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11 Best Women Safety Apps 2019

Women’s healthy psychology is often challenged by the fears today’s unhealthy crime rates impose. Due to increasingly unsafe environment for Indian women, they dread the idea of walking home alone at night and are compelled to stay within the confinement of strict rules and discipline. This unnerves women’s confidence level and makes them timid, weak and submissive for the real world.

To encourage their freedom to travel late at night, companies have rolled out mobile apps dedicated to complete women safety and security. These women’s safety apps revolve around empowering women to live fearless and explore the world confidently, keeping their family members and close friends informed of their whereabouts.

Here we have covered 11 best women’s safety apps built with outstanding features that shield women from dangers in the world outside.

1. iGoSafely

As you set up the app and shake your phone, the alarm gets activated and iGoSafely sends alert messages, street address, emails and GPS position to your emergency contacts who can then take possible actions.

The app keeps sending messages even when alarm is off or when you remove your headphone chord. It also sends a 30-second audio recording every 60 seconds which can be activated by shaking the phone.

Key Features:

  • 30 second audio recording
  • Shake-sensitive activation
  • Battery depletion warning
  • Stealthy operations
  • Real-time tracking of user’s GPS location
  • Constant monitoring of device status

Download : Android

2. Shake2Safety

Shake2Safety sincerely achieves the core purpose: Women’s complete safety. Upon encountering a precarious situation, the app sends an SOS message to preconfigured contacts once you shaking the phone or press the power button four times.

Phone shaking option is subject to user preference and comes handy when you need emergency help but are unable to operate the device.

Key Features:

  • Service activation controlled by shaking actions or power button
  • Send multiple messages to emergency contacts with location details
  • Send the picture of the surrounding situation and location
  • Record and send 4-second audio
  • Tap the siren button to inform about the location.

Download : Android

3. Women Safety

Women Safety app does more than the straightforward safety features offered by other apps in this niche. Along with sending an instant message to the emergency numbers, it offers an additional service of sending an email to pre configured email IDs of your trusted contacts with location details and Google Map link.

Apart from the usual, the app adds more value and takes two pictures from the phone’s front and back camera as well as a supporting video and audio clip and sends them all to your contacts via emails.

Download : Android

4. CitizenCop

CitizenCop is quite an ideal app for ensuring women’s safety by reporting criminal incidents at the earliest. If a woman is caught in a dangerous emergency or sees anyone facing a situation of peril, she can use CitizenCop to report it immediately. The app is thoughtful about women’s safety concerns and makes the job of communicating crime to the law enforcement department easy and rapid.

Key Features:

  • Anonymous reporting of crime or suspicious activity
  • Report lost or stolen articles
  • Call local police
  • Call or send alerts in emergency

Download : Android, iOS

5. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Family-friendly app, Family Locator is the best personal safety appthat connects you with all family members when you need. As it syncs the data, you can share a single text message with all the members involved, eliminating the need to send multiple text messages to each.

The app uses device’s in-built GPS sensors to inform family members whenever any of them checks in anywhere. The notification is sent to everybody once the member safely reaches the pinned location on the map.

Key Features:

  • Private groups as “Circles” for close people
  • Real-time location tracking of Circle Members
  • Lost phone tracking
  • Notifications for arrivals and exit of Circle Members

Download : Android

6. Eyewatch SOS for Women

Eyewatch SOS for Women is an excellent app focused around the safety of today’s women. It sends the audio and video of the user’s surroundings to the emergency contacts along with an alert message.

Its admirable attributes are its location-specific accuracy, GPRS-independent functioning and Safety confirmations. When you reach the location safely, you can press the app’s I am Safe button to inform your folks of your safe arrival.

Download : iOS

7. My SafetyPin

My SafetyPin acts as a smart companionable guide especially when you are stuck at a crossroad and need to choose the best optimal and safe route to your destination. If you are caught in an unfamiliar or unsafe location, the app sends alerts to family friends who would track you then.

Whether or not the given area is safe is determined based on real-world factors including public transport, traffic conditions, general security, visibility and other crucial element.

Download : Android

8. Raksha

Not just intended for women’s well-being, Raksha app also looks after children, senior citizen and all other folks who confront sudden undesirable issue or disaster. It tracks the users using the GPS sensing of their smartphone device and alerts emergency contacts about the exact location as the “Are you in trouble?” option is selected. Due to timely notifications, family members and close friends can trace the person in trouble in shortest time.

Download : Android

9. Watch.Me

Watch.me will keep your family and friends informed of your current situation or dangers you may encounter. The excellent part about this app is that women can rely on it to share the live video files with the close contacts.

Women can also choose whom they want to share the private videos with by filtering contacts. Pick any video you want to share including daily routine, personal trips and snap stories, etc.

Download : Android, iOS

10. bSafe

bSafe is one of the best women’s safety apps that favors women’s safety in the most unfavorable circumstances, signaling the friends, loved ones and guardians a channel to access the live location of the user.

Women can use SOS service in a situation of distress to send the message along with the GPS location to the emergency network of guardians which you can create. You can also record and send the video and audio to the group of emergency contacts to deliver the message at the right time.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Himmat Plus

Himmat Plus was originally launched by the Delhi Police of India and is highly recommended for women facing unpredictable issues and emergencies especially when they move around alone. Marked with a user-friendly interface, the app is easy to use, as easy as simply sending the OTP on the smartphone for user verification after it is installed.

The moment user feels their safety is compromised, they select the panic button so that their precise location is immediately shared with Delhi Police unit along with audio or video content.

Download : Android, iOS


No matter how much careful and vigilant Indian Government is, you always need a friend in emergency situations. These 11 women’ safety apps are there for women who feel threatened and unprotected or face unthinkable situations.

They all are designed to track their specific locations and inform their close folks about their safety status. On this women’s day, these mobile apps strengthen the spirit of women!