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13 Best Free Live Streaming Apps For 2019

Who doesn’t love binge watching? Whether it is a TV show or a movie, people love binge watching through live streaming apps. There are some very familiar independent services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix that took the online world by storm. The services you choose are mostly based on the kind of streaming devices they are available, movies and TV shows they provide, and the annual or monthly subscription fees.

With the high demand for unique and original content among millennials, more and more independent online live streaming apps are created. The vast demand for such apps is due to the surge for independent content and also because of the popularity of YouTuber’s and bloggers.

In this post, we will check out some of the most interesting and top-rated live streaming apps for Android and iOS:

1) Netflix

Netflix is one such independent online streaming platform that needs absolutely no introduction. It is known for “Netflix original shows” and other famous TV series like Sherlock and Breaking bad. Users can easily watch unlimited TV shows and movies with a monthly subscription fee.

The app regularly adds a pile of new episodes of TV shows and movies of almost all known languages. The feature that sets Netflix apart from its competitors is that when users rate their favorite shows and films, the app helps suggest the best shows based on history and recent show ratings.


Download : Android, iOS

2) Amazon Prime

With the recent launch, Amazon Prime has more than 50 million plus downloads. Prime has made it much easier to stream and download popular TV shows and movies which include Amazon exclusives such as Emmy award winner Tumble Leaf.

In addition to that, you can check IMDb ratings and other information about the actors, whole crew, and trivia that is related to the TV shows or movies you are watching. Amazon Prime offers both monthly and annual subscription which makes it easier to choose whatever users like.

amazon prime

Download : Android, iOS

3) Hulu

Hulu is a shortcut route to get all exclusive seasons of TV shows, movies, originals, and much more. Not just that, users can also get to watch live TV channels with an option to watch binge-friendly streaming selection. Users can either choose Hulu’s whole streaming library or the other one which has the whole library along with the other 50+ best live and on-demand channels, TV shows, animations, etc.


Download : Android, iOS

4) IMDb

IMDb is one of the most known apps for celebrity content, movies, and TV shows. With a catalog of more than 4 million content, users can watch Hollywood and Indian movies and TV shows, and much more in-app and rate movies and TV shows that they have seen to improve recommendations.

Its considered to be the app with world’s largest collection of movie and other than just movies and shows, one can watch trailers, find show timings, browse photos and also track your favorite browse list on your phone, tablet or any smart device.


Download : Android, iOS

5) Tubi TV

This app offers various popular movies and best TV shows in full HD for free. There is absolutely no need to spend a single penny or register credit/debit cards for future purposes. All the videos come with commercials but certainly fewer than what we get in the cable. Free TV series and movies will be added once in a week.


Download : Android, iOS

6) Youtube TV

Youtube TV is available now and cable TV operators really need to be aware of this because this is going to be a cable TV replacement totally. This app would allow users to watch programs on their smartphone or tablets or any streaming device anytime, anywhere with no cost of cable TV subscription.

At the first time, you can register for a free sign up and later either log in to the website to watch programs or download the corresponding app for Android or iOS as per your choice.

youtube tv

Download : Android, iOS

7) PlayStation Vue

This is Sony’s live streaming service that was launched to compete with other online streaming apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. and also get rid of the cable TV cord. Users can not only watch shows but also save their favorite shows to their playlists in and this will be available for 28 days from date.


Download : Android, iOS

8) Viewster

This is a 100% free online streaming app that can be used to watch your favorite shows at any time. Everytime you connect to this app, videos are listed in as horizontal reel and to make things easier, each video has a related description of the video just below as in a condensed format.

Another feature of viewster is that it lets you categorize show like most popular, recently added, most recently watched etc. Within the app, users have 15 genres to choose from to watch your favorite movie. This includes romantic, sentimental, comedy, family entertainer, crime and thriller, sarcastic, realistic and technology-driven movies.


Download : Android, iOS

9) Snagfilms

This is a free service that offers a wide range of full-length films. The service not only offers hit movies but also provide something different that you wouldn’t find on Netflix. They provide a long list of hard-to-find indie films, as well as classic and silent movies, documentaries etc.


Download : Android, iOS

10) Direct TV now

This is a new standalone streaming service that is creating a revolution for on-demand entertainment and live TV. Users can quickly get into the app and watch your favorite movies and shows just at your fingertips. One can enjoy news, events, sports etc as they happen live and also binge on their favorite shows, TV series anytime, anywhere. On the whole, this is an instant app to access to top entertainment with basically no hassle like annual contract or fee.


Download : Android, iOS

11) HBO Now

With HBO Now, users can watch world-class premiers as they are aired on to the app and see the episodes of HBO’s addictive series such as Ballers, Insecure, Game of Thrones etc. In addition to watching movies and series, you also get access to see comedy shows, smart talk shows, news, innovative documentaries, and special events if any.

If you are subscribed to this app, then you can watch your favorite shows on the screens of your smartphone, tablet, connected TV or also on the computer at the website HBONOW.com


Download : Android, iOS

12) Philo

This is an upcoming live streaming TV service which aims at competing with other online streaming services like Sling TV, Vue, Pluto, Hulu etc. As a starter, this doesn’t let you replace your cable completely but provides access to a minimum number of channels at a lower monthly subscription rate of $16/month.


Download : Android, iOS

13) Sling

Sling TV was the first multichannel live TV streaming service that allows subscribers to watch a collection of live and on-demand channels on phone, tablet, computer or even TV.

Just like the cable TV, this is a live TV which works over using the internet. At present, its available at various places including everywhere in the US. Compared to other live TV streaming services, this app is probably cheaper as it operates fewer channels and requires a broadband internet connection to work.


Download : Android, iOS

Wrapping up

Independent online streaming applications (iOS and Android) cut down the boredom while even if you are alone or travelling all alone. Thanks to technology that lets us watch TV shows, movies, live events, etc. in our smart aphones while we are on the move, as it completely eliminates the requirement of sitting in front of the screen or TV to watch our favorite shows and movies.