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17 Best Free Android Wear Apps

Google’s Android Wear OS is a rebranded smart watch platform that has reached a mature potential especially after its advanced update to Android Wear 2.0. With new and evolved features in the latest OS update, there are a plethora of wonderful opportunities for Android Wear developers to surprise users with loads of apps with impressive capabilities. The selection quality of apps has improved since the introduction of Android Wear 2.0 in 2017.

These apps possess incredible ability to show notifications, entertain users, track their fitness and perform much more. Some of them rely on partner app on paired smart phone device while a few works as a stand-alone functionality.

On that note, check out our list of 17 best Android Wear apps available today:

1. Citymapper

citymapper - free android wear apps

Citymapper is an irresistibly useful app, a refreshing guide in its own league for Android Wear users. It brings live information to your wristwatch while you are having a stroll through a new town or wish to get the status on your public transport at home.

It updates you about real-time bus, taxi, train and ferry data and offers you the best route possible. Citymapper has turn-by-turn navigation for you, giving you estimate on walk or the cycling times along with Uber status to make sure you reach the destination in quickest time possible.

Download : Android

2. Bring! Grocery Shopping List

bring - free android wear apps

Along with other essential apps, you always need the one that helps you make ideal shopping list. Bring is clean, uncluttered and easy-to-use shopping list app for Android wear OS watch.

What is unique about Bring is that you can also create group of friends, colleagues and family members to share shopping lists for different events. The real convenience comes from its clear labels and icons that make it easier for users to add products and  photos.

Download : Android

3. Google Fit

googlefit - free android wear apps

Focused completely on enhancing fitness and workout structure of users, Google Fit is Google’s renowned fitness app for Android wear.

This smart app consciously tracks all your workouts and physical activities to give you real-time picture of your runs, jogs, rides and walks. Keeping close watch on your daily dynamics, it also garners all the information from other fitness apps like Lifesum, Strava, etc.

Download : Android

4. Glide

glide - free android wear apps

Making video calls today is a child’s play with your smart phone device. But haven’t you thought about starting a video call right from your wrist? Now you can with Glide Android wear app.

All you have to do is to install Glide on Android wristwatch as well as on your paired phone since its functioning still depends on the paired smartphone device.

Upon pairing, you can exchange video messages,send audio and, if the watch has front camera, record videos, too.

Download : Android

5. Uber

uber - free android wear apps

There is rarely anyone who doesn’t know or have never heard of Uber. Designed to make your journey organized, convenient and worriless, Uber helps you book a cab directly using the luxury of your smartwatch.

Originally built for smartphone devices, Uber can now work independently as a stand-alone app for your Wear OS 2.0 smartwatch. There is no need to depend on your smartphone.

So when you miss your last train, just tap into Uber on your wrist and order a ride, check driver progress and see the time estimates for your desired journey.

Download : Android

6. Tinder

tinder - free android wear apps

Are you planning to go out on a delightful date this evening? Get the power and pleasure of swipe of Tinder right on your wrist. Tinder is a widely used dating app available on Android wear OS.

It can be used on Android watches to find promising dates in your area. Your watch screen will show you notifications on discovered matches and message responses.

Now Tinder Android wear app also allows you use your voice to tell Google to open the app on your watch.

Download : Android

7. Polaris Office

Although there is Microsoft office and Google Docs to take care of your office work, Polaris Office could be a proud choice among Android wear apps.

It may not support the entire suite of office activities and text documents, but Polaris Office nicely captures your interest with its presentation style.

You can launch presentations from your wrist and play with its touch screen to adjust the movement of presentation slides.

The remote slideshow functionality is the real charm of Polaris Office app. You can even receive notifications when someone shares a folder or file with you.

Download : Android

8. Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder is the smart way to utilize what is already facilitated on your Android Wear smartwatch: an inbuilt mic. You might find it a little embarrassing to interact with your wrist making a call.

However, with amazing Wear Audio Recorder app, you can capture the sounds and voices in your surroundings. In a situation like critical meetings or interviews, the value of having such app becomes immense. This can just be used to tap on the watch and open the screen.

Download : Android

9. Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder

Humans are often oblivious because of fast, hectic lifestyle. Everyone tends to forget important things and need a gentle reminder even for medication.

Medisafe is here to remind of your scheduled dose of medicines whether it is daily vitamins, other supplements or stringent medicinal regimen.

Take some time entering the accurate details about every pill into the mobile app the first time you use, and you are all set to receive buzzes and notification about exact pills and dosages on your Android watch.

Download : Android

10. Infinity Loop

Limited screen size on Android smartwatch doesn’t mean you can’t get amused with some fun games. There are limited games for smartwatches that actually entertain users. But infinity loop breaks the clichéd barrier and charms you surprisingly.

The game is simple yet worthwhile and relaxing puzzle that can definitely help you dissipate time beautifully. This app seems to be also helpful while you waiting at a store or bus stand.

Download : Android

11. Eat24

Are you too occupied to go out and book a meal at your favourite local restaurants? Don’t worry, Eat24 on your Android watch will make things easy for you. Eat24 grabs you food in the moment you need it the most.

It offers you the list of local restaurants that provide pickup and delivery at your desired destination. If you refuse to wait for your Eat24 order to arrive, the app has simplified process as well.

You can look up the history and get notifications of recently placed orders or deliveries from the app.

Download : Android

12. LevelUp

LevelUp is an outstanding app that comes handy when you need to pay friends, buy groceries, book movie tickets or perform other payment transactions.

Its payment service processes the transaction through QR codes. LevelUp is a great treat especially for Android wristwatch users as it works compatibly on small screen of your smartwatches.

QR code is loaded in no time right onto your smartwatch screen, which enables you to pay without pulling out wallet or smartphone.

Download : Android

13. Sleep as Android

Originally famous as Sleep as Android app for smartphones, the app is its extension of the same sleeping technology for Android smartwatch.

The unique software surprisingly offers you the legacy of tracking your noise and movement while you are asleep. The original app uses smartphone to perform the job while Sleep as Android for smartwatch relives you from keeping your phone on bed.

Here your smartwatch is your sleep monitor using smartphone’s tracking technology.

Download : Android

14) Stocard

Is your wallet or card bursting out because of all the cards dumped in. With the advent of smartphone technology, most of the banks lets you mimic your debit or credit card if your corresponding bank is on board.

But now with Stocard, you have got an all-in-one solution that let’s store your loyalty and membership cards safe, secure and hassle-free.

Using Stocard app you can digitize your reward payments, get real-time notifications about rewards and redeem points, discover latest offers, coupons and also get advanced features like saving your gift cards, air-tickets, bank passbooks etc.

Download : Android

15) Telegram


The fastest instant messaging app with over 10 million users is now available in Android Wear 2.0. The Android wear version of Telegram allows users to view chats, take chat history, create groups and instantly reply to messages either via text or audio message.

Other than these features, Telegram for Android wear provides customized themes that can be changed according to users wish.

Altogether the app looks more interesting, reliable and more useful to Android users. So what are you waiting for? If you have an Android wear, go grab this instant chat app from the Play Store.

Download : Android

16) Shazam

Sometimes all of us feel to catch up song lyrics just when your phone is away. Things have got much easier now in such situations with Shazam. With Android wear app of Shazam, you just need to call up the app on your wrist and the job is almost done quickly.

Being one of the top Android wear apps in 2018, this app is been loved by every for every music lover. It is a completely free application and is an incredibly popular service to identify a song.

Shazam not only lets you identify the song but also lets you get to know the lyrics, artist name, and other information about a song.

Download : Android

17) Google Keep

This is a part-to-do and part-note-keeping app that helps with all productivity requirements. Like any other productivity app, Google keep is easy to use and is easier to synchronize with your Gmail account.

This app can be used to write-down your article outlines, grocery shopping lists, list to do for the week or a month

It’s simply the best ways to offload your thoughts, ideas, and to-do-list without losing focus. Other than creating notes and lists, you can add images, videos, drawing, search for notes, create group notes etc.

Users can also use OK Google voice command and dictate your thoughts which will be transcribed to notes instantly.

Download : Android

Final remarks

This was our comprehensive list of 17 best picks in Android Wear apps you need to get started with Android smartwatch. There are a wide range of fascinating apps with improved features and compatible functionality for the latest Android Wear OS.

With advanced updates and thoughtful app innovations, there is practically no limit to what you can do on the tiny screen of your Google’s stunning Wearable. We expect that some of these apps will inspire you to try them on your device.