepreneur’s life that requires immense attention and effective solutions. No matter if you are running a small business start-up or having an established enterprise, being a business body encompasses assorted challenges, making you wear many hats at times.

Thankfully, there are modern digital solutions to address your productivity and management needs: mobile apps. Having a great business app makes your life easier and brings essential organization to your workflow. At times, when there is an app for to meet the smallest need of everyday life, entrepreneurs can find utmost solace adopting a digital path to overcome challenges.

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From the sea of business apps, we have composed a list of top 20 marvelous business apps for entrepreneurs in 2018.

1. Slack

Slack is a sophisticated instant messaging platform that helps you send direct messages to your respective teams and organize conversations into separate personalized and public channels.

The easy-to-use app allows you to drag, drop and share images, docs, PDFs in the live chat. You can add as many users as you want.The best part is, it is smart enough to automatically archive messages, notifications and files with proper indexing.

Download : Android, iOS

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is your account manager that comes handy when you need a software solution to take a comprehensive view of your company’s financial status. It gives you a seamless access to various accounts including bank account, credit card, square and other online wallets.

On the whole it simplifies your business taxes and tracks your business expenses, sales, financial reports, invoices and payout.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Skype

Though the competition for Skype is raging as new business communication solutions are emerging, the app still bears the crown of being a feature-rich and effective tool especially for video-conference and voice calls. Adding to its popularity, is staggering 10 million reviews on Google Play.

Along with text and voice messages, you can call as many as 25 people for conference, and share media files as well as computer screen.

Download : Android, iOS

4. Gusto

If you desire an app that manages the entire functions of company’s payroll land tax benefit system, Gusto is here to aid. Formerly known as ZenPayroll, it helps manage online employee onboarding and reports new recruits to the government.

Along with this, it also handles local and federal tax filing tasks, automates deductions for employee payments and emails payment confirmation messages.

Download : Android

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks enhances invoice management and tracking system to comfort small-business owners and freelance workers. The cloud-based accounting software allows you to create professional, customized invoices for clients and has an automatic billing system for recurring invoices.

It makes the whole ordeal easier for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to save time in the process. At the same time it accepts credit cards on your mobile, and tracks and organizes expense from any location and generates personalized business reports.

Download : Android, iOS

6. RescueTime

How about learning ways of time management? As the name of the app suggests, RescueTime intelligently tracks time you have spent online using applications or surfing through websites and sends you detailed reports and data.

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 It keeps you updated of your daily activities by giving you an accurate picture of where and how you spent a day. Entrepreneurs who aim to be productive can make the best out of RescueTime.

Download : Android, iOS


The perfect resort for small and dynamic businesses such as food trucks and retail shops, Square is an incredible payment app.

Users can have a small portable card reader to enable fast and convenient payments with phones or other smart devices. It is also equipped with a point-of-sale system called Square Register for static businesses with a brick-and-mortar structure.

Download : Android, iOS


Wave is one more easy-to-use accounting software and it is suitable especially for small businesses and sole proprietors with a few number of employees.

Like other account solutions, this one also allows businesses to track sales and expenses, manage payments and invoices, create accounting reports and scan receipts.

Download : Android, iOS


If Skype doesn’t appeal to you, Asana will for sure. The app is designed to improve your business collaboration and liaison. The mobile app of Asana enables you to view and track the progress of all your tasks and projects on its board.

You can share notes, files and communicate via voice and text messages. Since, it integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox for files attachment and with Slack for sharing messages.

Download : Android, iOS

10. Adobe Connect

Meaning to give you the entire desktop capabilities straight onto your mobile device, The  Adobe Connect helps entrepreneurs enable collaboration and training sessions right from your phone.

Users can even create, participate and share in meetings and webinars anywhere from the app. Some of its brilliant features include presentation with slides and animations, camera and audio broadcast control along with accepting and denying meeting requests, etc.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Adobe Reader

PDF is the most common formal way of sharing documented information. Adobe Reader app gives you the ability to open the PDF formats with just a tap.

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It comes in various languages and allows you to organize, edit, leave comments, print and share files, to fill out forms and digitally signed documents. Its rich, handy features make the app perfect for entrepreneurs who wish to check their emails on the go.

Download : Android, iOS

12. Dropbox

Quite popular among business app users, Dropbox allows entrepreneurs to put all their pictures, files, documents, videos, work spreadsheets, bills, invoices and receipts to a common box – which is the Dropbox.

The mobile app is accessible from anywhere if internet is available and once you drop a file, its automatically saved across all the devices from where the app is accessed.

Download : Android, iOS

13. Evernote

With hundreds of things constantly rattling in any busy entrepreneur’s mind, Evernote is one good app them. The app comes handy when you have many tasks lined up and at any give moment you need to put all the incredible ideas suddenly popping in your mind.

This password protected app provides an organized place to create a to-do-list, take notes, drafts strategies, write expenses or save reservation tickets and more.

Download : Android, iOS

14. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most promising app that gives you all the details about customers such as real-time visitor, reports, behavior, conversion and more. You can view all the aspects of visiting customer across all your portals like websites, videos, ads, social tools and various devices anywhere.

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Using Google Analytics, you can make the clear decision about content published, website speed or other essential web parameters.

Download : Android, iOS


IFTTT is deciphered as “If This Then That”. This is the most highly intelligent app that enables you to control actions and business activities to create connections based on your convenience. It follows the logic decided by an entrepreneur and helps take right action at right time.

Download : Android, iOS


Trello is for entrepreneurs who want to accurately manage their projects and track the workflow of their teams. You can create an assignment or task on Trello board using unique cards.

Add members, attachments, comments, due dates of submission, labels and more to describe the project. Trello also notifies project members when you change the card via email or device message.

Download : Android, iOS

17. Lumosity

For entrepreneurs who want to keep their mind dynamic and productive to make sharp business decisions, Lumosity comes as the best solution. The app is designed with an aim to enhance your memory, attention and cognition by neuroscientists. Lumosity is the most considerable option if you want to stay productive and creative in your domain.

Download : Android, iOS

18. Perch

In the tight competitive environment, entrepreneurs need to stay ahead of competition. Perch allows you to keep a sharp eye on your competitors as they manage to expand their presence online. Perch is the best friend for businessmen as indirectly motivates them to do better.

You can check reviews, social posts and marketing endeavors of your competitors and compare yourself, so that you can fuel your game with more passion and energy.

Download : Android, iOS

19. [email protected]

Being an entrepreneur, you don’t want to feel distracted or have your mind wandering off. You must focus on projects on hand. [email protected] helps you turn away from distractions and focus on important tasks.

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It has interesting elements that are said to elevate your attention span up to 400% and effectively restore your productivity.

Download : Android, iOS

20. Hushed

Hushed is one of the clever and simple tools designed to make your ecommerce business easier from your phone. With Hushed, you can use disposable phone numbers so that you can control your business phone from your personal device. It relieves you from using separate devices and you can make business calls anywhere out of the office.

Download : Android, iOS


The entrepreneur’s life is stuffed with heavy duties, sudden challenges and hectic meetings and other essential schedules. In the pursuit of business growth, they need a boost to organize and expedite various business elements without losing their energy.

These top 20 phenomenal apps are crafted for improving productivity and performance of business proprietors striving to achieve their goals. In future, we will have more innovative, business-oriented apps for entrepreneurs.