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How To Create Video Chat Apps

In today’s digitally controlled world, video chat apps are considered to be the most important function that any smart phone user expects to have on their devices. Of course, there are a bunch of video chat apps that have turned out to be pretty good for example Google Duo, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. are some of the widely used video calling application across the globe.

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Want to see how it works out for you as well? Well, then you are not that late to the party. In today’s post, we will see the necessary steps to building a video calling app — Everything about features, design, and tech stuff.

1.Who are You Building the Video Chat App For?

You might be thinking that who doesn’t use a video chat app. However, if you are targeting a specific niche like teens or millennials, then you would like to include some cool features like fun stickers and unique filter options in your app. If your video chat app is exclusively for professionals for secure video conferences, then you will have to invest some extra bucks in tech-related stuff like data encryption, HD video quality, etc.

Your target audiences will define what your project requires and the kind of features you should include it so that it appeals to your target audiences in the right way. Here are some statistics that might interest you:

So it is better to figure out your target audience first before anything else. Then you can create a simple prototype of your app and validate it even a  bit further before getting app developers onboard.

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2. Decide Your App’s Features and Functionalities List

There is no doubt that you want to build an excellent video calling application that not only differentiates well from your competitors’ apps but also offer some exciting and engaging user experience when compared to the other fashionable options like Google Duo or Skype. However, how to do that?

Well, here are some cool video calling app features that are worth taking a shot at:

  • Desktop sharing: This feature is suitable for those users who host online meetings/conferences and presentations regularly.
  • Group calling: Many video chat apps support this feature and allow users to call up to 50 people per call. If you think it is too much, then you can settle for a moderate number somewhere between 10 to 15 or 20. It is essential for any video calling app to include a variety of permissions like speaker, listener-only, etc.
  • Include text messaging option: Whether it is Skype, Google Duo, or FaceTime, every video calling app also has a feature that lets users send text messages. So you definitely wouldn’t want to miss that feature.
  • End-to-end encryption: Helps your users understand that you are securing their sensitive information and their right to privacy.
  • File sharing: Again, file sharing like PDF, Docs, etc. will come in handy for business video application users.
  • Video call preview: Of course, Duo started this. Users can preview all the incoming video calls to know who’s calling and also a fair idea of the milieu of calling.
  • Filters and emojis: Custom filters, cool animations, and emojis can engage your users in a better way.
  • Video stories: Started with Snapchat, Instagram also implemented this idea which allows users to create short and curated video stories.
  • Advanced privacy: In most of the video chat apps, one of the most common problems is the lack of privacy, annoying ads, and unauthorized info sharing. So make sure you include advanced data protection and non-disclosure as your USPs.

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3. A Little Tech Knowledge Goes A Long Way

Now that we have seen some number crunches and essential features and functionalities to include in your video chat app let’s get into some tech-related stuff that allows transmitting video in real-time.

Most of the video calling applications are developing using WebRTC. It is an open-source project which enables web browsers with real-time communication via various APIs. Most of the times, you would need maximum  APIs to develop a video calling application:

  • Media Stream lets the user (In this case the mobile application) access the stream. The one from either camera or microphone.
  • RTC Peer Connection allows video and audio data transfer with assistance for encryption and bandwidth management.
  • RTC Data Channel allows peer-to-peer communication for all kinds of generic information.

For an extra layer of security, you might like to utilize Parse Core to offer validated access to all your users and make sure extra stream security. In case you want to build your video calling application either for iOS or Android users, WebRTC is undoubtedly a good stack provider option to consider.

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4. What Would Your Video Calling App Look Like?

Most video calling apps look similar, and there won’t be much space for you to try anything creative. All you need to do is:

  • Keep the user interface clean and simple
  • Create a list for both frequent callers and contact book
  • Show as minimum controllers as possible on the screen and stuff the rest in the menu
  • There are many ways in which you can pair the video. Either you can have it the way Skype does or divide the user screen into two equal parts for both the users to see each other.


In many ways, the video calling apps represent the future of communications. They let people from around the world stay in contact without having to pay an extra buck. Real-time chatting applications have long ago won the battle against the regular SMS and already on their way to rule standard calls with VoIP features. However, only time can tell us if video chat apps leave social media behind as the critical means of social interaction.

Nowadays, all the major markets for video calling applications are split up between a kind and decent handful of applications. Despite the cut-throat industry competition, there is indeed space for quality video calling apps. Now that you have a clear-cut understanding on how to create a video chat app such as Skype or Google Duo, or even better with a little outside of the box thinking.