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9 Best Free Coding Apps For Kids

Coding has become an essential part of today’s learning structure. This skill is no more just limited to the web developers and programmers but is an essential skill that should be learned and gained by people in all age groups, be it kids or adults. Wondering about how can kids really learn the intricacies of the coding process? Yes, they can!

Technology has reached to the extreme levels of advancements of which none of us could have ever thought of. While it is true that the advancements in technology is making lives simpler, it is also playing a crucial role in several other parts of our day-to-day lives.

One of those is education. Since, education is the foundation stone of every kid’s success and future, the technology has not limited its role to enabling online education but has taken a leap by developing online educational apps for kids.

Kids educational apps are a hub of information and knowledge that is generally available free of cost or at a minimal cost. While there are many apps that make use of gaming and other interactive mediums to let kids learn easily, the education system for kids has now transformed into a completely new picture.

It is commonly believed that coding is a ‘grown-ups’ thing and kids cannot learn this complicated concept at such a tender age. But, this does not hold true anymore as several companies across the globe have introduced various apps to simplify learning coding for kids.

Some of the best learning apps for kids from different parts of the globe are as mentioned below:

1. Scratch

Available on web at zero charges with higher accessibility, this is one of the few programming languages that have been developed specifically for kids in the age group of 8-16 years.

This platform allows students to use a visual programming language that has been designed using bricks to generate interest and curiosity among them.

Kids can drag these bricks to the workplace, so as to animate an illusionary element or sprites. The language also allows kids to create variables, play varied sounds and also can do a lot more things.

What helps trainers the most in instructing the kids about this language are the teaching guides, communities and other resources available on its website.




2. Tynker

With its basic version available free of cost on web, this app is comparatively new in the market with its interface looking similar to Scratch.

Basically built to teach programming, this app includes starter lesson plans, classroom management tools, as well as an online display of student-created programs.


Kids taking coding lessons from this can learn coding on their own as the lessons in it are self-paced and simple to understand without assistance





3. Kodable

Kodable as the tagline suggests, it’s the programming app for kids made with love. Unlike other kids coding apps, this app teaches children the coding language Java-script in addition to the coding logic concepts.

This app is designed in a way that it guides kids through the entire basic system of coding, generally kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.


Kodable adheres to JavaScript which is an excellent language for beginners to foster their skills. Other than this, Kodable even includes looping and branching making this app a solid entry-level for kids after which they can directly learn the web-based Code-HS in mid-school.




4. Daisy the Dinosaur

This app can be used for offering an excellent introduction to programming for kids which is available only on iPad at no extra charges. With only basic functions available, this is also simple to use and  only has a dinosaur that moves.

This app teaches children the basics of coding in such a way that even a four year kid can understand. It teaches basics likes loops, conditionals and kids rather use regular words for what move they want Daisy to make in the app.

Kids can make daisy turn, move, shrink, jump, roll, spin based on the kind of program they create.




5. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix Factory

Available free of cost at both Android and iPad, this app uses a ‘sci-fi themed’ robotic game that helps students learn the basics of programming.

This app makes student use their logical thinking to control the robot and get the assignment done assigned at each level of the game.

EV3 Programmer

Beginning with basic navigation to transferring objects, this app does wonders in helping students understand the basics of coding.





6. Lightbot

This is a paid tool to learn coding on both Android and iPad devices. Developed in the form of a programming puzzle, this software help kids learn the basic concepts of coding easily.

A brief instructions session can be conducted as the new level begins, which can then be continued or replayed by students as they desire or want.


The next level of this app can be unlocked only if the student completes the present level successfully.  It lets kids gain a practical knowledge on concepts like procedures, instruction sequencing and loops by guiding a robot to light up tiles and solve the further levels.





7. Move the Turtle

This programming tool help kids to learn codingand is available on iPhone and iPad. With bright and vibrant colours, the interface of this app makes coding an interesting concept to learn and gain knowledge about.

The only drawback of using this app is the lack of detailed instructions, which might make coding a bit confusing for the beginners.

Move the Turtle

This, in turn, makes this app a better choice to be made in case the kid has at least a basic knowledge about coding.





8. Bee-Bot

Available on iPad at free of cost, this app is inspired from the well-known Bee-Bot floor robot that allows kids to easily learn the basics of programming at different levels.

Kids who learn coding can use this app and be sure about their improved programming skills as well as enhanced skills in problem solving.


The app uses the Bee-Bot’s keypad functionality and enables children to improve skills in directional language and programming by sequences of forwards, backwards, left, right and even 90 degree turns.

It has a total of 12 levels encouraging progression, where each level is timed and the faster you complete the more stars you get.





9. Codea

This tool is available for some charges only for the iPad users. Aimed at helping students learn Lua programming language, this app has an easy to use interface, sample programs and other helpful tools that allows students to learn the basics of coding or develop their coding skills at their own pace.

It is a fully featured 2D or 3D renderer, where you can touch your code to tap images, colors and even change sounds. Once you are done with a project you can change it to X code to create real apps.

Coding program should never be limited to those who wish to pursue their careers in the same industry but its also essential for kids as it figures out how technology can transform learning and teaching.


Learning how to create new stuff will create a future generation who can spark creativity and enhance logical thinking.





“Improve your skills today to be a better professional tomorrow.”