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11 Best Free Matrimony Apps 2020

In this technology-driven world even marriages, once considered to be made in heaven, are now made to happen through various free matrimony apps. The apps provide a simple interface wherein searches for a suitable match can be done easily. The apps are secure and protect user privacy.

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Matrimony apps are the best thing that has happened to arranged marriages in India. There are a number of matrimony apps available most of which are free. For additional features, premium memberships are offered for which payment has to be made.

The Matrimony apps are very simple to use.  You can register; create a profile, state your specifications in detail, set filters and express interest.

The matrimony apps match your profile with relevant profiles which are compatible with accuracy.

1. Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony is the most often used app. The app provides an excellent matchmaking experience. The app was launched in 2000 and 80% of the Indians do their matrimonial search using this app. It is similar to all other apps in functioning except for a few in-filters.

Bharat Matrimony - matrimony apps

With this app you can search for suitable matches and save a few for later viewing. The app uses a GPS to find people located close to the candidates’ residences.

The app has a section called ‘Elite Matrimony’ designed for the affluent class or the very rich to find their partners online. Another portal ‘Assisted Matrimony’ provides personalized matchmaking services.

They have community-based special matrimony apps. A paid membership offers more facilities and features.

Bharat Matrimony - rating - matrimony apps

This app is available free for Windows, Android and iOS systems. Live chat with registered members is also possible.

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2. Shaadi

This app was the very first app launched in 1996 for match making. They claim to make a match every 2 seconds and have a history of 5 million success stories.

Shaadi - matrimony apps

Searches based on religion, caste, age, height, education, photos, astrology can be done easily.  Different combinations can be worked out while searching.

Shaadi - rating - matrimony apps

They have paid membership which will enable more facilities like and instant messenger to talk to people if found interesting. The app allows free download for Android and iOS.

Google PlayApp Store


3. Community Matrimony

This app is an exclusive matrimony app catering to every community. There are almost 350 community sites on its directory. The app allows searches through drop down menus and tab navigation. The app is user-friendly.

Community Matrimony - matrimony apps

Like other free matrimony apps you have to register. The app creates a profile which uses filters to choose a partner based on this profile.

Community Matrimony - rating - matrimony apps

It also provides information on who has viewed your profile. The app is free for Android devices.

Google PlayApp Store


4. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi is a trusted app for matrimony service. The app was developed around 2002 and it has a presence in all leading mobile platforms. This app has millions of users across the country from different backgrounds. They have a large database of authentic profiles.

Jeevansathi - matrimony apps

Self profiles and the desired partner profiles are created as the first step to the search. Photos can be uploaded and contact phone numbers are provided.

The app lists recommendations and sends ‘Match alerts’ on the phone and via email. The privacy settings helps control the sharing of information.

Jeevansathi - rating - matrimony apps

The app is free to download on Android and iOS.

Google PlayApp Store


5. Free Chat Matrimony

Free Chat Matrimony is an app which allows the members to chat, text or converse with prospective brides and grooms.

Free Chat Matrimony - matrimony apps

Suitable matches based on different options of religion, community, place can be found. If anything suitable is found they can contact each other, chat and intimate their interest.

It’s a free app for all mobile platforms. Free notifications on the mobile and desktop can be received.

Google PlayApp Store



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6. Life Partner

This app is simple to use. It provides a secure matchmaking platform for the candidates whether never married, divorced, widowed or separated.

Life Partner - matrimony apps

Searches can be made based on community, religion or country. Registration is free.

Premium membership allows one to communicate with suitable matches and initiate marriage proceedings.

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7. Simplymarry

Simplymarry is an app that has been developed for the Times of India Group.

Simplymarry - matrimony apps

The app provides community and religion-based search. It is an easy platform to choose the right and best partner.

When registered as a member you can post the matrimonial ad in one of their newspaper editions. This is an advantage when compared to other matrimonial sites.

Google PlayApp Store


8. M4marry

This app is a venture yet again by a newspaper group The Malayala Manorama and hence concentrates on the Keralite community.

m4marry - matrimony apps

Location, education, age, family background, occupation are matters of prime concern in marriages.

m4marry - rating - matrimony apps

This app has made the procedure easy with the aid of technology.

Google PlayApp Store


9. iMarriages

iMarriages is an app that provides exclusive matchmaking services. The portal has a separate section for relationship advises.

iMarriages - matrimony apps

The system scans all the profiles in detail at the time of creation. Hence the chances for fake profiles are limited.

This app is free and is used by a huge customer base.

Google PlayApp Store


10. iBluebottle

This app is a new-age matrimony app designed to overcome the defects of the established apps.

iBottle - matrimony apps

The app screens each profile extensively and does random background checks. They send match alerts on every Friday to the members.

This app helps in going beyond caste and community in selecting a compatible person. It is a more open platform.

Google PlayApp Store


11. Vivaah

Vivaah is amongst the top service portal which delivers a free matchmaking service. The app provides a database of thousands of brides and grooms with their profiles and photographs.

Vivaah - matrimony apps

The app allows sending of short personalized messages along with the introduction. No extra payments are to be done for the use of all facilities. The privacy feature ensures that the contact details are shown only to accepted members.

Vivaah - rating - matrimony apps

The searches are based on religion, language, profession etc. The app features the Intelli-match function that matches the profiles based on preferences. They are all known for their accurate and straightforward matches.

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The matrimony apps mentioned above are free to download and the sites are free to register. Free registration gives access to a limited database and any other specialized services require payments.

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Payments for the different membership plans ensure more coverage and view of the profile. These free matrimony apps make the process of matchmaking easier.

The apps are generally easy to use and the flexible features have resulted in huge success rates.