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15 Famous Apps Built with React Native

React Native has evolved to be a fascinating lynchpin amid the most preferable and trending technologies today ever since Facebook developed it for its own internal app projects in 2013.

Developers adopted this powerful framework for iOS and Android app development. The technology was made available on GitHub in 2015 as announced by Facebook in F8 conference and now it is vibrant with 1,408 contributors.


The future possibilities of what React Native development can produce add thrill to the anticipation around its potential among mobile app developers, which makes the technology quite popular across the globe.

The big brands including Fortune 500 companies have already leveraged the power of this incredible tool and created compelling apps.

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We have put together a list of 13 famous apps built with React Native here.

Facebook Ads Manager Instagram Bloomberg
AirBnB Gyroscope Myntra
UberEats Discord Shine
SoundCloud Yeti Smart Home Walmart
Tesla Skype Townske


1) Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook has leveraged React Native framework to build its first ever cross platform app Facebook Ads manager. Based on JavaScript, React Native framework efficiently handles the different formats in ads, dates and currencies along with time zones.

Facebook ads manager - react native app

Its clutter-free interface, easy navigation and intuitive UX and overall simplicity results into amazing experience for app users.

Facebook ads manager - rating - react native app

Even its animation and transitions were made flawless, smooth and seamless. React Native has become a perfect solution for Facebook Ads Manager.

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2) Instagram

It was a big challenge for Instagram to shift its entire existing app to React Native, but Instagram did have an added advantage in the process. It has a simple interface which made the adoption of new technology a little easier than imagined.

Insta - react native app

It transformed its push notification view which was originally a WebView and didn’t need a new navigational infrastructure. With React Native, the app grew more maintainable across both Android and iOS platforms.

Instagram - rating - react native app

Although developers nonetheless confronted a few predicaments down the path, they could successfully share 85% and more of its code between iOS and Android.

Google PlayApp Store


3) Bloomberg

Bloomberg has achieved a great milestone in global business and finance news space.

Bloomberg - react native app

Bloomberg went through the ordeal of individually developing both iOS and Android apps updated to the latest version before opting for Native for their mobile app development.

Bloomberg - rating - react native app

The prototype built with React native was thoroughly tested before they adopted RN for simultaneously updating the app for cross-platform performance.

Google PlayApp Store


4) AirBnB

AirBnB is another remarkable examples of React Native success for mobile app development. the company uses RN to build its service booking app that demanded real-time performance.

Airbnb - react native app

React Native worked miraculously and brought delight for software engineers at AirBnB. The company has an extensive development team that involves as many as 60 individuals who are all dedicated to working on this JavaScript technology.

airbnb - rating - react native app

The technology helped them to build reusable code across iOS and Android platforms and refactor them, saving a lot on their development cycle.

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5) Gyroscope

Considered as an incredible app for health conscious minds, Gyroscope perfectly integrates with HealthKit to help users view the complete health profile through their life.

Gyroscope - react native app

The whole health-related data is shown in two simple views: Simple and Cards mode. Users are thus allowed to track their vitals such as steps, heart rate, activities like meditation and fitness Yoga, productivity, weight management, etc.

Gyroscope - rating - react native app

The user data can be tracked in a daily/weekly/monthly reports that can help users maintain their health status.

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6) Myntra

Myntra redefines the ecommerce shopping experience delivered on a stunning mobile app. By giving users an intuitive, clean and simplified interface, Myntra makes for an online shopping app with great look, feel and fascinating users experience.

myntra - react native app

React Native has worked wonders for Myntra when it comes to enable shopping convenience for users with engaging presentation of catalogs, categories and order placement.

myntra - rating - react native app

Let alone, its UI and UX truly stand out for Android and iOS apps.

Google PlayApp Store


7) UberEats

React Native adds a great value to the food delivery app UberEats even though it constitutes a small part of the overall tech stack used to build the app. It enhances user experience and UI for both end users and restaurant operators.

Uber eats - react native app

Due to involvement of three parties (restaurants, delivery partners and customers), the app needed a new comprehensive and intuitive dashboard for restaurant part with more access and native functions such as push notifications and sound alerts.

Uber eats - rating - react native app

Its early web-based dashboard had limited experience. UberEats team already had worked on React extensively which empowered them to deliver app rapidly. They are satisfied with its performance and are keen on its potential for future possibilities that can help them meet demands of growing marketplace.

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8) Discord

Discord sets another bright example of cross-platform app development by React Native. The app is intended for voice and chat app for gamers.

Discord - react native app

So Discord enables users to chat among team members, check online availability and engage in conversations. The great thing about Discord is that its iOS and Android apps have 98% of shared code.

Discord - rating - react native app

This indicates how RN helps build mobile apps even in tight deadlines.

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9) Shine

Shine is quite a mature, content-rich and glorious mindfulness app packed with awesome motivational mottos and articles for users. It has relaxing meditation activities and inspiring recordings and guide by experts that help you deal with everyday stress of life. You can ‘check in’ for the day and get started.

Shine - react native app

The creators aimed to hit U.S. market with iOS app first since it provides maximum market share, and were planning to build Android app quickly after gaining enough traction on iOS.

Shine - rating - react native app

React Native blessed their strategy and helped them launch Android app successfully in the App Store. In 2018, Shine was chosen as one of the best apps by Apple.

Google PlayApp Store


10) SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a brilliant app for artistic creators where they can create and manage their accounts and keep their community alive. React came handy when the company struggled with the lack of enough developers to design the second set of native apps.

Soundcloud - react native app

Due to insufficient number of iOS developers, they faced the possibility of a large gap between iOS and Android release. The SoundCloud research team tested React Native prototypes for user experience and found a few challenges.

Soundcloud - rating - react native app

Even then, they found themselves positive about the technology since working with React Native application was easier than a pure native approach. To top it all, SoundCloud team was able to successfully build the complete app without much efforts from specialized developers.

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11) Yeti Smart home

Like SoundCloud, Yeti Smart Home creators also share the similar story about how they were driven by the lack of iOS and Android developers when they wanted to build native apps in no time.

yeti - react native app

They leaned on React Native and found that the technology saves from the hassle of learning from scratch while creating applications in Java (Android) and Swift (iOS). RN was still a fairly challenging due to its still growing structure.

But thanks to the support of its flourishing community, Yeti came into existence much faster than expected. Due to the modular construction of React, the team could focus on design components targeting different devices and reuse those bricks to build unified interface.

Google PlayApp Store


12) Walmart

While trading on a future path to becoming the global leader in online retail space, Walmart wanted to make a bold move that puts them on top of the competition.

Walmart - react native app

They turned to technology as it always does to redefine their customer experience and take it to the next level with innovative technologies. After adding Node.js to their tech stack, Walmart decided to write the entire app in React Native.

Walmart - rating - react native app

By doing so, it improved its performance on iOS and Android and finished the project in short time span. The greatest advantage for Walmart with RN is that the app had 95% of shared codebase across platforms.

Google PlayApp Store


13) Tesla

The world’s most talked about creators of electric cars, Tesla has also signed up for React Native club. By leveraging Facebook’s powerful framework, Tesla developed the application for its electric car and Powerwall battery owners.

Tesla - react native app

At the core of this app lies the function of diagnosing and locating vehicles. It also allows users to control certain parameters to an extent using smartphone.

Tesla - rating - react native app

Though much of the effect of React Native is still undeclared, the customer feedback for the app is quite positive.

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14.) Skype

This telecommunications application is mainly used for video chats and voice calls over the internet, using devices like phones, PCs, and smartwatches.


It offers instant messaging services and allows users to transmit and receive multimedia messages. Currently, there are approximately 4.9 million active users.

Skype - rating


  • Let users to make free or low-cost calls locally or internationally
  • Offers a large selection of emoticons and emojis to express yourself
  • Anyone who has Skype and a webcam or compatible smartphone can make free video calls
  • Anyone who has Skype on a mobile device or computer can make free group video calls with friends and family

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15) Townske

This social media publishing platform allows people to share and discover any city on earth. In other words, Townske is a community of thousands of local people blogging about the places they love.


With this app, people can share their curated recommendations of a city through beautiful little city guides of up to 11 venues. People searches Townske for recommendations, which gives back the most relevant city guides.

You can look quickly through city guides and ‘like’ anything that you may like to visit later.

Makemytrip - rating


  • No need to create account
  • Allows you to create a list of the places that you may like to visit and share it with your friends
  • Helps you to discover nearby places

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With React Native gaining massive traction already in the most dynamic space of mobile app development, there is no wonder we will see more custom applications written using this framework.

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These big names are enough to explain what the technology is worth and what it can do for your future projects. Its wide community of active contributors presents as another strong reason to choose it.

But to make the most of its potential and trusted performance, you will need to collaborate with a technology partner versed in developing React Native applications.