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Tips on How to Hire an iPhone App Developer

The making of a visually appealing, easy to use and bug-free iPhone App requires the right hands behind the development unit. So the game comes down straight to the hiring process altogether.

Hiring a good iPhone app developer needs a seemingly methodological scrutiny. Ensuring whether the right candidate has got selected in the screening process can save you from a lot of pertinent hassles in the future.

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Let’s dive into some useful tips on hiring iPhone app developers that every iOS app development company should focus on:

1. Provide a Clear and Compact Candidate Profile:

Before getting set with your hiring processes, the first thing you need to focus on is deciding your prospective employee qualifications. Be specific on your candidate requirements. This could save you a lot of time interviewing the candidates not fit to your job requirements.

2. Look for Someone who is Interested in working with your Company:

Hire someone who is not only good at developing but who is interested in you and who can give a creative input based on their experience with working with similar apps.

3. Knowledge of iPhone Language, iOS Frameworks and Emerging Technologies:

Determining the worth of all iPhone app developers immediately goes down to considering the level of expertise they possess in their respective areas in developing such as knowledge on Swift language, spacial reasoning, design guidelines(MVC-model), networking, core data, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), usage of Git and GitHub etc.

4. Think of the Entire App Development Process & Not just Coding:

App development is not just about coding, it also includes creating a well defined functional design and user experience. So don’t just go for an independent developer who codes well, but go for someone who has a wider range of experience about the design, usability and testing part of an app.

5. Figure Out Knowledge About Application Adaptability:

It is always better to pick experts who have practical knowledge about application advancements in perspective of different platforms. Ensure that the app developer can work with the app adaptability with the various gadgets and its size.

6. Why Working Experience is Important:

Fixing bugs, need for creativity, better problem solving, team management, meeting deadlines, etc… Are these issues giving you a serious headache?

Hiring an experienced iPhone App Developer helps you address such problems faster and better. Yes! There is a price to be paid for hiring those long hours of commitment and extra effort.

7. Efficiency to Grasp and Implement New Ideas:

When talking about hiring iPhone App Developers, what you are looking for are those passionate souls who take developing to all new heights. Those who are quick to grasp, energetic and enthusiastic minds possessing an abundant resource of fresh and interesting ideas are your gold mines. Generating apps by fostering creativity and workability will mark your position at the top on the map of iPhone development service providers.

8. Hire a Team Player and Someone who Values your Company Ethics Policy:

The success behind every great app points towards an even greater teamwork. Working alongside other team members is important. Be sure to hire someone who could play his role in the team and company well enough and leave no scope for regrets.

9. Hire Someone Safe for your Wallet:

Over expectations could leave you broke. Practice going for cheap and best, especially if you are a newbie with a start-up. Hire those whom you can afford in the long run. If you are at a growing stage, go for the less experienced yet talented youths.

10. Welcome More Natives:

Are you currently in the initial stages of your growth? Are you a low profile company trying to make your mark on the field? Hire those candidates from your final screened candidate list who has a nearby place of residence and who wouldn’t mind some extra hours of work for mutual benefits.

11. Check Client References:

Look for developers who are ready to share the client references about their previous work experiences. What do previous clients have to say about their work? Reviewing feedbacks can give you an exact insight into their ability to create a great product, communicate with the team and solve problems.

Focus on the right aspects of your business and be serious while conducting all the screening procedures. Include more screening schedules to hire the best out of all the candidates. If you look into all this, you can make the best shot at choosing the right iPhone app developer. The realization of your vision to choose the best is important, so choose wisely!

12 Benefits of Choosing an Experienced iOS Mobile App Development Company

Technology has made life simple and easy. One of the greatest innovations in today’s world is the introduction of mobile applications. Mobile apps have taken over our life. Today one could easily communicate with their families, friends, colleagues and other important people with the help of mobile apps. Mobile app development has become a top priority in many reputed companies.

iPhone is the most innovative Smart phone available in market today. With the past few years it not only revolutionized the world of smart phone but also became a trendsetter. It is well known for its quality and user –friendly features. There is a great demand for the applications made by iPhone Development Company.

Sophistication is an added advantage of iPhone Development Company. Consumers, enterprise and many businesses are always in need of iPhone applications. This is because their requirements are fully satisfied by the applications. Business professionals always prefer dedicated, passionate and experienced iPhone Development Company.

These are the key benefits of approaching an experienced iPhone development company:

1) Expertise in technicalities

An expert organization will have strong technical background and vast knowledge on app development. Strong technical knowledge is what matters for an important design. To implement user-friendly functions and to create error-free apps, experience is necessary.

Pick an organization that is not only experienced, but also reflects well planning, specializations and sound learning. Specialized expertise is important as it will deliver all your goals and meet different areas of brilliance and enhance skills with the latest technologies.

2) Better Infrastructure

A well-reputed iOS app development company will definitely have a great and well maintained IT infrastructure consisting of latest tools and technologies. Better office set-up and technical facilities of a professional team will always be aimed at maximizing employee productivity. Their desire to complete projects in the given time brings way to their success and strong customer base.

3) Exposure

Experienced iPhone Development Company would have worked with both complex and simple projects. The developers will have experience in developing dynamic and creative applications. Using the latest technologies they make applications more user –friendly. They will be capable enough to design better apps and superior intuitive UI for iOS apps. It’s important to utilise the latest technologies and high-end development tools to bring out the world-class mobile apps.

4) Scalability

An experienced iOS development company will have the benefit of scalability also. Their expertise provides dedicated services with full control over resources and project. Also the company fulfils the business requirements along with growth needs of the enterprise.

5) Flexibility

An experienced iPhone development company will provide various flexible hiring models which can be chosen as per the business requirements. One can choose the best for their business.

6) Timely Delivery

An ideal or experienced iOS app development company is known for cost effectiveness, best market timing, and boosting up returns on investment. They have abundant experience in meeting the deadlines and hence delivering the apps at the right time.

7) Communication and Support

An experienced iPhone development company will have good rapport with their clients. They value their clients and know exactly the importance of maintaining a good relation with them.

A well-maintained iOS app development company will certainly assure you support in the future for app maintenance. Professional companies value their customers’, quality feedbacks and in return provide a transparent approach to keep you updated throughout the development process.

8) Versatility

This is one of the main reasons why we prefer an experienced agency. Their dedication and complete control over each project make their mission a successful one. When a project is given, first they try to understand the product before engaging in the work.

9) Freedom of Choice

In an experienced organization, you will have different choices of hiring options, be it on an hourly basis or for the entire project. You can choose the most suitable option according to the business requirement. Discussions can be done about the project that can bring best design and profit to both the parties.

10) Dedication

As an experienced company, you can be sure that your project will be completed in the given time. They would have a professional approach combined with complete dedication towards the project. As a big team, they plan accordingly, work intact and sort tasks beforehand to bring out the best output.

11) Cost Effective Solutions

If the company you choose is experienced, then they will have effective solutions for completing the project at stipulated time period. Rather than engaging experts to develop iPhone apps, it would be better to hire an agency which can provide you quality work, spare finance, time and energy.

12) Get a Global Experience

Working with a company with an impressive portfolio, global experience, and a high number of downloads for their apps is certainly a benefit. Working with such a reputed company with relevant certifications can provide the right price and product quality in the projects they do.

Experience Counts

Working with an experienced company can prove to be advantageous in this complicated mobile market scenario. So always choose an experienced iOS app Development Company if you need on time delivery with high quality. An ideal iPhone development company provides customer satisfaction, best-quality, custom-built designs and creative iPhone apps over low quality apps with unsure user-engagement.

19 Must-follow iPhone App Development Blogs for Developers

iPhone app development is highly profitable in the market today. Today it’s hard to imagine a life without apps. Apps are now available for doing almost everything right from traveling, shopping, dining, cooking, exercising, banking and the list goes on. But in order to be successful, one should make the right app with right functionality, right support, and right roll out. You can measure the success of the iPhone app, depending upon the results they achieve on the clients.

The greatest challenge for iPhone app developers is to reduce the time lapse between concept to creation. For a developer a good blog can be a lifesaver. Sometimes it provide accurate and appropriate information to the developers. It also provides hints, tips, practical resources and help in creating codes. There are certain blogs which provide tools and techniques for mobile web and app development.

Here are the list of ten must follow iPhone app development blogs that can be helpful for developers:

1. iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is technically not a blog but there will be regular updates every week by Dave Verwer. Best iPhone app development links can be obtained from here. Usually it is published on every Friday. It is free.

2.Mike Ash Blogs

Mike Ash Blogs is published by Mike Ash. He is a programmer in Plausible Labs. This blog is really good for learning low level stuff.

3.The Apple Blog

The Apple Blog mostly focuses on informing us about the latest happenings in the world of Apple and providing some of the most helpful tutorials. It is possible to checkout on Adding Analytics to your App.

4.iCode Blog

iCode Blog provides not only tutorials on iPhone but also provide commentary which gives announcement regarding Flash CS5 which makes it possible to export iPhone apps.

5.iPhone SDK articles

iPhone SDK articles provides tutorials on iPhone. The articles will be mainly for adjusting apps to local language, currency and timezone.

6.Cocoa with Love

Cocoa with Love usually provides the cocoa and C-programming tutorials both for Mac and iPhone. It mainly deals on optimizing loading of large tables on the iPhone. It is the best iOS blog by Matt Gallagher. The purpose of this blog is provide information to those people who want to develop an iOS application which pulls data from Rich Site Summary feed, displays it well and put things on map.


NSHipster is a journal which contain overlooked bits in Objective- C, Swift and Cocoa. It is updated weekly by Mattt Thompson.

8.Cocos2D iPhone

Cocos2D iPhone is the official blog for the Cocos2D iPhone open source game engine. It is said to be the future home of programming guide. This blog is particularly helpful for getting started with games on the iPhone.

9.Mac Create

Mac Create provides news on iPhone and also it provides a brief summary of interview conducted with developers. Hence this can be a very useful blog especially for beginners.

10.MK Blog

MK Blog is published by Mukunth Kumar. He runs one-man consulting and training company. The blog is all about iPhone development and usability guidelines. He also mentions about product development, in-house training, web service software development kit, web service application programming interface design consultation, other consulting, retainer contracts, blog sponsor ships etc in his blog.

11.Big Nerd Ranch Blog

Big Nerd Ranch Blog, one of the pioneers in blogging on iOS app development was founded by Aaron Hillegass. The blog aims at subjects related to iOS, Cocoa and Objective-C. It contains a number of must-read blogs for iOS developers, which is easy to understand and contains useful codes.


Ray’s blogs are useful for both a naive or an experienced iPhone app developer. This blog shares useful and latest information. People can also share their thoughts and ideas with others through this platform. Apart from the blog, his tutorials can certainly help beginners to start their venture of app development.

13.Cult Of Mac (iOS)

This is a great place to keep up with the latest updates related to iPhone app development. Cult Of Mac contains all the latest news and tips related to iOS for developers. A daily news website that provides every information about Apple.


Specifically contain blogs and tutorials for iOS app development. EDUmobile Blog can guide developers to learn more about iOS technology from the primary level. You can also software development learning programs from here.


objc.io blog provides in-depth knowledge about developing iOS applications and OS X development. Tips and advanced techniques from other developers can also be seen on this site. Contains high-quality videos with live coding and discussions.


Blue Cloud Solutions created by Carter Thomas is a good and reliable resource for iOS app developers to get through all the aspects of iPhone app development.


This is one of the leading tutorial sites for app developers and anyone who would like to know more about programming. AppCoda has information related to iPad, iPhone, iOS programming, Swift, Objective-C, and building iOS apps.

18.iOS Goodies

This blog is curated by Rui Peras and Tiago Almeida. iOS Goodies is another informative space, which contains high quality posts on iOS, Xcode, iPhone app development, marketing trends, etc.

19.Little Bites of Cocoa

This was created by Jake Marsh. It contains tips on iOS and Mac development for developers. The main concept of Little Bites of Cocoa is to provide the reader a brief overview of a new concept, tool or technique related to iPhone app development.

Demand for iPhone developers has been increasing for the past few decades. Through these blogs developers can easily figure out the latest technology trends in iPhone app development and its usage. The above mentioned blogs would be helpful for the developers if they are looking for the resources which can sharpen their skills and help them to further develop themselves.

The Redbytes Checklist for iPhone Application Design, Name, and Localization

iPhone app development, like any other mobile application development is a complex and tedious process. It is not uncommon for developers to miss out one thing or the other. Even a single unattended error or a careless mistake can turn out to be a severe concern later on. That is why proper planning is said to be necessary and crucial for trouble-free development.

Making a checklist will be of immense help when you are on a hectic schedule. Here is the Redbytes checklist for design and localization for iPhone app development that will keep you on the right track.

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Design Checklist for iPhone applications

Here are the most important design aspects that you must keep an eye on while iPhone app development.

  • Check that there are no broken internal or external links in the iPhone application.
  • Check that the word “beta” had been removed from all places including any documentation.
  • Make sure that the accessories that have to be used along with the application are authorized by Apple.
  • Check that the user interface of the application follows all the design guidelines laid down in the “Apple Human Interface Guidelines”.
  • Make sure that the application does not have very long loading time.
  • Check whether an animation or a graphical loading image is provided to signify the loading process.
  • Confirm that the resource utilization is planned well and stays within bounds. It should not make the platform sluggish.
  • Ensure that your application is not abnormally influenced by pre-existing applications and that there is sufficient difference to make it distinct from other apps.
  • Any apps that even remotely duplicate the functionality of Apple applications will be immediately rejected by the Apple review team. So ensure that your app is in a safe place.
  • Confirm that the application doesn’t use the trademarks and intellectual properties of other companies like logos, brand names etc.
  • Test that your application does not interfere with the normal functioning of the iPhone. Battery draining apps are uninstalled soon by its users.

Name checklist for iPhone application

The name that you choose is definitely something that can influence the success of your app. You should always try to select names that are persuasive. Here are some points to remember:

  • Check if it’s possible to find the app while searching by its name.
  • Ensure that the name is not longer than 20 characters.
  • There should not be any version number in the app name.
  • Confirm that there are no third party brand names in your app.
  • Ensure that your app name is simple, catchy, and suitable.

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iPhone application localization checklist

A lot of games are targeting foreign markets nowadays. The following tips will help you to inspect your localized app thoroughly before approaching those markets.

  • Confirm that the localization language matches with the language of the target market.
  • Check that the application name is localized.
  • Check that the application description is localized.
  • Check that the application URL is localized.
  • Check that the support URL is localized.
  • Check that the support email is localized.
  • Check that the screen shots are localized.
  • Check that the app binary is localized.
  • Ensure that the localization is professionally done and is not just a word-for-word translation.
  • Ensure that the app doesn’t contain elements that are unfit for the culture of the targeted market.
  • Ensure that the app contains maximum number of cultural elements that will attract the local customers.

Videos Are Essential For Your Mobile App. Here’s Why

If you use apps or know about android app development or iPhone app development, then you have definitely viewed or heard of app preview videos. Google and Apple app stores are maxing out at almost 2 million apps each and new apps stand out because they infuse bright colours with bold designs or simply because they are developed by reputed organizations. In a sea of developers and designers, each with their own unique ideas, mobile app preview videos help your product stand apart from the crowd.

What an app preview video does is it increases the chances of your iPhone or Android app being downloaded and it does this by simply allowing prospective users to take a look at what your app offers and how it works. We can tell you off-hand that a paid app has a higher chance of being downloaded if buyers can preview what your app does before investing their money.

Here is an example for an app video:


App stores are the battleground where iPhone and Android apps compete for downloads regardless of the effort that has went into android app development or iPhone app development, budgets or marketing strategies. The best apps as well as the obscure ones are given equal opportunities to strut their stuff in elaborate app descriptions, screenshots, ratings and reviews.

User Psychology

The only thing standing between your app and a million downloads are the users. Unfortunately, users are lazy. Studies have shown that more than 60 percent of iPhone or Android app store visitors don’t even look at the two most effective means of describing what an app does – screenshots and descriptions. This means that 60 percent of prospective users won’t even bother to check what your app does. App preview videos are the next best thing in these situations because almost everyone will tap a play button instead of scrolling through text.

Videos Are Essential For Your Mobile App. Here's Why
Image courtesy: Apple

StoreMaven reports that adding preview videos increases conversions by 20 percent for App Store and 35 percent for Play Store. In other words, people are more likely to download your app if they watch a video of it first. Did you know that app preview videos can affect the ratings of your app? Tune conducted a survey which revealed that apps with preview videos were generally given a higher rating than apps without them. The average rating for apps without a preview video is 3.81 stars, almost half a star lower than the average rating for apps with a video: 4.24 stars.

Videos Are Essential For Your Mobile App. Here's Why  Image courtesy: Tune

In App Store and Play Store, higher ratings help new apps move up in app rankings and app rank is the default sorting filter applied in both stores when people are browsing. Newly released apps don’t have a tonne of reviews which prospective users can read so unless there are other pointers, like preview videos, users will classify the app as suspicious and move on to other options.

Ankit Jain, former head of Google Play search said at a recent Google I/O conference “Video previews are the next level of screenshots. With a short video, you’re able to show the user really what it’s like to play with your app. Giving potential users an accurate impression of what your app is all about is an approach that keeps on giving… developers have told us that uploading a video can really help gain user adoption, and users in a lot of studies have told us that video previews are amongst the most convincing features of an app details page.”

Videos Are Essential For Your Mobile App. Here's WhyImage courtesy: Tune

If you have spent your time, effort and money for android app development or iPhone app development, then you want it to have higher ratings. Almost 60 percent of the ratings are achieved through app descriptions and user reviews but where can you find that extra edge to push your app in front of the competition? 40 percent of smartphone users consider app preview videos among the top three deciding factors for a download.

To sum it up here’s why preview videos are essential for your mobile app:

1. It engages users more directly than text or screenshots.
2. Videos are easy to share and have the potential to become viral, unlike text.
3. Users prefer watching videos to scrolling and reading.
4. Videos communicate ideas more clearly and effectively in very little time.
5. It provides a demo of your app so users know what to expect.

So if you are confident that your iPhone or Android app is sure to hit the top-10 list, give the users a preview of your app because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that people like to tap play buttons on their smartphone screens.

5 Simple Tips To Make Mobile App Videos

Videos Are Essential For Your Mobile App. Here's Why

Now that you know why app preview videos are important, let’s get on with understanding how to make them and ensure the efforts of your android app development or iPhone app development team doesn’t get wasted.

1. Define a script. On Apple’s App Store your preview video has 30 seconds to tell users about your app and convey its usefulness. While Google’s Play Store does not have a time limit, studies show that the average viewer will look at a video for two minutes before moving on. This sort of constraint implies that you need to brainstorm ideas to highlight the most compelling features of your app and write a script which will effectively showcase each of them. Unlike Play Store, App Store does not allow localisation of videos. This means that for an iPhone app, the same preview video is viewed all over the world so including text or narration is not the best idea since you are limited to one language.

2. Capture the video. Apple’s app preview guidelines state that absolutely no real-world footage should be included in the video, unless you have developed a camera app. Your preview video should contain only animation and in-app features. We suggest using expanding dots to convey taps and moving arrows for gestures. Of course, if your app works on only one or a few screens, a preview video won’t really get you anywhere. Play Store, on the other hand, provides a set of loose guidelines/suggestions which, if followed, will ensure that your preview video effectively communicates the usability of your Android or iPhone app.

3. Add music. Including a sound track in your preview video will make it livelier but, for legal and moral reasons, you are limited to using audio tracks for which you have acquired licensing rights. Let’s just say Beethoven wouldn’t like his compositions to be used in an app without his knowledge. For this reason, several app developers source audio from SoundCloud and look for royalty-free tracks. If you are showcasing your Android or iPhone app being used then it is a good idea to include the UI sound effects to give a sense of continuity to viewers.

4. Format your video. Apple’s guidelines are very particular when it comes to preview video resolution, file type and even pixel shape. Your video has to be shot at the native resolution of devices on which it will be viewed. This means that for iPhone 6 users your video should have a resolution of 750 x 1334 and for iPhone 6 Plus: 1080 x 1920, any other resolution and your video is rejected. A tool called FFMPEG will help you easily reformat preview videos.

5. Upload your video. Play Store allows you to link promo videos from YouTube so post your preview video on YouTube and then link to it. Be sure to make the video Play Store specific, for example – don’t include an end slide that says “Download from App Store and Google Play”. App Store is more specific when it comes to preview videos – you need to upload the video using Safari, Apple’s web browser. Apple rejects videos which have non-square pixels but luckily, there are several online tools which will convert your video into a square-pixel format.

So, you are armed with valuable video making knowledge. You can go ahead and make an app preview video that will make your Android/iPhone app shine brighter than the competition! Do you have experience creating an app preview video? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

How to Plan Marketing of an iPhone App That Failed to Get Enough Traffic

You can almost always get a great app if you put in sufficient and focused effort. Yet, the Apple store success is practically a different story. Sometimes, things can go really bad. But, if you are so sure about your app’s potential and can’t forgive yourself for the whole iPhone app development turmoil, you should definitely consider giving your app a second chance.

However, there are certain things that you must ensure are given notice, so as to give your iPhone app the highest chances of success. This article will discuss what you could do once your app fail to make the required admiration among the crowd in the iOS market.

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6 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced iPhone App Development Company

1. Work on your social media promotion: Even after iPhone app development, if you are still willing to invest time and capital, you can start with social media promotion. You can drive some of your downloads via this method.

Promote your app on facebook, twitter, google plus and other places, where a crowd gathers on the virtual world. Include great looking screenshots and user stories. Fake facebook likes aren’t of much use here. You can begin with your friends, colleagues, and family, after which you can gradually reach out to the masses.

2. Ensure that there is an existing market demand for your app: You cannot sell a stupid or gross app idea no matter how cool it looks and function. For e.g., “Simstapler”, “The most useless app ever ” and “iBeer” are simply purposeless apps.

So, you should ensure that your app has an existing demand in the marketplace, or at least your app should be able to create a new demand. When it’s too late, there is nothing else that you can do other than throwing your app away and saving your time & money further!

3. Get a good description and logo: Your app name, logo, and screenshots together should catch the attention of your audience and prompt them into clicking the download button within 2 seconds after they have landed on your page. That means you should do a lot of homework here. If you are a solo developer and is not very good at creating something that could impress others, you should better get additional help from outside.

4. Get rid of that bad UI: If your UI is awfully bad, redo it. Your UI needs elements that engage the user. A good user experience is something that holds your users to the app that they once downloaded out of sheer curiosity.

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5. Plan it right away: It is a big mistake that you did not plan your marketing strategy before starting with iPhone app development. The best thing you can do now, if you are determined to go forward with the same app is planning the strategy as early as possible.

Get insights about the different marketing tactics from experienced hands and choose the best strategies that may sell your particular app. Decide what parts you will stress like more videos or including offline promotional methods.

6. User retention: Don’t forget your existing users, how limited in number they are. If they are having complaints about your app, give them quick responses and if you require time to sort out an issue, politely inform them.

7. Getting feedback and monitoring customer engagement: You should learn to collect feedback from your customers, and most importantly the feedback should be valued enough. Customer feedback and customer engagement reports are two major sources that throw light on the performance of your app. Feedback will let you know what users like in your app and what they hate. You can also use your findings as a basis for designing your next app.

8. Measure your marketing effectiveness: After you implement each of your marketing strategies, there should be constant monitoring to check whether they are actually giving you the desired out-turn.

11 iPhone App Development Ideas That’s Worth a Try

Apps are developed for almost every industry today. There are apps created in the field of communication, education, food, tourism and much more. Here are some great iPhone app development ideas that’s worth a try.


 This app is for those people who really like to get experimental in the kitchen. You can just simply enter the main ingredients that you may have with you and the app will show you all the different recipes that you can try out with those key ingredients. For e.g., if you give flour, chicken, egg, butter, and potato as the core ingredients, the app might give you recipe suggestions such as Chicken Kiev with mashed potato or Chicken Frittata.


This app will help you to measure the distance between two points without having to use a measuring tape. You simply need to hold your iPhone and move it between the two points, and the app will display the distance in the unit of your choice.

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This is a very cool idea for iPhone app development. The app will make use of the GPS technology in your phone to calculate the speed at which you are travelling. It will then alert you when the speed crosses the set limits.


With this app, you can find out exciting tourist places and attractions that could be fit for your one day trip budget. Searching the app by entering the distance you wish to travel and the budget at hand, will provide you the list and details of local tourist spots.


You can calculate your total calorie intake for a day through this app. Enter the food that you eat throughout the day, and an alarm will be triggered once you’ve exceeded the recommended limit. This is a very beneficial app for people who are on a diet as well as for diabetes and cholesterol patients.

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This is a fun app. Sing into your iPhone and the app will record it and play back the song to you in the sound of some popular artists that it contains. The app can be distributed as a freemium one with a few voices, and the option for in-app of more artist voices can be included.


Medical emergencies happen anytime and anywhere. So, it is important for everyone to have at least some basic first aid knowledge. This necessity could be turned out into a very innovative iPhone app development idea. An iPhone app serving this purpose can guide you in giving all the necessary first aids to a victim of any injury or illness until professional help is accessible.


Get ready for some serious merrymaking and laughter by pointing your iPhone at someone’s head. The app will give you a hilarious read-out of people’s thought at the moment.


Yep! You’ve guessed it right. As the name suggests, this is an app that could be used for measuring someone’s height.


This is a very useful app, especially for someone with serious memory issues. The app can keep track of certain items that you store in your home. The indexed item’s location is found out using the bar-code tracking technology.


This app is used to create funny fatso pictures of yourself. The app is linked to your iPhone’s camera, and the pictures taken will show you as someone who has gained a few extra pounds.

Six Benefits of Hiring an Experienced iPhone App Development Company

In this fast-paced world, we see competition everywhere. It is hard to win and easy to fail. The app development industry is also facing the same situation. There seems to be a lot of pressure and turmoil due to competition in the markets, worldwide.

That being the case, it is needless to say that many ordinary apps’ confrontation with Apple’s set of regulatory rules is not very smooth. A lot of businesses pay hugely for their mistakes and negligence in taking adequate measures to avoid the pertinent challenges in the field that could affect the app’s success. The problem can be solved to a great extent by hiring an experienced iPhone app development company. Let’s see below, the main benefits of hiring one.

1. Expertise is directly related to cost-effectiveness

One of the major benefits of hiring an experienced iPhone app development company is that you get experienced professionals to shape your iPhone app. Technical expertise in designing and coding will make apps that are error free and crash free.

Even though less experienced companies or inexperienced freelancers may seem to fit your pocket well, on second thoughts you could realise that the reality is something different. They will seldom be able to deliver as many features and finesse as an experienced company could deliver for the same price.

For example, an experienced company has clear ideas on how to develop each variety of apps like enterprise apps, educational apps, game apps, etc. Each of them demands variations in the approach towards market study, development, and deployment. Since inexperienced companies lack any appreciable experience, they have to use the trial and error method and depends a lot on sheer luck for success.

2. Updated tools and technologies

All companies have a lot of expenses to deal with, like employee salary, infrastructure maintenance, employee training cost, software cost etc. among the others. At the same time, an inexperienced company might not be getting a reasonable return from their investment. All companies face this situation as start-ups. There will be a period when a company might not be stable economically. Under these circumstances, a large number of start-ups will be forced to do with outdated technologies and tools.

By hiring an experienced iPhone app development company, one can make sure that updated tools and technologies are used for the development of their application. The developers will have in-depth knowledge of major platforms, techniques, technologies and tools.

An experienced company can bear the cost to incorporate all the continuous releases of softwares and hardwares in the market. While testing, for e.g., an experienced company can afford to test over a wide range of Apple devices including the “just released” ones.

3. Reliable communication

Experienced companies permit greater transparency of their identity and services. You can be much more relaxed about their genuineness and there will be better safety for your project.

During the development period and after, you can constantly be in touch with the development team. Further, you will be allowed to know about every progress in your project. This way, you can contribute to the project at all time, by giving your thoughts and suggestions.

4. Dedicated service

“Customer is King” – Certainly, this will be one of the ideals of every successful and experienced iPhone app development company. Most of them look forward to a lifetime relationship with their customers. So they treat and value them well.

The team that is chosen for a particular project rarely works on any side projects. This will boost the dedication developers have on a particular project and reduce distractions. Customer satisfaction will always be the key focus.

5. Happy employees deliver better output

Established companies can provide better work spaces for their employees, which will directly influence their loyalty towards the company and its clients. The facilities, ambience, employee treatment, team spirit, etc. that exist in such companies will have a positive effect on its employees, which will increase their work efficiency.

6. Professionals can save you time and money

Professional app developers have the capacity to meet any type of challenges that may come up in between a project. For e.g., they can deal with a major alteration in the app’s design without compromising user experience and can handle consequences created when you experiment your creativity.

The management in a well established company can commit to the priorities better and can generate more realistic timelines in the first place. They are efficient in taking crucial decisions that are master strokes. They can forecast market changes, possible threats, and prevent you from loosing your money unnecessarily.