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Top 15 Apps for Designers & Creative Professionals in 2018

If you are a creative master, graphic storyteller or just want to use your brush to improve your design skills professionally, all you need a digital assistant. Like other lifestyle needs, mobile apps also help creative minds bring out true aesthetics for the audience to appreciate. With increasingly evolved and sophisticated iOS and Android devices entering the global market every now and then, designers have more choices than ever in the area of creating fantastical world that suits your imaginative style.

Being a designer, artist or an avid photographer, you can avail these pocket-size wonders that are nothing but brilliant mobile apps. They give you highly polished, technically sound and advanced tools to add elegance and craftsmanship to the existing photos in your devices. So here is the most carefully made list of the best mobile apps for designers and creative professionals in 2018.

1. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Developed by Adobe for creative professionals, this free Android photo editing app is quite user-friendly to designers and offers easy accessibility. Its live-syncs feature that is what makes the app so famous among creative people as the changes made in the phone can be viewed on the desktop too.

This app is especially useful for large projects where the designer needs to crop and combine various images and make certain adjustments by blending layers of images in your Android device. With the proper utilisation of the Adobe photoshop skills,  user can extract the best of CC.

Download : Android, iOS

2. Repix

This app is mainly used by the talented graphic designers for applying the final touches to their photographs and pictures. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms so the designers can simply download the app and start working.

The app has many significant features like cropping tool, 28 different kinds of brushes and 16 filters that converts the image into a unique one. This app is designed in a user friendly manner so that the designers can switch from one tool to the other without facing any issues.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Grain Edit

Using Grain Edit, the graphic designers can bring authentic vintage illustrations in their design work. This is why Grain Edit is the must-have for creative artists. You can create vibrant company logos using its various vintage design options. The app is able to recreate the classis touch and feel of 50’s to 70’s which designers can use to transform the original images into a unique one. It is equipped with a range of creative ideas and tips for designers.

Download : Android, iOS

4. FontShop

The graphic designers often face the issue of choosing the right font as it is equally important as the colour of the thing they need to create. . With the help of this app, the designer gets a variety of options to choose and sync with the design.

The designer can compare the different fonts with one another by applying them in their creation and thus can select the perfect font for the design.


5. Autodesk Graphic

Autodesk Graphic is for those professionals who are passionate about illustrative graphic designs. Due to a little higher price tag, the app suits professional designers who desire finest accomplished work. As it works on iPad Pro, you can also  create complex SVG files and vector based PDF by utilising the pen tool of the app.

With layer features, you can adjust glow, shadows, fills and multiple strokes. Create perfect dimensions with its units, rules and canvas scales. In addition, it has classic pencil tools and brush for sketching and fluid drawing.

Download : iPad

6. InPaint

The designers often download photos from the internet and make something unique with their creativity. But often they face the issue of watermark which can be quite disappointing. With the help of the InPaint app, the designers can easily remove the watermark and can make the changes according to their needs.

InPaint  app can be easily downloaded and it is designed only for this purpose. The watermark can be removed by opening the photo in the app and by simply clicking it. It can also remove any object from the picture other than the watermark.

Download : iOS

7. Sketchbook Pro

Sketching and graphic designing are considered as best friends because no one really knows when a certain creative idea will hit you. Therefore in the tech savvy year of 2018, this Sketchbook Pro app is useful for the creative minds as they can quickly pen down their thoughts when it hits them.

This app comes with a variety of pencils, pens, markers and brushes so that the designers can implement their idea on any given size of canvas.

Download : Android, iOS

8. Infinite Design

The top 3D design tools are found in this SVG vector graphics app which is developed by the Infinite Studio Mobile and is offered for free.

The tools of this app help in the creation of 3D images and infinite canvas. The redo and undo of the infinite layers can be made with the help of this app.

The app features comprises of infinite canvas, infinite layers, infinite redo and undo along with path editing. With the help of the myriad options, the 3D images can be scaled, rotated, distorted, translated and flipped according to the requirement of the designer.

Download : Android, iOS

9. Adobe Creative Cloud

The graphic designers are blessed with the tool named Adobe as it simply transformed the designing process with tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. In 2018, Adobe introduced the app Adobe Creative Cloud that allows the designer to stockpile all their favourite graphics, typefaces and colour palettes in the cloud so that they can be used in the future.

In this way, the new project saves a lot of time as the necessary tools can be accessed from the cloud in times of need.

Download : Android, iOS

10. Colors

This is a famous app among the designers as it helps with the generation of colour palettes. In times of confusion, the designers can easily scroll down by hitting the spacebar to find the best colour palette for your design.

After finding the right palette, the hue and temperature can be adjusted and the palette can be exported into a different format. This app is available for both iOS and the Android users and can be used as a Chrome extension by connecting with Illustrator CC or a Photoshop CC.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Filmic Pro

Developed by Filmic, this app is used by the filmmakers as a substitute of the default camera app of Apple devices. The useful feature of this app is that it can set the exposure, focus individually and also lock the white balance individually.

This is vital for getting the mood and tone of the film. It also has other two options: bitrate and framerate which are used for capturing motion.

Download : Android, iOS

12. PANTONE studio

This app is developed by Pantone and offered for free for the creative professionals.

It provides more than 13,000 colours and it can be used for matching hues along with the generation of different colour palettes which can be shared and synced with the design software.

Download : Android, iOS

13. Paper

This app is developed by FiftyThree and is offered for free to the designers. It has the ability to connect and capture the notes along with sketches and photos.

This is one of the most popular iPhone apps where the digital notes can be saved. With the help of this app, the notes and checklists can be created quickly along with providing details to the photos.

Download : iOS

14. Font Candy

The typography app developed by the Easy Tiger Apps is offered for free to the creative minds. With the help of this app, the designers can create captions and can superimpose them onto photos. This app offers a variety of attractive fonts that can be used for pictures and the built-in-camera can shoot perfect snaps by suing the timer.

In short, it a selfie taking app. Also, the creative designers can share their work over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr by using this app.

Download : iOS

15. Draw Pad Pro

This app is used by millions of creative people for the purpose of note taking.

It is developed by the Fishington Studios and is used by the creative minds for the purpose of creating scribbles and sketches which can be later customized according to the requirement of the designer.

Download : iOS


These top 15 mobile apps built for Android and iOS users can bring magical effect to your original photos and make them more stunning, vivid and elegant.

Hopefully you will download them and fiddle with them a little to decide which of them deserve a place on your device screen. Embrace the technology and experience the phenomenal results.