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15 Best Free Music Apps For 2020

Music has never been recognized as it is being done in recent years. Music had always been considered good for the soul. Latest studies reveal the benefits of music and its a native value on our health.

The best free music apps have become popular with the advent of mobile phones. There are plenty of apps in the market to choose from. Most of the apps are similar in features with slight variations from one another.

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Some of the best free apps to listen to music are listed here.

Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music
Youtube Music Deezer Soundcloud
Shazam Pandora Musixmatch
Tidal 8Track LiveXLive
Jango Radio Napster Music Stingray Qello Concerts


1) Spotify

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular free music streaming apps. Despite the competition Spotify ranks as the best-chosen app by people of all ages. Spotify offers a wide selection of playlists for all kinds of genres and moods. With this app, any track or album can be played in order or at any time.

spotify - music apps

In addition to super-smart playlists, podcasts and social sharing tools, the features of Discover Weekly and Spotify Connect make the app outstanding. Discover Weekly tracks the artists that the app thinks the user may like and have never heard.

spotify - rating - music apps

Spotify Connect is for the use of anyone with a Wifi enabled wireless speakers. It recommends podcasts and allows the user to pick any based on his interests. Playlists and albums can be downloaded to overcome network failures.

Google PlayApp Store


2) Apple Music

Apple Music has a cache of more than a million songs which can be played on-demand, with themed playlists and recommendations. You can sort music by songs, artist, album, composers and can also download playlists to listen while offline.

Apple music - music apps

Apple Music’s Connect feature allows the user to follow artists or bands and in turn receive periodic feeds with all updates the artists choose to share.

The New Section of the app directs the user towards top charts, new bands, new releases and other genre-specific options.

Google PlayApp Store


3) Amazon Music

Amazon has two music streaming apps, Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, of which the latter is the most preferred.

amazon music - music apps

Amazon Music Unlimited features the ability to download songs, ad-free listening and a larger catalogue of songs.

amazon music - rating - music apps

The app can search for music based on genre or mood using filters.

Google PlayApp Store


4) Youtube Music

Youtube music is the simplest of the free music apps. The easy to use search and discover feature makes it an outstanding app. Recently played songs, downloads, saved music and all the songs and artists that are liked are saved in the Library. The apps Hotlist is the trending page exclusively for music.

Youtube Music - music apps

YouTube’s recommendation engine is comparable to that of Spotify.  Music can be played in the background even when other apps are being used or when the screen is off.

Youtube Music - rating - music apps

The premium version provides music ad-free, offline and when the screen is locked. The app is available for mobiles and desktops.

Google PlayApp Store


5) Deezer

This music app is Spotify’s rival and has a more diverse catalog of music than other apps. Deezer has hundreds of playlists categorized by genre and mood.

Deezer - music apps

Deezer’s Flow Playlist feature plays the songs the app thinks you would love to hear, based on the songs and artists you have like before on the app.

Deezer - rating - music apps

The apps karaoke-style lyrics highlight the lyrics as they are sung, making it easier to memorize and sing along.

Google PlayApp Store


6) Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a listening ad sharing app which allows audio files to be uploaded onto the web. This app provides music files that are more diverse than what the mainstream offers.

Soundcloud - music apps

In addition to uploading songs, podcasts, and other audio files the app allows users to tag comments at specific places in an audio file. This helps the user to get feedback on his upload. This commenting feature serves as a guide to the users. Students and teens learn the aspects of creating and sharing music with Soundcloud.

Soundcloud - rating - music apps

This app is used by amateur and professional musicians, comedians, podcasters, teachers and newscasters. The user can listen to music on this app but uploading music requires them to sign in with an email address or Google.

Google PlayApp Store


7) Shazam

This app is used by millions of people and is considered one of the world’s most popular music app. Shazam is the preferred app for music lovers.

Shazam - music apps

The most loved feature of Shazam is the music identifier.  The app identifies any music that is playing around. The user can get more details about the song through Shazam.

Shazam - rating - music apps

The app creates a digital fingerprint of the audio sound and matches it with its database of tracks and playlists. The app then gives the name of the track, the lyrics, the artist, recommends similar tracks.

Google PlayApp Store



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8) Pandora

Pandora is the best app for music discovery. Its music genome project categorizes songs by their basic essence allowing the user to listen to similar songs.

Pandora - music apps

The app learns the users’ preferences based on songs listened to. This app does not create user playlists.

Pandora - rating - music apps

The free version allows the choice of stations. The app does not pick songs on its own.

Google PlayApp Store



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9) Musixmatch

This app is used to identify lyrics rather than songs. It is the largest collection of lyrics which provides you lyrics and translates it for the user.

Musixmatch - music apps

This app can be linked with other apps like Spotify to get the lyrics of the songs. If the app is open, when a song is playing, Musixmatch discovers the song lyrics instantly.

Musixmatch - rating - music apps

The app is available for android and iOS. The app has a premium paid version. The basic version of finding lyrics is free.

Google PlayApp Store


10) Tidal

Tidal is a new app focusing on high fidelity music and HD music videos.  The app has superior sound quality comparable to that of CDs and other media formats.

Tidal - music apps

Early releases and exclusives of popular artists are available. This was launched by Jay Z the hip hop mogul.

Tidal - rating - music apps

This app has no free version and has a smaller music catalogue. This app is available for Android.

Google PlayApp Store


11) 8Track

This app has millions of Mixtapes created. There are playlists for every occasion-study, party, and exercise- workouts.


The playlists are handcrafted by people. The free version has ads.

8tracks - rating

Subscription for 8track Plus can assure ad-free unlimited listening.

Google PlayApp Store


12) LiveXLive

This app, known as Slacker Radio, is a new streaming app offering latest live events by artists in addition to the millions of music tracks.


Live streaming of concerts and music festivals is the attraction of this app. The free version allows the user to access the radio stations.

LiveXLive - rating

The premium version gives the user the ability to ad-free listening to specific tracks, offline listening, playlist creation.

Google PlayApp Store


13) Jango Radio

The app allows browsing of music, creation of stations and finding songs by category or artist.

Jango Radio

This app is available for Android and iOS.

Jango Radio - rating

This app is free and can be shared on social media platforms.

Google PlayApp Store


14) Napster Music

Napster was one of the very first music streaming apps. With competition and technology advancements it has been re-formulated as a music service with a database of 40 million songs.


It comes with a Kids mode which skips unsuitable music which makes it a child-friendly option.

Napster - rating

This app is available for Andriod and iOS. The app is not free and is subscription-based.

Google PlayApp Store


15) Stingray Qello Concerts

This app lets the user see the concerts in full and provides documentaries of countless artists.


The concerts are streamed on-demand from a library of more than 2000 performances.

Stingray - rating

The app is available for Android and iOS. Subscriptions allow access to the database.

Google PlayApp Store



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Final Thoughts

There an overwhelming number of free music streaming apps. The music apps listed are an overview and a guide to the best free apps available.

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Most of the free music apps are identical with slight differences. It would be worth going through each before choosing an app suitable to ones’ taste and interest.