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13 Best Apps for College Students

College students can rely on certain apps that are built to help them study better and enhance convenience as they go about living college life. However, Online App stores like Google Play store and iTunes Apps store are flooded with thousands of apps, and downloading them means running out of mobile storage space.

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So it is important for college students to download and keep only those apps offering value in terms of productivity, best practices and rich learning.

But how to know which one is worth installing and interacting with for a long time? In this blog post, we have come up with greatest finds in terms of student-friendly apps.

They are highly recommendable and empower many aspects of your student life. You may decide to download them after learning how they can add value.

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Let’s take a look at these 13 finest apps for college students listed below:

1. Dropbox

In today’s fast-paced world where it is hassling to manage everything at once, it is good to have right set of tools that help you organize many aspects of what you study.

dropbox - apps for college students

Having excellent organizational and time management skills are top priorities for efficient learning. Dropbox fulfills these needs and helps you manage, store and access all your documents, photos and video contents in one online place.

dropbox - rating - apps for college students

Being a student, you get 2GB of free storage but can also add 500MB more to each time you recommend it to a friend. You are free to use it on other devices like Kindle Fire.

Google PlayApp Store


2. College Essay Writing Help

For writing tasks, time is a big constraint. This app becomes your advanced planner and keep you ahead in tasks such as writing assignments and essays.

College Essay - apps for college students

It allows you to plan your writing schedule so that you can write and submit the assignments at school or colleges with a user-friendly calendar.

College Essay - rating - apps for college students

You can also use it to set up personal notifications in case you are worried about missing deadlines.

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3. Mathway

Mathway is purely intended for math geeks or those who want to eliminate guesswork from their maths homework. Mathway is designed to help you solve complicated maths problems, so it definitely empowers your exercises.

Mathway - apps for college students

You have options for a number of mathematical functions from Algebra to Calculus and several others. However, be careful not being lazy and relying solely on Mathway for all your subject questions.

Mathway - rating - apps for college students

It is better if it is used to confirm the answers after attempting the question on your own.

Google PlayApp Store


4. Cited

Citation is the important part of presenting the report or a research paper. Cited is the unique app takes care of that minute requirement and help you reference all your papers.

Cited - apps for college students

It is as simple as entering your reference information and the app will then arrange them into the desired format.

Cited - rating - apps for college students

As per your school standard, you can set it for MLA, APA, and Chicago style formats.

Google PlayApp Store


5. Google Docs

Google Docs started out as a website-supporting product that helped users save and share written documents in word, pdf or excel sheet format.

Google Docs - apps for college students

Afterwards, they launched an app that professionals and students can use for the purpose of saving, editing and sharing important files. Android users usually get it by default.

Google Docs - rating - apps for college students

With this must-have app, you will never lose urgent access to work schedules, projects details assignments and event-specific content. It is especially handy if you are a part of team working on a project and need to connect and share with them.

Google PlayApp Store


6. Evernote

From professionals to young learners, Evernote helps everyone manage everything. You can use the app to store your big projects, personal diary and special moments.

Evernote - apps for college students

Have you come across an idea or inspiration lately? Note them down in Evernote. It includes text, voice and pictures. You can save online lectures, webinars, event pictures and other contents that you find on internet.

Evernote - rating - apps for college students

Access it anytime anywhere so you never miss deadlines. Its highlight features are web clipper, notebooks and tags, multi-device capability, search handwriting, document search and scanning.

Google PlayApp Store



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7. Pocket

After Dropbox and Evernote, Pocket is another pocket-friendly content management solution for modern students. This quick resort app lets you bookmark articles, images, videos and online presentations.

Pocket - apps for college students

After bookmarking online content, you can view them later when you have leisure to look at them.

Pocket - rating - apps for college students

The app is free on both iOS and Android and helps you spend your time wisely by pushing aside any unnecessary distractions and procrastinations.

Google PlayApp Store



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8. My Study Life-School Planner

Best for college students, My Study Life-School Planner is a fantastic app to keep the track of everything during your college time.

My-Study-Life - apps for college students

Especially designed for educational institutes, the app works as a task and project planner and appeals equally to both students and teachers.

Due to device-syncing, you can effortlessly store your classwork, exam details, homework and exercises in the Cloud and access them on any device. It makes your study sessions easier.

Google PlayApp Store


9. Forest-Stay Focused

Not every student can stay focused all the time for sincere learning. This is where the unique Forest-Stay Focused app helps and keeps you glued to your ongoing assignments, homework or other study-concerning tasks.

Forest Stay - apps for college students


For all those students out there who struggle to focus on important subjects for exam or related tasks, the app encourages you to plant a seed that is supposed to grow into a tree.

Forest Stay - rating - apps for college students

But it will not become a tree and die if you choose to give into distractions and pick up your phone before the set time limit.

Google PlayApp Store


10. Quizlet

Quizlet is flashcard type of designed to boost your memory through quiz method. You will be able to master your knowledge as you create your own quiz or try the ready made one.

Quizlet - apps for college students

Here in this app, you challenge yourself as you fill in the blanks with the right option. Thus, you enrich your learning in a way you enjoy most.

Quizlet - rating - apps for college students

To make study more enjoyable, Quizlet also has timed memory games and options to share your quiz with friends and classmates. What is more, you also get to listen to the exact pronunciation of newly learned vocabulary words.

Google PlayApp Store


11. Kindle

Kindle app turns your paperless reading experience more engaging and convenient by bringing it right on your mobile device. Users can literally feel like it is a digital book in their hand as they spend time reading on Kindle.

Kindle - apps for college students

Whether it is pleasure reading or serious research papers for class assignments, Kindle is here to help you with your study.

Kindle - rating - apps for college students

Its outstanding hallmark is its built-in dictionary that lets users highlight and look up the definition of new, unknown words so you don’t have to rush to Google for help.

Google PlayApp Store


12. Exam Countdown Lite

How about having a gentle exam reminder so that you will never forget what is looming ahead of you.

Exam Counting - apps for college students

Exam Countdown Lite is one of the apps for college students to countdown and remember impending exams.

Exam Counting - Rating - apps for college students

Here you can feel free to create multiple countdowns, use color coding and set it in months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. To customize even more, you have 400 icons to select from.

Google PlayApp Store


13. Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is actually designed to focus on personal safety of students both inside and outside the campus.

Circle of 6 - apps for college students

More like many other personal safety apps that connect you to your guardians or friends at the time of emergency, this one also allows you to pick up to 6 friends to form a trusted circle of friends who will be of assistance in dangerous times.

Circle of 6 - rating - apps for college students

So if you are caught into an unsafe or threatening situation, you can use this GPS-sensing app that automatically sends a predefined SMS alert to your circle with location details. Not only that, it also helps connect to 24/7 hotlines for emergency aid.

Google PlayApp Store



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These are the top 13 best iOS and Android apps that we can think of for college students. Students can make their life better and easier using these apps in their mobile device.

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You can try a few of them depending on the purpose it serves and keep those you can’t live the college life without. There are also other handy apps for college students that you may find in online stores.