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How to Make an App Like Dream11?

The frenzy around Fantasy sports picked up somewhere around 2014. Ever since then, the Fantasy Sports app industry has emerged to amuse and engage avid sports lovers.

Giving an intense feel and thrill of experiencing real sports, Fantasy sports apps fascinate players with a virtual, much personalized sports vibe enhanced with guessing style.

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Dream11 is one popular fanatical sports app that has captured millions of users in India especially because it also allows the participants to seize referral bonus, cash prizes and much more excitement along the way.

dream11 app

The app seems to have blazed a trail in the league of fantasy sports apps and continues to entice more sports enthusiasts every day. Here in this post, we will explore a few good facts about Dream11 followed by the process of creating an app like Dream11.

Facts about Dream11

Apart from cricket, Dream11 players can also play fantasy games of Football, Kabaddi and Basketball. You are free to pick your sport, contest or Tournament Match from the list based on ongoing and upcoming games.

Dream11 has established itself as a leading name in Fantasy Cricket Sports app, providing participants ability to legally win tangible cash prizes and rewards. Winners can withdraw and transfer the in-app winnings to their associated bank account by requesting to do so.

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Dream11 is built with a straightforward, interactive user interface that helps players quickly navigate around their options for creating contests and teams of favorite players. Personal details required to manage the cash winnings include PAN card (which is mandatory) and bank account information.

Statistical Reality of Fantasy Sports apps

Statistical Reality of Fantasy Sports apps - dream 11 app

Based on sports knowledge and skills, the Fantasy sports industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds, encouraging millions of sports enthusiasts across the nation to get the best of real sports. According to India’s IFSG-AC Nielson report on the status of Fantasy sports,

Business model of Fantasy sports app

Given the success of Virtual sports app like Dream11, fantasy sport start-up seems to be an investable idea from the business perspective. When it comes to hoping for great revenue and constant usability, there is nothing as lucrative as fantasy sports and gaming apps.

Business model of Fantasy sports app - dream 11 app

The business model of such apps is strong and viable and promises the dynamic flow of earnings coming from live contests, advertisements, entry fees and brand partnerships.

The fact that there was 206% increase in spending on materials used in fantasy sports teams from 2012 to 2015 goes to show how successful this business model has been.

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To make it come true, you will engage with a mobile app development team experienced in creating the superior app matching your requirements. They can create a modern, fancy and innovative fantasy sport application.

Ideal Features & Functionality

Registration/Log-in: Users are free to register and log in to the sports fantasy app by entering their user name, password or email ID/contact number. At this stage, they can even use reference code if the app is recommended by their friends.

Home Screen: The default screen users land to after the log-in process is home screen where the match and contests are listed in a specific order. Match listing will have Tournament Names, Participant Teams with respective images and precise Match schedules.

A filter search can also be used to get relevant choices about Match/Tournament category (Live match, Results or Next Match), Sports Type (Cricket, Football, NBA). As soon as the user select their favorite match from the presented list, the user will see the next screen: Contest page.

Ideal Features & Functionality - dream 11 app

Create Contest: At this point, the full contest details will appear with listed details about the respective match based on contest type, contest size, Entry Fee Range, Total Winning amount, Winning criteria, total Team Count. Users can choose the contest they like and join. You can also invite your friends to join the contest.

My Contest:  The list of joined contestants will be visible to users in this section.They can even edit and pick favorite team players to their taste based on in-built filter search for Match types. It is to be noted that users will be allowed to make changes to their team players until the fixed time window before the actual game begins, after which only the app admin will manage it all.

Join Contest: This section will have users needing to pay standard entry fees in order to be able to participate in the contest.

Payment Mode: Different range of payment modes provided include Credit/Debit Card, Paytm Wallet, App wallet, in-app Referral points.

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Dashboard: Also called Profile section, the Dashboard will contain all the profile details of users who can update them. It includes Account details, Referral Cash bonus, Winning amount, Reward points, My Friends, Invite and Earn, Transaction details, Payment modes, Add cash or Withdraw money and Log out.

Invite & Earn: This section is for inviting friends to the app by sharing app URL and referral code. The users will receive certain bonus every time a new referred friend enters the contest with the shared referral code. This reward of cash bonus will appear in their online wallet. The system manager will control everything about the reward points and bonus.

Customer Inquiry (CMS): This is a generic feature that usually includes About us, Help, Contact Us, etc.

Admin User (Backend Panel)

Admin login: The system Admin uses this to login using his username & password.

Dashboard: After logging in, Admin will see the dashboard with the stats and analytics on Total Ongoing Matches, Played and upcoming Matches, Total Contestants, Earnings and Rewards.

User Manager: Admin can manage all the registered user accounts and is able to Edit/Add/Delete accounts or even Approve/Deactivate them.

Contests manager: Admin can manage all the contests and matches available in the application and can use power to Edit, Delete, add, introduce, approve or deactivate matches.

Manage Category: Admin has access to editing or adding the games categories.

Manage Reward Points: The section allows Admin to manage the Reward Points offered to the users.

Manage Cash bonus: The entire cash prizes and referral bonus offered to the participant scan be managed from here.

Earnings manager: The user earnings with filters can be viewed and managed in the application.

Manage Payment modes: Admin has the right to manage various mode of payments for users in this section.

Reports management: Admin is able to make various reports such for Contests, Matches, Contestants, Earning and Players.

Bank Withdrawal manager: Admin can view and manage the contestant’s request to withdraw their winnings and transfer it to their respective bank. He can process and approve/reject the bank withdrawal request, bank detail, ID detail or send money to them.

Manage CMS: With this, Admin can fully manage customer-focused sections including About us, Contact Us, Help and more.

Additional Features

  • Live Score: to make things interesting, users will have the advantage of viewing the live scores of live games and matches along with programs like major highlights and sports analysis.
  • Push Notification: Alerts and messages are sent to the users to inform them when it’s time to create a team, when the match will begin, etc.
  • CRM integration: Since the app remains integrated with the back-end service like CMS, it becomes more powerful and helps with marketing efforts such as managing tickets, customizing offers, tracking GPS location, sending emails or push notifications and more.
  • Data Analytics: This is essential in Fantasy sports app where real-time data adds massive value to both users and admin and is updated and stored meticulously.
  • GPS Tracking: GPS feature comes handy while sending personalized alerts and push messages to the app users to remind them ofthe latest exciting contests, upcoming match and leagues in their location.

Considering the Legal Aspects

While the world welcomes the joy and thrill of indulging in innovative Fantasy Sports apps, Indian legal and regulatory system also approves of online games like Dream11 app. Such apps are exempted from being regarded as a seedy sports betting/gambling apps in India.

To corroborate this, the Central Government’s Public Gambling Act, 1867, confirms that any game of mere skills, independent of where it is played, will be excluded from the category of illegitimate gambling.

Hence, Fantasy sports are legally considered as a game of pure skills and interest. Because it actually demands good extent of skill and sports expertise, people who are true sports fans can create their own personal fantasy teams by choosing real-world players they have high hopes for.

Final words

In a futuristic perception, Fantasy sport mobile games will rule mobile game development market. The liberal legal system of India provides much fertile space for such apps to succeed exponentially, especially due to their sports-oriented niche.

With millions of fans adding to the number of online sports fanatics, it will be profitable to consider investing in building a fantasy sports app like Dream11. As many sports Tournaments and league games continue to happen every year – including ICC world cup, World T-20 and NBA or FIFA – the time is ripe now to create your own Fantasy Sports app.

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