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How to Market an App on Social Media?

Right before your mobile app is launched, you must ponder over how you are going to generate public interest and drive frenzy among prospect users for downloading it.

It is time to try effective ways to attract more users and create a huge drive around your app. However, with more than 5 million mobile apps vying for users’ attention, making your app visible is rather daunting.

Choices are more, options are endless, and hence marketing your app is definitely not that simple and straight. Also, what adds more dismay is knowing that 25% of apps downloaded by users are abandoned after installation.

The thought of social media marketing therefore sounds convincing especially when 50% of folks are likely to discover mobile apps via family, friends and colleagues. The platform afforded by virtual socials is immensely influential and drives great buzz for your digital creation.

On that note, check out these powerful tactics to successfully market your app on social media:

1) The Clever investment in Paid Ads

Paid advertisements on social media help reach more audience and attain strong presence. Sponsored ads especially boosts your marketing momentum and drives more downloads especially when it is difficult to fetch the audience through organic reach across different platforms.



Nowadays social platforms have evolved to display advertisement with app install options. In fact, social media ads are accountable for almost 49% of app downloads. Hence, more visible your app is in your social paid ads, more is the chance you have to convert target users.

For paid ads on social media to be effective, you also need to choose the platform most preferred by your prospect app users. To optimize the marketing budget while also boosting downloads, minute targeting and riveting content are basic essentials.

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2) Influencer Marketing for Faster Results

The real effect of influencer marketing is drawn from the fact that social influencers have already mastered the art of persuading their fans and followers and can give you the ready base of receptive audience. Influencers and micro-influencers own deep knowledge about what excites and appeals to their audience/followers.

Hence, as you pair with active influencers on social media, your app is likely to appear conspicuously to the audience already engaged and connected.

Instagram and Twitter have emerged as the most effective channels where recommendations of influencers work miraculously on purchase decisions. In fact, 40% of users active on Twitter have made purchase decisions influenced greatly by influencer’s recommendations.

On the other hand, Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey of 2016 states that 59% of influencers recommend Instagram as the most effective engagement channel. However, it is momentous to discuss app promotion tactics with influencers for exact results.

3) Expect from Reviews and Ratings

The reviews and ratings of a product share direct correlation with brand reputation and user acquisition. Keep a close watch on the best of user reviews that you can be smart enough to share on social platforms to spur the downloading spirit.

People appreciate reviews and 60% of them actually base their critical decisions about downloading the app on its online ratings and reviews. The public words about your app not only help others understand the app’s motive and importance, but it also generates value as a social proof.

Since 40% of mobile app users discover app from the app store, it makes sense to feature outstanding positive views to get users to notice the app. It is therefore crucial to make sure you post your praise received from a third-party beta tester on social media to amplify the app’s visibility.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, YouTube also provides a robust video marketing platform where you can find opportunity to host your app on channels like Daily App Show and receive strong response and ratings.

4) Encourage User-Generated Content 

If you are determined to work on delivering value, why not show it by encouraging User-generated content, aka UGC. The idea of value creation among users focuses on illustrating importance and efficacy of your app by means of user experiments with your app. The best way to connect with the future audience is showing them how your app does own potential to improve lives.

UGC works best where ads fail. Nielsen’s market research confirms that 90% of customers consider peer recommendations while 33% listen to ads. Encourage users who have already benefitted from your app to submit the photos and videos demonstrating how the app is practically useful.

You can run a contest, post interactive UGC and feature video tutorials to maximize engagement and create opportunities to acquire new users from existing ones.

5) Realizing the unique potential of various Social Media Platforms

In 2019, with great many innovations and breakthrough capabilities, social media platforms have become far more evolves and advanced than we ever imagined in the embryonic phase of the technology.

Each social platform at present offers unmatched potential and business advantages for luring and interesting more users towards your app.

Facebook For building active Community

Facebook’s rich content-driven platform comes handy for creating dedicated pages that offer a promising scope of building a broad active community.

Also, you can collaborate with many interesting Facebook groups where your app can reach and connect with the target audience. As you feed value and proactively respond to group members on Facebook, you can easily convince them to download.

Make sure you remain active and:

  • Post HQ images, videos and Gif of apps
  • Bring engaging contests and blogs
  • Share giveaways or freebies for trials and installs
  • Feature promotional offers, discounts or vouchers
  • Introduce gifts for referrals

Your active cooperation and comments on Facebook shows your helping spirit and earns appreciation from users, priming them for app downloads.

Instagram for app Elaboration

Instagram aesthetically eradicates what usually scourges today’s brand marketers – the challenges of engagement and app promotion.

Perfect for well-crafted visuals, Instagram lets you present your app features in an elaborate, creative fashion. Here you can post Sneak peeks in form of enthralling visuals like:

  • HQ photos and Gifs
  • How-to videos
  • App screenshots
  • Website or Influencer content
  • Entertaining creatives
  • Contests and gifts

Instagram users feel deeply excited and intrigued by what is not available but is soon to be in near future. Thus, you can unobtrusively foster much hype around your app on the platform.

The use of proper, popular Hashtags in posts done twice or thrice a day makes your Instagram app marketing meaningful.

The key to seizing great number of Instagram followers is making the most out of visual platform with right mix of content and good aesthetics.

Twitter appeals to marketing and customer service

Twitter has risen as the most dynamic and magnetic marketing platform that latches on tweet, retweet, hashtags, videos, impressions and GIFs. Best for interactions, Twitter helps you spread the word faster and engage with more target users.

You can share pictures, blog contents, videos, news and more. It also allows you to run public polls for active feedback session or contests. You can also ask for user’s personal experiences or privately send message via inbox for propagating brand value.

The platform Twitter provides is quite credible and potent for sincere market executives and can be used for customer service. Positive customer service means positive word of mouth which enhances your app’s status.

Leverage the influence of images

Pictures as they say talk louder than words whether it is for blogs, App screenshots or social media posts. Pictures help express what a description text can’t.

Make the post vivid and more influential by using attractive picture of your app. If there are a few users already using it, you can post screenshots of them using it with a supportive CTA like Download the App.

It is also great to create a post with a message showing the countdown of your app as the release date approaches. Pick a different feature or benefit every time you post. This will keep users clung to your app and let them remember it until it is finally released in the app store.

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Your Final Takeaway

Modern digital media marketing savors the idea of crafting most memorable, interesting and relatable content on app features and benefits. Your social media marketing strategy must revolve around acquiring more users and creating authentic value.

Combine your robust marketing strategy with user psychology as you attempt to know what community would love about your app and encourage them to download naturally. Don’t forget to post regularly on social media to maintain strong presence and reach maximum people.

How to Promote an App Online?

2017 is finally a mobile year with 4.77 billion users worldwide. In a recent study, 2 out of 5 visitors to your website are mobile users. As a business baron, it is surely a challenge to promote your app to the right audience, at the right place and at the right time. This predicts that you certainly keep in mind your mobile application for 2/5th of the population that look for the businesses like you.

This blog will take you on a journey which will teach you everything you need to do to promote your app to ensure that you are easily accessible through the app/play stores.

1.App Store Optimization (ASO)

Just as in website optimization and SEO, app store optimization includes activities to optimize you app store listing deciding your apps’ rank on the stores. This is considered as an important aspect of pre-launch strategy. Not following these steps can do no good to your business.

App store optimization includes the following basic tasks:

  • Understanding your competitors : Research and analyse what your competitors describe their app, what keywords are they using, who are they targeting etc.
  • Choose the perfect name for your app by researching on relevant keywords
  • Create a grappling description which will serve as a call to customers
  • Design a unique and captivating icon following proper guidelines and details
  • Release a beta-test app to know your customers preference and likes.

2.Promote app on Social Media

Not promoting your app will tend to lose your potential customers. Nobody will visit unless you follow a proper promotional strategy of your business app. Writing engaging reviews and attractive content to draw the attention of user that are looking out for services like yours is more important than any other tasks.

Other ways include creation of campaigns with discounts and cashback making them getting connected with you without a second thought. The whole idea is to get customers know you and build their trust with the valuable content. App developers and marketers can make of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3.Reaching out to Publications and Influencers

There are many publications and influencers related to your niche who has a huge fan following. Ask them to publish your blogs and share your ideas through their platform. Make sure you target the right audience that are engaging.

Many influencers ask for monetary needs to share your materials. If you have sufficient budget, it would simply be a clever idea.

4.Local Ads

Connect with your local customers by listing your business on the radio/newspaper channels. This has proven beneficial where your customers will learn a lot more before stepping up on your app.

Run an ad campaign with your local radio station, tv channel. Give away promotions like 10% off on your first order through the radio/newspaper channel.

5.Mailing Lists

Still ranking high, email marketing has a great potential in reaching and converting your audience to buy your services. Follow a few steps to create an email campaign at least once in a month and convince your buyers that you are always set to serve them high.

Tools like mail chimp can help you get started with your first mail campaign and encourage people to visit and signup for your services.

6.Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated marketing has been an age old tradition of promoting your brand and this hold true even today in the online world. It’s a process where a person/medium sells your product and they receive a commission for it.

You can simply sign-up for a marketplace and get your products tracked whenever someone advertises it. If anyone buys your services, they earn a part of your earnings.

7.Reviews and Rating

Allow testimonial to be displayed on your website and market it as much as possible. People tend to believe others who have already used your service and are satisfied with it.

It also allows you to know what your goodwill is among your customer base. Knowing your client is satisfied and is reacting well is all you need for staying motivated.


Each website you browse to know the various ways to market your app will have different ways to explain. It depends on every business vertical and what they are looking for. Following the above steps will certainly help you take the first step into the marketing world. You can also opt for working with an agency that will do these things on your part.