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11 Best Apps For Depression

For years, the spiritualists preach on how connecting mind with your body helps eradicate even the most chronic conditions present in human life. Focusing on improving mental health is especially important today now that people prone to mood disorders are rising every year. In U.S. itself, over 48 million adults are subject to mental health conditions that impede their everyday life. Among these adults suffering from bipolar disorders and depression are aged 18-44.

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Imbalanced mental health is becoming one of the main reasons for hospitalizations. When it comes to remedies, regular exercises and healthy diet helps recover from mental conditions like anxiety, stress, and severe depression. Thankfully, there are many great mobile apps that work as a digital companion to improve mental health by promoting the practices of meditation, CBT, hypnosis and support community.

Here are 11 best apps focused on fighting the symptoms of depression and getting you back to your normal life routine.

1. Calm


In 2017, Calm was crowned with Apple’s “App of the year” as it is the most effective and functional iOS app designed to fight anxiety, improve sleep quality and boost happiness. To address mental health, the app focuses on meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation and sleep pattern, which eventually brings mental clarity, mindfulness, peace and joy in one’s life. Fitting easily into your daily schedule, it is packed with helpful distress reliever sessions of 3-15 minutes, breathing programs, music and nature sounds that contribute to relax your mind and prepare your body for better sleep.

Download : Android, iOS

2. Pacifica


Pacifica is built to target the causes of anxiety and stress in life and gifts users an excellent toolbox to resolve issues of daily stress and anxious state of mind. The best part about Pacifica app is the highly supportive community of like-minded individuals that listens and shares. The app is effective for breaking the vicious cycle of worthless thoughts, unreasonable emotions and feelings and inconsistent behaviours by boosting mindful meditation, mood tracking, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and relaxation. To make it work, the app offers certain activities and audio lessons intended to treat depression and stress and reach your long-term goals.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Buddhify


As they say, there is nothing as efficacious as mediation to get rid of unnecessary stress and unpleasant anxiety. Buddhify does this beautifully and teaches you skilful ways of meditating while setting you on a regular routine to restore your physical and mental health. With this app, users receive the benefit of engaging in an 11 hours of custom meditation sessions which focuses on 15 parts of a day, including the moments of travelling, online activities, sleep and office breaks. You can choose from more than 80 tracks and also monitor your progress.

Download : Android, iOS

4. Headspace


Headspace is another best app that focuses on increasing mindfulness and meditation to boost your performance each day. The app is equipped with essential tools aimed to give you happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Headspace comes with various themes for mindfulness and meditation sessions to help you build healthy relationships, install positive attitude, discover calm and peace, improve attention and keep your mind fit and clear from stress and negative thoughts. It also works on promoting compassionate behaviour towards people in your life.

Download : Android, iOS

5. What’s Up


What’s Up takes a unique approach towards addressing mental health challenges and makes users adopt CBT and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. The app essentially includes a positive and negative habit tracker to convince users for incorporating good habits and renounce habits that are worthless and counterproductive. Its Get Grounded page has many different questions focused on helping users consider specific feelings while Thinking Patterns helps overcome depressing inner monologues that often cause doldrums.

Download : Android, iOS

6. Moodnotes


Moodnotes, as the name suggests, is all about taking control over your moods and thoughts, working as your mood diary. It encourages users to create a thought journal, capture their personal inner feelings and track their thinking pattern, setting in mind the positive psychology through CBT.

Moodnotes, thus, tracks your daily mood and increase your knowledge of what causes it. It also helps you with ways to reconsider the situation and find out traps in your thinking. If you encounter a “thinking trap”, Moodnotes will offer suggestions for stress reduction and develop a new perspective. Users can also monitor their progress in the app.

Download : iOS

7. SuperBetter


SuperBetter is a game app that makes it a little more amusing for users to overcome mental conditions compared to other apps in this category. It focuses mainly on enhancing your resilience, strength and optimism, making you feel motivated especially when facing challenges in life. University of Pennsylvania corroborated how playing SuperBetter for 30 days works positively on mood, anxiety symptoms and depression, which eventually helps people to boost their self-belief needed to reach defined goals. It helps you develop new good habits, build strong relationships, polish skills and complete projects and dreams. It also helps recover from chronic illnesses and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Download : Android, iOS

8. Happify


Happify is also a robust app you can consider for resolving issues pertaining to negative thoughts and building the power of resilience. Happify helps you control your feelings, mood and thoughts at times of stress, anxiety or misery. The app’s success can be attributed to the fact that 86% of users reported feeling much better and resilient about their lives post 2 months of using it. The app has proven techniques and solutions in the areas of positive attitude, CBT and mindfulness to eliminate stubborn, unhelpful habits and set new ones. To feel more satisfied and optimistic in life, Happify has amusing games and activities for users.

Download : Android, iOS

9. MY3


MY3 takes a deeper look into extreme depression that may lead to suicidal instincts. The app is a convenient and affordable tool for people who need to be trained for recognizing suicide warning signs within themselves or others. To make this possible, MY3 allows users to choose three nearest contacts that they feel comfortable reaching out at times of low, negative or depressing feelings. The app goes beyond the ordinary and lets users create a personal safety plan that encourages them to think wisely and prepare warning signs, coping strategies and support networks.

Download : Android, iOS

10. MoodTools


MoodTools also makes for a great app that enables research-supported tools designed to alleviate negative feelings and battle with the thoughts of hopelessness. The app is built with collaboration of many recognized mental health professionals. Users can avail a thought diary for writing down thoughts daily so as to assess and identify negative thought patterns. Like other apps in this category, MoodTools also offers a custom safety plan and self-help guideline. Additionally, it is made more helpful with information videos and a depression questionnaire created to track extremity of symptoms.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Talkspace


Talkspace has made to the list of best depression fighter apps because of its ability to offer feasible counselling support and actual therapy. It connects users with an affordable and confidential way to consult with mental health experts to deal with disorders like anxiety, stress, depression, chronic illness and relationship issues. Users can take advantage of free consultation with an Agent to discover the suitable therapist from hundreds of licensed therapists who have specialized in conditions like PTSD, domestic violence, depression, phobia and more. Being a Talkspace member, users can access a private chat room to share and discuss their troubles with a counsellor.

Download : Android, iOS


Mobile apps have irreversibly intruded the human living space and radically replaced many essential user needs. Due to unbounded access, convenience and 24/7 availability, mobile apps not only ease your travelling and shopping challenges, but also soothes your health issues including the evil of depression. These 11 best apps fairly claim to provide you unconditional support, recovery programs and vital meditation to overcome symptoms of mental health and look to brighter future prospects through a balanced routine.