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24 Best Android Games Available in 2020

The Google Play Store is a haven for a number of best android games. But the trick is to pick and choose the ones which are entertaining. Here, we shed light on 24 such captivating best android games that will attract the attention of Android phone users to play just for entertainment or to transform themselves into hardcore gamers.

Check out this long list of games that are worthy of installation on your Android-powered devices and also the most patronized ones in 2020.

Table Tennis Touch Crash Lands Hearthstone Monumentvalley 1 & 2
Minecraft Eternium Golf Cash Realm Defence
Pokeman Go Sky Dancer Epic Staker The Room Series
Dead Trigger 2 Riptide GP Series Implosion Rollercoaster Tycoon
Micromachines PubG Mobile Brawl Stars Holeday
HQ Trivia Asphalt 9 Altos Odyssey Harry Potter


1.Table Tennis Touch

True to its name, Table Tennis Touch is one of the top class ping pong games that is listed on Google Play Store. In spite of attracting a download fee of $2.99, you will be thrilled to notice simple controls along with a superior level of accuracy that will enable you to hit accurate shots.

You can demonstrate your mettle with the racket and ball swinging your wrist to powerful smash shots like side-spin, topspin and backspin.

Download : Android

2. Crashlands

Crashlands is a yet another addictive Android game that helps you knock out your enemies while you are busy building your base. Being an inhabitant of a dangerous planet, you will wage wars with your opponents only to escape back into space.

The ease which with the fighting system is designed enhances the excitement of the game.

The fun element is kept alive through a collection of inventory that helps you harvest items while you are busy establishing your base camp.

If you are a gamer who is attracted to jokes, then this game which offers excitement draped in humor can become your top bet.

Download : Android

3. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Although launched in 2014, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been captivating mobile gamers until 2018. Very similar to the games of Magic:

The Gathering and Pokemon, Hearthstone allows you to collect cards to help you build decks. Along with multi-player features, you will be in a position to seamlessly toggle between playing this game on your mobile or the PC.

Download : Android

4. Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley 1 along with its latest 2nd addition are top hits with Android gamers. Offering a similar user interface with identical game mechanics and graphics, you can never get enough with these two mobile games.

Featuring a host of puzzles, you as a gamer will have to move from one level to another and complete a path using illusions. That completes the game.

Download : Android

5. Minecraft

Another popular Android game that will make waves in 2020 is Minecraft. Tagged as an entertaining game meant for gamers of different ages, all those gamers who have played it in the past will vouch for the pleasure Minecraft bestows on them.

The game allows you to become a part of a gigantic territory which prompts you to mine items, build them and do whatever you want. You also need to put up a brave front while fighting your opponents.

Download : Android

6. Eternium

Eternium is another Android game that can be played offline after it is completely downloaded and installed. This is a mobile game free from all types of restrictions imposed in the form of parting with diamonds or coins.

You don’t have to sweat out with power gauges or to build your stamina. You simply play it to enjoy it. Supported by a huge artillery, you have the company of many characters (some of which you can create yourself).

Download : Android

7. Golf Clash

Golf enthusiasts have lots to cheer for through the Golf Clash Android game. Here, winning and losing the game are linked to benefits and punishments.

If you win, you will gain coins and trophy points. In the event you lose, you will have to part with your pricey trophy points. Although Golf Clash does not come with a Tournament mode, you can expect the update soon.

Download : Android

8. Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Notwithstanding the fact that Realm Defense is a beginners’-friendly Android game, there are a number of advantages up its sleeve.

Not letting down the expectations of experienced tower defense gamers, Realm Defense does not fleece you off your money to proceed to the next level. The trick is to exercise patience and stay in the game till the last minute.

Download : Android

9. Pokemon Go

There is no gamer who hasn’t experienced the fun with Pokemon Go Android game. This game which made heads turn in 2016 is one of the strong contenders for popular Android games in 2018 as well.

Tagged as a game of Augmented Reality, Pokemon Go allows you to catch Pokemon while you are walking around in your own locality.

You can also head to the Pokestops; pit stops to replenish your gaming items. This game ranks high on its popularity for the simple reason that it comes up with frequent updates.

Download : Android

10. Sky Dancer

Check out the entertaining and addictive Android game called Sky Dancer; a game with a similar look and feel of Temple Run. However, you will be thrilled to play around with simple options and power-ups. The challenge posed by the game is to land perfectly on a 3D setting as you run.

In doing so, you need to tap the left and right sides of your gaming screen. These are your gaming controls that will enable you to perform actions like jumping or to move in a particular direction.

Download : Android

11. Epic Skater

True to its name, Epic Skater is a captivating Android game that can help you demonstrate your skating skills. The aim of the game is to reach your destination as fast as you can, by accumulating points all along the way.

A kickflip, a grind and an Ollie are the instruments that will help you complete the game. You can use all these tools and tread different paths as you start completing one level after another.

Supported by a coin system that permits you to alter your appearance and the skate board you are using, you will be able to accumulate game boosts or bonus coins as you play.

Download : Android

12. The Room Series

Recognized as one of the best Android games in 2018, The Room is a collection of escape puzzle games. The game places you in a room full of strange objects which pose challenges to you. All you need to do is to solve these puzzles as your gate pass to leave the room.

There is another room waiting for you which is loaded with some more mysterious objects. You will again have to crack the puzzles so as to ultimately win the game.

Download : Android

13. Dead Trigger 2 – Zombies FPS Survival Shooter Game

It will not be an overstatement to quote that there is no dearth for excitement when it comes to playing Dead Trigger 2. You need to wage wars against zombies with a huge artillery.

These game missions present various types of enemies that can be attacked with different types of attacking skills. So, if you wish to demonstrate your attacking moves through blasts, you can download the Dead Trigger 2 game from the Play Store.

You will also stand to gain by learning new hacks that can counter the attacks of your enemies.

Download : Android

14. Riptide GP Series (Renegade)

An ardent racer like you can make the most of the Riptide GP Series Android game. The premise behind this game is that you as a racer will lose your credibility after becoming a part of an unlawful street race. It is from here that you will struggle to reach the top.

Featuring a host of easy-to-use controls supported by superior graphics, this racing game presents a plethora of funny tricks while playing.

Download : Android

15. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

True to the tagline of the Implosion Android game, you will have umpteen opportunities to fight your enemies and demonstrate your grit; without losing hope.

Through a number of long shot and short-distanced fighting options, you will be in a strong position to fight strange enemies.

You can weaken your enemies by responsive and intuitive game controls along with a collection of dashing and shooting attacks.

Download : Android

16. Rollercoaster Tycoon

Available for download by shelling down $5.99, the Rollercoaster Tycoon is a popular Android game of 2018 that allows you to design and build amusement parks. Every park should have a rollercoaster.

You need to put your efforts and establish shops in the entertainment zones which will bring a smile on the faces of fun-loving people who come to visit your park.

The aim of the game is to encourage your visitors to spend money on the fun-filled options that your parks offer.

Download : Android

17. Micro Machines

Micro Machines is another Android game of 2018 that has racing enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of being at the wheel. You can choose a car while you pick a racing mode.

After making these two selections, you will become a part of an exhilarating race that presents opponents as if they are a part of the real world.

To zoom past the finish line of the car race, you have the support of pickups and weapons that can be accumulated en-route.

Download : Android

18.  PUBG Mobile

After the addiction time of Fornite, the latest Android mobile game seems to have taken off the mind of gamers, being one of the most popular battle royale mobile games available in the market now.

With a lot of gameplay tweaks, ‘Pub G’ feels to be more real to users in its mobile version & can be used in PC or Xbox as well.

In this game, a mercenary is dropped to an island where he/she needs to play with other players across the globe and search for supplies that are necessary for survival.

The main feature of this shooting game is that you can play it with your friends or family anytime, anywhere or even select your own teammates.

Other features include high-quality graphics, realistic weapons, voice chat for communication, etc.

Download : Android

19.  Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a colourful game with a set of an amazing cast of characters, called Brawlers. The entire look and sound of the game are well polished.

Overall this is a mobile twin-stick shooter that includes a variety of Brawlers players where you can choose from the different game modes to play in.

Download : Android

20.  Holedown

Even though the game was made to bring in a new touch to the traditional brick making games, this highlights to be more user-centric and colourful from the users’ point of view.

In this game, the user needs to knock down as much as blocks possible and at the same time collect a number of crystals for upgrades or to get close to the surface.

Download : Android

21.  HQ Trivia

Everyone loves to play Trivia games and this is one among them which is actually a live game-show app, may be much alike to jeopardy.

The only difference is that you need not to have a TV studio to get the action on the play. Users can watch and play right from their phone in real-time along with thousands of other players.

Download : Android

22.  Asphalt 9

People who love the high-octane racing action need to check out the game Asphalt 9. The game is all about racing on some of the exotic cars worldwide by playing and collecting them.

Altogether this car racing game is a visual experience delivered with top racing action & high-end graphics.

Download : Android

23.  Alto’s Odyssey

If you are a person who loves adventures, then you must try this free to play an adventure game that showcases the story of Alto’s.

This seems to be a very interesting endless runner game that gets you dashing down the deserts, riding through the rock formations, exploring ancient ruins, etc.

With its gorgeous designs, soothing soundtracks and shifting colour palette, this game keep users wanting for more.

Download : Android

24.  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This is one of the first Harry Potter games to reach smartphones He has done it in a big way, having your own story in Hogwarts, where you can live your own adventure in the magical world.

Other features include choose your story, learn spells and fight duels with your opponents, explore unseen halls of Hogwarts Castle, learn powerful spells etc.

Download : Android

Closing Thoughts

With so many games available for Android users, 2018 will be the perfect time to make the most of the excitement that these games have in store for you.

With most of the games promising regular updates, you as a gamer will always be at the receiving end of unparalleled excitement with every new version of the game.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up any one title that appeals to you and revel in the excitement of awesome games that will thrill you in more ways than you can imagine. 

Augmented Reality in Games

Augmented reality being one of the greatest technological innovation, affected the mobile app development world big time, especially the gaming industry. It can be used on any devices ranging from smart phone to camera’s. But for augmented reality to work properly there should be an element of reality. This can be done by using a wide television screen or by physically being in the situation. The device you use will superimpose images over reality to create a unique and interactive world.

According to Global AR Gaming Market, AR gaming industry will grow at a CAGR of approximately 151.43% by 2021. Which is a delightful news for all those AR enthusiasts spread across the world..

Impact of Augmented Reality In Games

While AR can be used in almost all aspects of life, it is more often used for gaming purposes. As the feature is gaining a lot of attention among the gamers, several mobile game development companies have come forward offering display devices that help in enhancing the gaming experience. Even Google has released Google Glass, An optical display which can be worn as eye glasses.

Different devices like Wii and Play station offer features to augment reality games where players take on a role and use physical actions to control the movements and actions during the game. This technology is generally used in fighting games, sports games and in online gambling games where players are likely to have a complete control over the game using an AR device.

For gamers and developers, augmented reality opens a lot of new chances of creativity. Mobile games which were usually played on screens can now be played on any surrounding in accordance with the convenience of the player.

AR games are deeply getting implemented in the gaming industry and have different categories like:

1) Strategy-based AR games
2) AR shooting games
3) Sport AR games
4) Geo-location based AR games
5) Table games and Card AR games
6) RPG AR Games
7) AR Quest Games
8) Casino Gambling AR Games

Strategy-Based Games

Creating strategies, fighting with enemies, building cities etc. are the categories that are involved in strategy games i.e. the strategy of the game is combined with reality to bring in a greater experience to the user.

1) Parallel Kingdom: This AR game comes with the feature of strategy. The game enables the player to conquer territories based on his/her location.

AR Shooting Games

AR shooting games allows the player to defend as well as attack in a fierce manner, mainly gunfights as the category suggests

1) Zombie GO: Zombie based games are quite a hit in the gaming industry. This game brings the zombie destructions in real-time. Throughout the game, zombies pop out in every corner to aim at you. The player needs to fight the zombies with the different weapons provided.

Zombie GO is available in Android

2) Real Strike: This is a real life shooting game that includes highly realistic environment and real animations. The user can even record fights and create videos by their own. This game is available on iOS 4.0 and updated versions.

Sport Games

If you are a real sports fan, then you will certainly like the possibility for games in augmented reality. In AR based sport games you’ll be able to play different sports like cricket, football and basketball right at your workplace or anywhere you are.

1) Run An Empire: This is an augmented reality game that will certainly turn you into a regular runner. Here, the player can conquer lands, gain levels, invade land of other players and claim the earned profits. The more you run, the more land you gain.

2) Zombies Run: The main mission of this game is to complete tasks through running or walking. Here the player needs to collect items while running from zombies that chase you.

Geo-Location AR Games

Geo-location games are the most thrilling class in augmented reality games. They use locations and the real maps in the game to augment fantastic creatures and other real life features for the players. Using smart phones that enable GPS, the player can move around and perform tasks.

1) Pokemon GO: This is one of the remarkable gaming project which brought more popularity among gamers. The game became so popular that it even won Guinness records which got to the top list of the highest earning games on last year.

The game based on geo-location shows the battlefield in real environment. Here, players need to catch, train Pokemon to later fight with pets and other opponents.

2) Parallel Mafia: Parallel Mafia game allows you to be in a world which is ruled by criminals. While playing the game, you become the boss of the criminal group in the game you have created.

3) Temple Treasure Hunt: This game is generally meant for myth and mystery lovers. Temple treasure hunt uses Indian mythology based characters which work with the location using a real map. The player can choose roles of either a treasure hunter or a treasure protector while playing.

4) Geo AR Games: Geo AR game can be used by both children and adults. During the game, the player can easily turn city park, gardens etc. into an impressive world with beautiful landscapes and animals. Within the game, players get an opportunity to create fairy tales by their own at beautiful places.

Table Games and Card Games

Such games are one player or multi-player supporting. Here, the table/floor used by the player acts as the battlefield.

1) Genesis: It is a unique card game based on augmented reality. With the help of the AR technology, Characters in the cards comes to life and will attack the opponent card character. you can see this magic through a your mobile phone. All you have to do is download the app and focus your camera directly to the card.

2) Toy Car RC: It is a simple race game for kids. The major character in the game is a car named Wheely’ which travels around the whole world, through space etc. to complete missions

Some of the other table and card augmented reality games include AR Defender 2, PulzAR, Warp Runner etc.

Horror Games: Augmented reality based horror games are highly immersive, binaural and more photo-realistic which are usually played after dark at home with lights off and headphones on.

1) Night Terror: The Night Terror is a scary game controls what you see, hear and where you go. The game transforms your surroundings into a horror film scenery where ghosts hide behind every corner.

RPG(Role Playing Game) Augmented Reality Games

In RPG augmented reality games, the player takes the role of a fictional character who undertakes the hunt in the real-world. An important factor is that the game works according to the players imagination.

RPG games became more popular with the introduction of the game the, Warcraft. Dispersion is another RPG augmented reality game for iOS, Android by using Google glasses and Microsoft HoloLens.

AR Quest Games

These fascinating games allow you to search treasures across the countryside or the neighbourhood.

1) Invizimals: The Resistance: Here the player needs to hunt for creatures all around. The aim is to find all the 150 invizimals and save the creatures from being extinct.

2) Geocaching: This game is considered to be the largest treasure hunting AR game in which the treasure is hunted in the hidden places around the planet.

Casino Gambling AR Games

Casino Gambling AR games were the best introduction to the online casino gambling industry. Here the players can enjoy games in real time from a studio or any other location. Such AR games provide the opportunity to interact and play with live players and game dealers.

To give the players a more lively experience, Google has introduced augmented eye wears and 360 degree cameras that will help players to step into action and enjoy gambling.


Even though augmented reality was introduced a few years back, and is still in developing stage. It manages to make ripples in the gaming world. This cutting edge technology seems to have a great future in all fields. One of the top social networking site, Facebook is now working on a platform that supports augmented reality games and location-based features.

As mobile game development is taking more steps closer to augmented reality, there can be amazing possibilities in future not only for gaming apps but also for other mobile apps. Overtime, AR would definitely become an important factor that will bring change on how we use our smart phones and eventually other technologies.