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How to Make an App Like OYO

Today there are online apps, literally for everything and OYO is such a successful app with so many users. A perfect online hotel booking platform, OYO has now become popular rapidly and a large number of entrepreneurs have come forward to invest in this latest trend.

People now-a-days are more in to travel as they consider it as their passion. While travelling, they would prefer a budget hotel with comfortable stay. Here comes the role of OYO as it is considered as the biggest platform based budget hotel network.

oyo app

This blog explains how such an app can be created with necessary features and functionalities as a beginner.

The app should be efficient and comfortable. It should attract users by its design and usage.

Let’s start by the concept of why you need to create an app like OYO.

Why you need to create an app like OYO?

need to create oyo app

Recent studies exhibit that 2018-2019 has been a fantastic year for OYO Hotels and Rooms comparing with the previous years. This made OYO partners convert the entire hotel to the OYO franchisee as there was a financial growth upto 60%.

Now OYO marked its milestones in 7 different countries including India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, UK, and UAE. They have now introduced their presence in Srilanka as well.

By 2022, the worldwide market volume for online hotel bookings is likely to exceed $174 million and hence this is the best time to create an app for your hotel industry.

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Need to know the steps to make an app like OYO ?

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Below mentioned are the steps to make an app like OYO.

1) Idea

It defines the strategic goals to make your idea a successful app. It should include the version that supports both iOS and Android devices.

2) SDLC process

This methodology is used to create the software according to the project requirements. The process includes several structures.

3) Planning

This involves creating a set of plans that help you guide the team through the execution and closure phase. Planning helps to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk, and issues.

4) Analysis

Requirement gathering and analysis is the most important phase of creating an app. This is the phase where the project team begins to understand who will use the product and what the customer requirements are.

After the customer provides the requirements, the project manager and his team will analyze and ensure whether the requirement can be included in the software without any breaks or malfunctioning of the system.

(5) Design

Now, based on the requirements and analysis, the new system must be designed. In the design phase, the SDLC process moves from WHAT question on the analysis phase to HOW.

Data structure, control process, workload and limitation of the system, interface, documentation, taking backups, etc are decided in this phase. The tools and techniques which show the design phase are flow chart, data flow diagram, decision table, decision tree, etc.

react native app developer

(6) Development

The real work begins here… In this phase, a programmer, network engineer and/or database developer are assigned on to do the major section of the process. This phase signifies the start of production.

An app can be developed on 3 platforms

  • iOS Platform: It is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc for its hardware devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.
  • Android Platform: Android is a mobile operating system designed for touch screen mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. This is the most popular operating system used globally.
  • Cross Platform: This is the process of developing mobile apps that can be launched on multiple platforms using a single codebase instead of developing using native technologies (iOS and Android) for each platform.

You can also develop the app through MVP. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product and is focused on the new entrepreneurs with simple and great startup ideas.

The Idea of MVP is to get the user feedback before developing the final product in order to avoid failure.

You can save time and resources by making sure you’re investing in a successful product and find out which trends you can take advantage of when developing the full version of the product. This process attracts investors earlier as well.

(7) Testing

The phase testing starts once the coding is complete and the module is released. In this phase, the software or the application is tested thoroughly and any defects found are assigned to the programmers/developers to get them fixed.

For instance, the main default to be tested on creating a mobile app is the delay or the breakdown when the number of users using the app at the same time increases which may affect the malfunctioning of the app.

(8) Deployment/Implementation

At the deployment phase, the product goes live after going through different testing phases. This means that the product or the application is ready to be used in the real world by all end users of the product.

(9) Maintenance

The final phase of SDLC involves maintenance and regular updates. This step is when the end-users are familiar with the product, if they wish, to boost performance, add new features or meet additional capabilities.

(10) Getting Cloud services

Cloud Services acts as an umbrella for startups that deliver services like storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. The main features of this service are less expensive, speed, productivity, reliability, and security.

There are 4 types of cloud services.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas): In IaaS, we rent an IT infrastructure like servers and VMs, storage, network, and OS on a payment basis.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provides an on-demand environment for development, testing, deploying and maintaining the software application. This enables the developers to create a web or mobile app easily without setting up or managing the IT infrastructure.
  • Serverless Computing: It focuses on creating the app functionalities without spending time on managing the servers and the infrastructure required. Here, the cloud provider is supposed to handle setup, capacity planning and server management for startups.
  • Software as a Service: SaaS is a process for delivering software applications over the internet typically on a subscription basis.

(11) Online payment service:

The payment portal plays a very important role while creating an app. Payment gateways should be carefully selected as it should be user-friendly and the details of the customer should be secured.

(12) Customer service:

As the app like OYO deals with customers with various characters, there should be a best service team that can handle and pacify the customer smoothly by answering the queries.

And so there should be 3 different apps created.



  • Manage accounts of both users and hotel owners.
  • Manage payment transactions.
  • Confirm booking management
  • Manage discounts and promotional offers



  • Create, manage and edit the account
  • View list of booking
  • Update dashboard according to the room availability
  • Generate sales report



  • Create, manage and edit the account
  • Filter the place and mark the planned dates.
  • View the list of hotels and rooms availability
  • View different categories of room
  • Online payment option
  • Email notification on confirming room booking
  • Provide ratings and reviews

Essential features of the App

oyo features

(1) Online registration

There should be a portal for the customer to create their login with a mobile number or email id. Likewise, there should be an app created for a hotel.

(2) Booking details

There should be a space created in the hotel app to receive the booking details and also for the customer app to get the booking IDs and confirmations.

(3) Track Availability

The app should track the availability of the hotels and the rooms.

(4) GPS functionality

On reaching the destination city, the customers should be able to locate their destination hotel.

(5) Price of different room categories and amenities

In the app, the users must be able to check the prices of different room categories like deluxe, double, etc and the amenities provided.

(6) Payments

There should be an option for customers to pay online and also on reaching the hotel.

(7) Check-in and check-out

The customer should be able to easily mark the check-in and check-outs in the app.

(8) Early check-in

If the user is checking in at the hotel before the allowed time, they should be able to mark the early check-in.

(9) Support helpdesk

The users must be able to contact the support team either through phone or chats.

(10) Cancellations

In case the user needs to cancel the booking, he should be able to cancel the booking it easily providing specific reasons.

Let’s see how the app makes money

app cost

You can make money from your mobile app through different methods. Below mentioned are some of the features you can go through.

(i) Advertisements

We can earn money by allowing other companies to advertise on our app. Those sponsored advertisements may include social events, charity events, offers etc.

(ii) Commissions

The app owner can collect a percentage of profit from the hotels aligned to it on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

(iii) Reservations

The app collects a specific percent of reservation fee for the rooms booked in the hotel

(iv) Membership fees

In order to create a premium account for frequently used users, an amount can be collected as a membership fee.

(v) Services

Consulting fees can be collected from the hotels that are willing to be a part of our app.

Trends and Statistics

app trends

The number of people using mobile apps keeps on increasing day-by-day. It is now a trend to use mobile apps for online purchasing, business, etc and will continue in the upcoming years as well.

The statistical study says that the number of people using apps for hotel booking has a vast increase compared to the previous years to more than 25% and is predicted to 45% increase in the coming years.

Worried about the Cost to make OYO app in iOS and Android?

The cost to make an OYO app varies with the features and functionalities added to it. The average price in India for an app creation ranges between $60,000-$80,000.

Android app development is expensive comparing to iOS as it requires more codes to be written and slow emulators.

It also depends on the design because an app like OYO requires attractive designs to engage the users. The size of the app and the extra features also increase the cost.

The cost of developing an app differs from country to country, for example, the app creation in India may be lower than in the USA or UK. The user of the best platform and resource affects the cost. The SDLC components also influence the cost of creation.

Similar Apps

There are many apps like OYO available on the internet to download with the best offers and rates. Some are listed for reference.

  • Trivago
  • Treebo
  • Goibibo
  • Makemytrip
  • Ixigo
  • Cleartrip
  • Fabhotels
  • Homestay.com
  • Suiteness
  • Blink booking

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The apps like OYO make an easy path for the users to make the trip memorable and astonishing. The users will be able to view wide range of affordable hotels with several amenities on their smart phones simply sitting at home.

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