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11 Best Learning Apps For Kids

In the world of digital revolutions, children no longer need to deal with boring, conventional ways of learning. The use of games for educational purposes has emerged as a new trend in the life of growing kids. Thanks to the popularity of digital devices, kids can now enjoy their learning sessions through online educational tools. Unlike chalkboards, textbooks and whiteboards, these tools are mobile apps designed to add gamification, fun and excitement to kids’ learning phase.

Filled with creativity and fun, these learning games help children remain focused, active-minded and interested in their studies, enriching their cognitive skills with effortless learning. Educational app development services are therefore considered more often by academicians and institutes.However, choosing the right educational game needs careful consideration.

So, here is the list of top 11 kids-friendly apps that make learning more fun:

1. Dexteria Dots 2

Maths can be an interesting subject only if it is taught interestingly. This is the goal Dexteria Dots 2 mobile app satisfies. With this mobile app, children of 6+ age can enjoy the mathematical operations and improve their motor skills.

Dots from the name represent the dot technique in which players will have to identify a number in each dot, in order to combine or divide them to find the solution to the given problem. Its spectacular animations, easy features and vibrant colours make the app a considerable choice for today’s fun-loving kids.

2. The Sight Word Adventure

This wonderful mobile app can turn out to be a great gift to your kids. The Sight Word Adventure offers creative ways to educate children about sight words. This learning app for kids is the great epitome of modern educational app development services. With this app, they can learn to recognize, read and memorize more than 300 words.

Based on kids’ favourite pastime Hide-and-Seek, it helps children under 5, develop cognitive skills to remember certain sight words. Through regular practice, it enhances their visual attention, active listening skills and visual memorization.

3. Plants by Tinybop

Which kid doesn’t like exploring the wild life objects? Plants by Tinybop is something that appeals to young children’s adventurous spirit while helping them learn in more detail about the wild and the green of jungles. Inside the gaming app, the young ones are enabled to produce lightning effect by crashing the clouds, or they can even speed up the seasonal changes to see their effects on floral beauty.

The whole experience feels intuitive and interacts effectively with players. Its detailed illustrations of different aspects of wildlife mean new adventure every time children of 6+ initiate the session.

4. Spell Bear

Spell Bear is the perfect app for children who want to practice the sound and spelling of three letter words. There are numerous spell-aid apps online developed by creative educational app development services, but Spell Beat is quite pleasant and simple. It helps young students learn more about letter sounds, word order, and spell check.

In this app, young players choose a key letter and drag them to target boxes to complete the spelling of the focused word while hearing the precise letter sound. Thus, kids gradually learn to sound the word out with highlights of critical letters.

5. Dragon Box

Learning Algebra could be a gruelling challenge for many kids while many of students find it appealing to their mathematical mind. In Dragon Box, 6+ years old kids are equipped to learn Algebraic equations systematically, understanding the basic concept. The app works on the idea of balancing two sides allowing students to eliminate redundant elements within the box.

The game has multiple levels with real-time equations kids often solve at school. Dragon Box indirectly engages players in maths preparing them for future middle school maths. Dragon Box lets them enjoy Algebra problems without knowing that it is a part of complex maths. The game is a creative teaching tool that transforms the boring into the interesting.

6. Scribble Naughts

Scribble Naughts is another stimulating game for kids who are 8-11 years old. It is a media creation game which enhances the creative problem solving skills of young kids. It involves imaginative cases where kids can apply their logic, spelling and creativity. Players are presented with challenges that they can solve by typing in the field their own ideas or logics.

Players are offered great space here in Scribble Naughts for their broad imaginations and endless possibilities. Learners can even shape new puzzles that they can share with others. The gamification of this app revolves around the idea of giving kids the touch of spontaneous creativity.

7. Mindblown Life

If talking about money management to young children means a series of bitter arguments, but Mindblown Life could certainly solve these fights. This is an app that is designed to teach money management skills to young teens, and allows multiple players to interact with one another and share their stories about economizing their personal and professional lives.

Kids often need to be supplied the knowledge about maintaining the financial slide as they grow up. This app helps those teens who foster their financial literacy and manage their earnings to have a better tomorrow. Thus, according to many active educational app development services, such apps be a must-have tool in today’s tense economy.

8. The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom is an exciting puzzle game for challenge-driven young minds. Healthy for adventurous spirits, the game has outstanding look and feel about it – which is something that makes the game very special. It has dazzling black and white graphics, increasing the elegance and beauty of its inner art. Every detail in its different levels appears spectacular, fascinating the players.

The player plays the character of PB Winterbottom, a pie stealer, who can make clever moves, clone himself and even manipulate time. The immersive game activities focus on provoking critical decisions and problem solving skills in players and drive them close to understanding the laws of physics.

9. Game Star Mechanic

Game Star Mechanic is a little intense thought builder for young players who learn important life skills from the game eventually. The game comes handy to develop brilliant skills in kids and stir creative ideas and logical thinking in them. Game Star Mechanic engages players to build the ability to make their own games and share them among other folks.

The app provides brilliant opportunity for kids to learn real-life strategy and creative logic necessary to construct the imagined world. Games like this can be made through constructive efforts of educational app development services and brilliant design artists. Since it has tremendous potential to enrich young brains, kids should be encouraged to play it more often.

10. Vocabulary Spelling City

After Bear Spell, this is another outstanding words-oriented game app for kids. Children are allowed to pick and play with different categories as per their grade level. They can opt for compound words or sound-alike words. After that, they can choose the desired actions from the list such as spelling test, unscramble letters, alphabetical order, or they can use them in a game.

The Vocabulary Spelling City offers fun, comprehensible ways for kids to assimilate the idea and learn many things about words usage.

11. Stack the States

Based on the factual data, Stack the States provides excellent knowledge base to kids who are in their junior level grades. In this game, your kids are supposed to answer the questions related to different state flags, their capitals, abbreviations, nicknames and other real-world geography related information.

While the game expands your kids’ practical knowledge about world facts increase and they also rejoice the rewards got from answering the questions correctly. For every right answer, they see a ring of stars earns ability to stack the animated version of states anywhere on screen. Upon doing so, they can gradually unlock new game levels for more such exercises.


Modern-day educational apps are booming with tons of creativity and potential to change the way of learning for kids. With success of many gamification fun apps for kids, it is proven that games can be more than just recreation but can add value to the student learning process. Specially tailored kid-friendly apps help them master the difficult subjects effortlessly, without boredom or annoyance. It is presumable that, the list of top 11 educational apps above offer unparalleled opportunities for growing kids to strengthen and develop a wide range of skills and abilities.