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15 Best Meditation Apps For Android

Amid stress, anxiety and un rest of modern living, it is important to relax and spend some time on self-improvement and composure while combating negative urges that often decimate the tranquility of life.

Boosting mindfulness, peace and joy is the guided process that involves practices of calming meditations.

Luckily, there are mobile apps for people living a busy lifestyle and seeking some moments of relaxation. They are called mindfulness and meditation apps.

You will find a vast pool of meditation apps for Android that claim helping users fight stress and anxiety, develop serenity, increase focus and achieve better sleep.

Picking up the right Android app, however, is subject to your current struggles. You may find it easy to choose from these 12 best meditation apps for Android.

Buddhify Aura Headspace
Calm Breethe Insight Timer
Omvana The Mindfulness App Smiling Mind
Stop, Breath & Think Serene Mind Sattva
Daily Meditation Aware Lets Meditate


1. Buddhify

Buddhify is one of the flexible meditation mobile apps designed to fulfil meditation-and-mindfulness-anywhere concept. It is so convenient and compatible it perfectly blends into your existing lifestyle and delivers best value for meditation practitioners.

It is honest because it levies no special hidden charges. What makes it most considerable, though, is its ability to offer over 11 hours of custom meditation sessions to go with 15 types of day routines.This includes online exposure, traveling, work break, sleeping routine and more.

Buddhify - meditation apps

It comprises of 80 custom audio meditation tracks, each of 5 – 30 minutes, along with sleep timer, solo meditation timer, together section, Community stats and Q&A.


Buddhify is there when you need de-stressors to improve your sleep, when you wish to add more awareness and compassion to your everyday life.


2. Aura

Aura is the technologically sophisticated yet simple and therapeutic meditation platform designed to help users extricated themselves from stress and anxiety and enhance general well-being of their life.

Created by the most sought-after and respected meditation gurus and therapists, the app provides users with daily mindful micro-mediations of three minutes and is personalized with AI.

Aura - meditation apps

Aura is the right app for those who seek instant meditations practiced within limited time with simplicity.


Users keep track of their daily moods, keep a gratitude journal and enjoy the sounds of nature. It injects a bit of gamification by allowing you to participate in challenges and level up your involvement.

The free version is enough to elevate your sense of equanimity and calm within one’s mind. Purchasing the full app, though, unlocks premium perks.


3. Headspace

Features prominently in the New Yorker, Headspace is a gold standard in the world of powerful systematic meditation. Boasting trusted results, the app is deemed as a virtual gym membership for the mind-level fitness and works as meditation for modern living.

Co-founded by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson, Headspace soothes stress and mood changes. It includes a 10-sessions pack, each focused on spoken-word exercises to be practiced for around 10 minutes a day that help distress and improve your mood.

Headspace - meditation apps

It has short and SOS meditations for special crisis, and also teaches incorporating meditation into daily life to obtain great results. With assistance of noise-eliminating headphones, the app creates intimate environment perfect for receiving mindfulness.


Headspace users have reported gaining rare, subtle benefits from usingthe app such as overall attention span, alertness, equanimity and reduction of stressors in daily life.


4. Calm

Believed by millions of users as effective for meditation, Calm focuses on bringing peace, inner joy, happiness, focus, positivity and general clarity in your life.

To boost mindfulness and foster positive energy, Calm provides a unique nature sound (falling rain) by default in the background though you can choose crickets, crackling fireplace and more.

Calm - meditation apps

For busy schedule followers, the app has brief meditations as well. Users of Calm are so satisfied with results they feel naturally driven to continue meditation practices.


At times of tumult and unrest, Calm users claim feeling amazing effect from the app.


5. Breethe

Breethe is there for you every step of your day-to-day life from wake-up moment to sleep time. It is also enriched with tools and guide to encourage you to stay consistent with recommended meditation practices.

Breethe - meditation apps

To target inner peace, joy, well-intentioned life and love, Breethe provides fully customizable 5-minute meditations and useful tips.


It’s incredible ‘My Place’ feature gets all the content at your fingertip, allowing you to personalize: you can set favorites and get recommendations for new or popular features.


6. Insight Timer

Packed with a range of free meditations by Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield and many more, Insight Timer makes your meditation a privilege with mellifluous Tibetan singing bowls.

Insight Timer - meditation apps

The app is fun to use and has dynamic supportive community and introductory guide to direct you if you are new to meditation practices.

For experienced meditator, the app feels like home with respectable experienced teachers. Insight Timer features 4000 guided meditations from 1000+ teachers, talks and podcasts focusing on self-compassion, peace, stress, nature.


For quiet meditation, you can set a timer and meditate to bells or mellow nature sounds.


7. Omvana

Omvana has for users over 500 transformational audio tracks to address various areas of life. World’s most effective and versatile, the app’s 6 phase meditation target body, mind, relationships, productivity, lifestyle and hypnosis.

Omvana - meditation apps

Over the course of 20 minutes, its meditations guide you through unique practices that deal with gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and connection.


You can try and check if the mindfulness app suits you using it for free. Omvana users suggest that the app istruly motivational and allows them to transform their meditation techniques to create new sequences based on suitability. For some, its first few sessions are notably effective.


8. The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness - meditation apps

With the view to making the world a healthier and lovable place by sharing the benefits of meditation, two yoga and mindfulness professionals created the The Mindfulness App.


The app is one of the most accessible one among the meditation apps. It offers a wide choice of audio tracks to go with your meditation session ranging from 3 – 30 minutes. They can also be personalized to meditator’s tastes.


9. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind contains age-specific programs and can also be used to help children struggling with unstable emotions. The app is conceived by a non-profit company that wants to contribute positive changes for all generations.

Smiling Mind - meditation apps

This free app is used by over two million people as it brings benefits of mindfulness and offers a fun program for both kids and adults.


Even teachers use it as part of school programs to teach students. Furthermore, Smiling Mind absorbs teachers into intensive professional development program so they can also deliver mindfulness in classrooms.


10. Stop, Breathe and Think

Backed by science, Stop, Breathe and Think is an intuitively designed app that preaches the concept of Equanimity. It is created by Tools for Peace, a nonprofit company devoted to school programs for teaching kids compassion.

Stop, Breathe & Think - meditation apps

Its Basics page explains how meditation works scientifically on body and mind. It has 15 powerfully guided meditations and a check-in screen that asks you about your mood and emotions in the moment and recommends 3 different meditations.


You can also track your progress with meditation time, frequent emotions and mood stability and your ‘weekly settledness’ score.


11. Serene Mind

Serene Mind meditation guide work by letting you focus on your breath and not the real world. The practice has you focusing on the expanding and contacting ball set to your own breathing act, which ultimately relaxes your mind and helps you achieve deep, sound sleep.

Serene Mind - meditation apps

Serene Mind appears to be more effective if it is accompanied by soft ambient music or a music app of nature melodies.


This also comes with a progress tracker to see if your pulse and breathing rate slows down. A sleep timer will help you fall asleep.


12. Sattva

Sattva not only helps you discover the best version of you with its daily inspiring meditation guides, but it also brings a sense of competition that keeps you motivated to keep up with meditation routines and makes it interesting.

Sattva Meditations & Mantras - meditation apps

You can receive trophies for new challenges and meditation games where you can interact with your friends.


You can either connect with friends you already know or join an unfamiliar group of people and chat with them and learn or share your experiences.


13. Daily Meditation

This simpler, easy to use meditation app offers daily ideas and meditation practices. It includes some helpful meditation info, tutorials, tips and tricks etc.

This app allows you to experience inner inspiration and motivation, learn mindfulness in everyday life and gain new insights and deep internal knowledge.

Daily Meditation - meditation apps

The beginners, who have just started to meditate, can check out the practical introduction of this app which contains: what is meditation? How do I meditate? How long? How often?

In the daily meditation app, you can choose from one of eight mindfulness bells. So, if your mind wanders from the subject of meditation, the bell will bring back your attention.


It includes a statistics page that shows you how many meditations you have already been doing and how long this is in total. It allows you to meditate with a relaxing music in the background. In addition, it allows you to set how long you want to meditate.


14. Aware

This meditation app includes a step-by-step and day-by-day guide that teaches you how to meditate. It makes meditation simpler and teaches you skills that helps you to significantly improve your quality of life.

Aware - meditation apps

With this app, you can learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation with the 21-day foundation course.

When you finish learning the foundation course, this app will give various meditation courses on stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, happiness, depression, focus, creativity etc.


When you complete a course, Aware will give you daily sessions that will help you practice the exercises learned in the respective course.


15. Let’s Meditate: Heartfulness Guided Meditation

This meditation app will help you to relax and unwind for a few minutes in the day. This in turn helps you to lead a happier and more peaceful life.

Lets Meditate - meditation apps

It can offer you benefits such as mental & emotional well-being,  which leads to better physical health, clarity of mind and wise decisions, enhanced focus and concentration, improved creativity etc.


This app is a perfect option for beginners, anyone who is 15 years of age and over, students to leaders who are interested in self-development in their respective fields.

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Final Remarks

Described here are a range of powerful meditation and mindfulness apps from which you can pick and choose. You can try several apps to choose the one that seems and works right for you.

One app may not contain everything you need, so it is preferable to download a few apps and experiment with different variations in meditation routines. The bottom line is finding the most suitable and following it regularly.