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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Mobile App in India?

Have you ever imagined how much does it cost to create an app according to your requirement? No need to worry. It varies upon the features and functionalities of the app that you need. It is not as expensive as you think. People always prefer low prices and high-quality app when hiring an app company or while creating an app.

We always recommend you to opt for MVP (Minimal Viable Product) before going for a full-fledged app if it is a startup. This minimizes your budget and lets you know about the feedback of the end-users with minimum effort.

Mobile App Pricing


Mobile app cost factors

(1) Software platform

It depends upon the platform to be created whether it is a single platform or cross-platform.  The Single platform compiles Android, iOS, and Windows whereas Cross compiles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

(2) Version of OS

If the app is on the latest versions, it minimized the cost.

(3) Freelancer/ Company

This is one of the important deciding factors. If the app is a small scale that is being developed as a side project of your primary business, you can choose in-house development or freelancers as the cost is low.

But if it for your business that is going to revolve around, then it is better opting for a development company as they can offer many assurance.

(4) Features and Functionalities

The features and functionalities also factorize the cost structure of the app. As the complexity and the number of features and functionalities increases, the more will be the cost. Keeping this on mind, you should separate the primary and secondary features of your app.

(5) UX/UI

The cost can differ if the UX/UI is the best because a large-scale complex app will have different UX/UI which cannot be compared with the small scale simple app.

(6) Localization

The hourly rate of the development team members varies from one country to another. It also depends on the number of languages the app is created.

(7) Backend and Testing

Backend and testing is also a factor that influences the cost of the app. This includes

  • Business Analyst
  • Designer
  • Mobile app Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Database Engineer
  • App security:

You must make sure that the app is unable to hack. The data provided is very important if you are going for an enterprise app. It may include company data, transaction details, client information, etc which must be locked safely. For this, you need an expert who can identify the loopholes to tackle them.

(8) App Publishing and Maintenance

This is the final step as your app is ready for the users to install. Different play store has different charges and that is how the stores make money. As the sale or installation increases, the more will be the share taken by the stores.

You should schedule regular maintenance for your app at least once a year. It must stay relevant and accept new technology on the user’s phone. It should be tested regularly and updated to the user’s feedback accordingly.