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‘Educate On’- A Taxi Driver’s App Becomes Database for Educational Institutions

Educate On‘, an app created by a cab driver Isaquidin, serves as a database for all educational institutions like play schools, music and dance classes, tuition classes and even government exam classes in TamilNadu.

This app based with taxi service was launched in February and aims to bring all details on one server before a student joins a course or a college.

“I keep myself updated with news and try to engage in conversations regarding education. I really want to create a change in lives of people like me who can’t afford education. I would want them to know there is always a solution; may be not a great one, but at least a feasible one, and that’s all I’m trying to provide,” he says.

Isaquidin says that, before the launch of this app, he didn’t even know to operate an Android phone.

“I already had a website that contained the same details. But I read in newspapers that apps are in trend. Hence, I decided to do this,” he smiles.

The coding for the app was outsourced to a software company. ‘Educate On’ app is now available for Android Users and several features will be added in the upcoming updates.

Dilip, one of the coders who worked with him, says, “Initially, when we spoke to Isaqudin over the phone, we thought he was a business tycoon. He called and asked about parking space, so we thought he would come in a fancy car. However when he showed up, we were taken aback,” he says.