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10 Vital Skills To Become a Mobile App Developer

Without a doubt mobile app development has become the most important topic in the IT industry. And with that, the demands for talented app developers are increasing more than ever. Right from server and cloud to the latest trend of wearables and IoT-enabled devices, there is so much that mobile app developer needs to keep up with to constantly expanding their skills.

Regardless of the industry and domain, companies across the globe are looking for app developers who are well-versed in every layer of the development. And there are various programming tools, technologies, and skills that are required to be a flawless mobile app developer.

Here are the most desirable mobile app developer skills to dust off your resume with:

#1. Nothing else but JavaScript

Are you a front-end mobile app developer? Then, there is no other friend like JavaScript. Latest frameworks in JavaScript such as Angular and React Native provide useful tools that developers need in order to create native mobile apps in no time.

In fact, React Native was a breakthrough framework that comes with “Learn once, write anywhere” strategy which makes the cross-platform app development much simpler when compared to the conventional “Write once, run anywhere” prototype.

Angular provides great benefits of a toolset which is completely extensible and works amazing with rest JavaScript libraries and this provides mobile app developers a creatively customizable framework for all individual projects.

Key Aspects of JavaScript

  • Greater Control
  • Platform Independent
  • Generating HTML Content
  • Simple Client-side Calculations

#2. Quality User Interface Design

Of course, when it comes to mobile app development, probably one of the most important elements is building quality-rich user interface as it is responsible for the interaction between the users and the business. Maybe that is why it is never enough for them to just have the sufficient backend functionalities.

Key Aspects of UI design

  • Good utilization of a unified color strategy
  • Quick loading and responsive
  • Activity indicators
  • Basic tips

It is essential for app developers to understand how UI directly affects UX (User experience) as it is one of the factors that will decide how successful your app is. Poor UI can result in poor accessibility and further uninstallation of the app as it wouldn’t encourage your users to spend more time with your app.

So, mobile app developer needs to be extremely careful with cross-development technologies that offer agile designing tools as they provide you essential options such as multi-layout manager and drag-and-drop functionalities.

#3. Cross-platform App Development

For any mobile app developer, it is important to have a working knowledge of multiple operating platforms in the existing domain. When it comes to market penetration, there are 3 main players in the mobile operating system field: iOS, Android, and Windows.

Key Aspects of Cross-platform App Development

  • Re-usability of Codes
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Service Support
  • Simple Testing

In order to be a seasoned app developer, you should not only be experienced and able to code in one platform but also versatile enough to build apps across platforms that work on any device.

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#4. Cyber Security

Mobile apps, especially the enterprise ones which need consistent, daily operations and content management should stay heavily secured.

The confidential company information and metadata which usually is stored in these applications is highly essential to leave vulnerable to eavesdroppers.

Key Aspects of Cyber Security

  • Application security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Operational security
  • End-user education

One of the all-time high cyber-security risks till today is extortion hacking. Other than the data and money, it costs a company its goodwill as well.

So, take enough time to learn how to develop apps whose code is virtually flawless and collect a toolkit for encryption and data-loss thwarting.

#5. Modern Language Programming Skills

This is another essential expertise that mobile app developers need to have knowledge of in order to build a mobile app using modern programming languages.

The below are the some of the things that programming may include:

  • Well-versed with most widely utilized programming languages such as Java and C#
  • Good working knowledge of mobile platform apps programming interfaces like Android, Windows, and iOS
  • Experience in web development languages such as CSS and HTML5

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#6. Internet of Things

With the growing of IoT-enabled devices and the industry, mobile app developers should gain knowledge about building a mobile application interface with other devices that are connected to the internet.

This case especially stands true for enterprise mobile apps as there will be more options for consumer loyalty reward initiatives and online payments, which currently are swiftly growing mobile trends. So never ever underrate the capabilities of IoT and what it can do to your mobile app development future.

Key Aspects of Internet of Things

  • User interface
  • Network Interconnection
  • System Security
  • Data Analytics

#7. Backend Computing

To become a backend developer, you need to know things like how to create logical back-end and core computational ideas for a system, software or a website.

Key Aspects of Backend Computing

  • Languages & Frameworks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Local Development Environments
  • Collaboration Services

Other key roles involve database management, execution of memory allocation, security, hardware interaction, testing and debugging and know the core application logics of a system.

#8. Agile Development

As a matter of fact, agile development should be an element in the developers’ skills. Mobile app developers should get familiar with agile and lean methodologies so that they can easily break down huge projects into small assignments, prioritizing, and delivering the most value.

Key Aspects of Agile Development

  • Greater Transparency
  • Focus on Collaboration
  • Continuous Adaptation
  • Fast Delivery Time

#9. Business capability

Just like the other skills, business capability and expertise are also equally important to win the race. Many people actually overlook this aspect, but business skills tend to play an essential part in this domain. Mobile app developers should know how to optimize an app’s visibility in the list of the available apps of the same genre.

Key Aspects of Business Capability

  • Uniqueness
  • Investment Decisions
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Technology Asset Lifecycle Management

#10. Git: Version Control System

As the world moves ever more into the mobile landscape, mobile app developers need to experiment with new application features & coding techniques with confidence and that’s where Git Version control System comes in.

Git is a free and open-source software used for version control. Git allows mobile App developers to work on new crazy techniques for their project while the previous working copy stays safe and secure.

Having Git with your development arsenal can be sure to find greater audience and bring great value to companies in need of mobile app development skills.

Key Aspects of Git

  • Distributed System
  • Non-linear Development
  • Open-Source
  • Branching

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Wrap up

Mobile app development is constantly evolving, and the experience and skills required for a mobile app developer will keep on increasing with the trend. Apparently, there is an upward trajectory in the development tools to withstand this new reality.

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Preparing yourself for any technical aspects and allocating the right time to give in the maximum input is the main key. If you do it right, putting in the right effort can pay off in a big way. So, stay updated with the trends.