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Top 7 IoT Trends That Will Change 2018

According to a survey conducted by IHS, we can expect nearly 20 billion connected devices across the globe by the end of this year. Does it mean 2018 will be “The year of Internet of Things?” Can’t say right now, but the future is certainly looking promising and 2018 would show an upward trajectory. The numbers in the survey are a strong indication of the constant growth of internet of services that is backed up by a lot of investment companies and the embracement of various Industries across the globe.

Over the years, Internet of Things (IoT) technology has grown so well that where each and every industry domain is using it to automate operations. With the significant increase in dependency on IoT app development and connected devices, it would be indeed exciting to witness how this amazing technology will take shape in the current and upcoming years.

One-fourth of 2018 is over. Now, will the rest of 2018 be a revolutionary year for the Internet of Things? Or will some other emerging technologies replace it? Let’s take a look at the top 7 IoT things that will are likely to change 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence was, is, and will be the king

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those emerging technologies that not only excites the normal public but also businesses worldwide. Last year, in 2017, we have seen a significant rise in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence across industries worldwide, with businesses utilizing it to enhance their operations, generate new innovations, and improve the user experience.

With financial services, telecommunication, and high tech leading the path in getting Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream, and various other verticals such as retail, automotive, healthcare, supply chain, etc. are also welcoming it, we can expect a consistent growth of Artificial Intelligence to continue in 2018 as well.

Now let’s take a look at what will power the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the future:

1) Data skills

Not only in the past but in the future as well, data remains the fuel for Artificial Intelligence. In 2018, both organizations and vendors will continue to widen their skill set, entry in current developers, and bring new data scientists on board. With the constant push anticipated this year and beyond, AI can fulfil its potential “excellent” status for developers, assisting them in tapping rich new sources of innovation.

2) Chatbots

So far, Chatbots have become one of the most prevalent. We can expect its increase in popularity stems from organizations want to provide users the same experience online as they would get in the store whether it is retail shopping, banking, healthcare, or any other industry for that matter.

3) The intelligent applications

With almost 9 million mobile connections across the globe, all of us own at least one smartphone if not multiple. We might not know but half of our mobile applications will have the Artificial Intelligence functionality either directly embedded into the applications or as a backend support. A good example for this is how the keyboard learns and improves how it works by the way we interact with it.

2. Improved data security

There is actually nothing more essential for all tech-savvy customers and IoT professionals than better data security and 2018 will certainly see some significant leap forward in the domain of internet of things privacy and security.

Consider the operating systems of home appliances. How can you upgrade the operating system in a smart refrigerator or in the wall mounted air conditioner which is connected wirelessly? If you are thinking not to upgrade the operating system then how can you fix any vulnerabilities or bugs that the appliance has.

Whether it is a new data privacy rules and norms that are ready to take their place in the EU or for the development in the domain of personal security elsewhere, some aspects stand to be as transformed as the domain of security does in 2018. Standardization of IoT devices will take place.

3. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

In the last year, 2017, we witnessed digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium becoming household names. But in 2018, we will witness new innovations in the blockchain technology that have been taking these and the other 800 cryptocurrencies forward. Huge investments in the blockchain technology are already anticipated in this and coming years.

In 2018, blockchain will keep moving into the mainstream and individuals will further learn and comprehend the blockchain technology. Will this not only lead to better knowledge but also organizations who will be equipped to begin innovative blockchain projects.

4. SaaS will be the norm

Software as a service is one of the happening expected markets of this year, with some professionals anticipating SaaS to become a market worth more than stunning 50 billion dollars by the end of this year.

With such a minimum expense of entry, Software as a Service is increasingly becoming the preferred one for many organizations which are hoping to up their IT game without breaking the bank, and 2018 will certainly witness a widespread adoption of SaaS solutions by the enterprises across the globe.

5. Smart cities, everywhere

2018 can mostly become the year of the Smart City, as continue to migrate into tech-heavy urban centers which harness the power of the Internet of Things to meet the requirements and demands of the public. As better interconnectivity become a part of the urban landscape, very soon smart cities would move out of the imagination of science fiction and become a reality, as more and more people experience the advantage of living in an internet of things environment for the first time.

6. Better data analytics

Every company worldwide have realized the potential of integrating data analytics into their organizational strategies, and business intelligence seems to be expanding as a domain. With millions of interconnected devices across the globe, data remains supreme and organizations all over the globe will be spending large sums of cash into their data analytics functions to stay updated.

With Summits already being planned with the applications of data to business solutions, it can be said 2018 will definitely witness some significant modifications to how we utilize and appreciate data in our everyday lives.

7. The retail revolution

The retail industry is already moving in an upward trajectory by the massive reshaping of the economy and also increased usage of the online customers. But 2018 has given more in the bag for how customers around the globe for their favorite items. The retail stores which are hoping to stay in the game in a digitally dominated future are now realizing the fact that they cannot stand without IoT and welcome it. As the Internet of Things continues to work its way into every element of our everyday life, anticipate retail to witness an advanced shift in how it runs than virtually any other interesting.

Closing Thoughts

            The IoT has already showed everyone as to how it will change our everyday life in ways never before thought. It’s up to you whether you want to end up being one of those who takes advantage of the human changes that are currently fostered by the Internet of Things will usually rely on how deftly you prepare yourself well before. Do not let yourself to be left in the dark, instead welcome IoT solutions for your organization and you will see greater success in the future.