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11 Best Car Apps For Android

Android platform brings broad variety of mobile applications your way each year. When tech-savvy users seek digital solution for everything, driving is one of the areas where Android apps can make difference, too. Some of these car apps are built-in and connected to the existing car system while some can be connected to your car display. There are also many Android apps that work independently on the device.From traffic management and gas stations to fuel saving and parking solution, these Android car apps are designed with the sole focus on making driving experience better and furnished.

Being a seasoned mobile app development company, we thought to compile the list of the best car apps for the Android devices that complement driver’s journey on the road to the best of potential. If you are a happy Android user looking for reliable digital assistance on the drive, these 11 car apps will definitely accompany you.


Increasingly popular and celebrated among people on the drive, Waze keeps you informed in real-time about the road you and routes you take. The active community of Waze never leaves you behind while you drive and the app offers turn-by-turn directions, traffic-specific guide and custom routes and also alerts you about on-the-road accidents and unfortunate hazards.


Users can find police locations and can use Waze to shareETA and progress with their connections. Waze makes for the most comprehensive driving app optimized to user interest, Facebook integration, allowing you to discover the best gas prices nearby.

Available : Google Play

2. TomTom

TomTom is another app that helps you on the road and is available for both Android and iOS users. With TomTom you don’t need to carry heavy gadget units to reach your destination in time. TomTom is designed to give you a parallel solution to free GPS apps like Google Maps and offers free service for the first 50 miles each month.


The extensive use of the app requires paid yearly subscription. What makes TomTom an outstanding car app is its clutter-free, intuitive interface and its ability to offer speed camera warning, which alerts you on upcoming speed limits.

Available : Google Play

3. Android Auto

Android Auto is surely regarded as one of the best car apps and is completely free for Android users. It makes your driving on the road more controlled and powerful giving you quick access to Google Maps, message & music apps, and utilities you need.

android auto

You can access it on your device and mount it on the dashboard. You can also use it on your car’s touchscreen if the vehicle has Android Auto built-in. The only con is that Android Auto is not integrated with every vehicle yet, which we expect to change in coming years.

Available : Google Play

4. Drivvo

Drivvo adds true power and flexibility to your car drive. It enables you to keep close watch on a range of driving-related elements including repairs& maintenance, miles explored, gas usage, expenditures, and much more. Drivvo comes handy to those who can’t afford hassle in professional driving.


Regular drivers can count on this incredible app to monitor their expenses for tax and take a right call for maintenance with its feature of maintenance records. Though free version facilitates great features, you can always choose pro for better data backup and management and ad-free experience.

Available : Google Play

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5. GasBuddy

GasBuddy as the name suggests helps motorists economize their spending on gas by crowdsourcing gas pricing data near your location.

It enables you to pick the gas station with affordable price and, therefore, suits best for your long road tripsor casual cruising in your hometown.

You can also choose to be a contributor by updating fresh prices you experience and look to a chance to win $100 of free gas. This is what makes GasBuddy one of the special car apps for Android users in 2018.

Available : Google Play

6. SpotAngels

SpotAngels is created altogether for a unique purpose of helping you wand off parking tickets. Though it is a new idea in the category of car apps, it is nonetheless useful and has considerable potential. SpotAngels at the moment supports 20 cities and helps you keep track of your car parking spot so that you will never feel lost and annoyed while locating your car.

This particular feature is accessible to all users. Additionally, users can share images and information on parking-friendly safe places. The Android app is expected over time to be famous among those who want to avoid the disaster of parking tickets.

Available : Google Play

7. Automatic

Automatic appears to be one of those brilliant car apps that deliver seamless connectivity experience to users. It requires a separate car adapter for its smooth functioning and goes beyond what Android Auto practically offers.

Despite a little costly, it turns your vehicle into a more connected experience, enabling parking reminders, fuel consumption and mileage tracking, fuel economy management and brake actions.

It tracks each journey you take and monitors all car-related mechanisms to assist you on the road. Moreover, it has a unique feature than analyzes engine lights and guides you around maintenance issues.

Available : Google Play

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8. Beat the Traffic

Even though you are a regular commuter, you need sharp guidance on how thick the traffic is going to be on your route to work. There has to be an app that makes your daily journeys easier, smooth and convenient.

Beat The Traffic, as the name goes, helps you be informed on any traffic jam incidents and provides real-time traffic updates. The information is contributed by community users. It also helps you find reroutes and know the possible delay. Moreover, this free app also allows you to report an incident with the users in the app.

Available : Google Play

9. Torque Pro

Torque Pro is another sensible car app that helps you with troubleshooting the engine mechanism. It uses Bluetooth to connect with various OBD 2 devices and read the code of check engine lights indicator.

It is friendly to mechanic and those who prefer to take over car work on their own.It assists you with various car stats such as GPS speedometer, alarms and warnings, CO2 emissions, etc. Free version Torque Pro has less frequent updates while pro version receives more frequent updates.

Available : Google Play

10. EOBD Facile

An app that could help you run a diagnosis of your car using your Android smartphone or tablet. In some situations, we will have to check back the user manual but with this you need not check why the engine light is on or how a system functions because the app shows it all.


While using the app, connect E327 to the cars OBD port and run the application, so that you can check data, engine and transmission faults in real-time via the app. For the app to work either you need Bluetooth, WiFi compatible interface or Klavkarr car diagnostic scanner.

Available : Google Play

11. Dashdroid

Dashdroid is a pleasant Android dashboard replacement that comes with eight custom buttons and a central display to view all drive-friendly activities and updates. You can see information on current time, weather condition, car speed.

What is more, this free app offers you voice-enabled commands for hands-free experience inside the car while you steer around on the road. You can make a call or text without using your hands. Its interface is clean and eye-friendly but can be customized to be more stylish.

Available : Google Play


You just explored the list of 11 best car apps for Android device in modern times. These car apps are conceived to focus on your driving behavior and essential elements you interact with while enjoying your journey down the road. There are possibly more car-friendly apps that make your driving experience seamless, delightful and frictionless. You can share your views in the comment section and tell us about your favorite Android apps that may or may not be included in the list.

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