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Top 13 Functional Antivirus and Antimalware Mobile Apps

Many of us believe we don’t need Antivirus apps to safeguard our actions on digital devices. However, in the middle of a lot of whirlwind engagements with mobile apps and web browsers, we often forget to consider all the ways unwelcome websites or apps can harm our smartphone system. Although you can go without antivirus and antimalware apps, it will be a smart move to keep your phone safe.

The usual precautions are to download apps from the respective stores and keep on the security settings. Since there are plenty of hopeless apps that do nothing as they claim, it is advisable to pick the good ones that actually work.

Here is the list of most functional antivirus and antimalware apps for your smartphone device.

1) Avast Antivirus

Avast rightfully boasts of 100 million downloads and tons of handy features for antivirus and antimalware operations. Avast Mobile security is quite popular especially because it offers a range of superb features including an applock, classic antivirus scanning, call blocker, anti-theft support, a photo vault and more.

Avast Security - antivirus and malware apps

It also has a firewall protection suited for rooted Android devices. Its booster features add a little more value to its use. However, you can prefer to opt for another app dedicated to just cleaning and boosting and keep Avast for firm antivirus and antimalware security.

Avast Security - rating - antivirus and malware apps

Due to its incredible service, the app is paid with 14-day free demo trial. You will be relieved to know its subscription prices are within affordable range.

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2) Avira

Over the course of one year, Avira has grown from the new to the much known. The success has been very rapid, and the credit goes to the diversity of its features, from very basic to a few great ones.

Avira - antivirus and malware apps

It offers device scans, SD card scans, real-time protection, privacy and blacklisting and more. It also comes with anti-theft support feature and device admin features.

Avira - rating - antivirus and malware apps

It is lighter than Norton and similar apps and rich with a few unique tools. It has free version and paid one which is not that expensive.

Google PlayApp Store


3) 360 security

360 security emerges as popular one in the galaxy of antivirus and antimalware apps. However, its security solutions contain bittersweet results. While its functioning is not that bad, certain parts of its security mechanism is relatively unappealing.

360 Total Security - antivirus and malware apps

The app works to find potential malware issues in your device and claims amazing find rate. It perfectly fits into the category of decent, basic antivirus but great antimalware app that scans for hidden vulnerabilities.

Sophos - rating - antivirus and malware apps

You can uninstall the suggested apps and enable features yourself including Android boosters. Be careful about enabling features, though, since 360 security is best when used as a basic, lightweight scanner and phone cleaner.

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4) AVG Antivirus

In the antivirus domain, AVG Antivirus has found compelling reputation and resembles AVAST in its performance and actions. In 2016 AVG was acquired by AVAST – which is probably why the users find the little difference between the two.

AVG Mobile Security - antivirus and malware apps

Though AVG delivers a slightly different experience which sets it apart from its mainstay. The app offers anti-theft tracking supported by Google Maps but it lacks rooted firewall feature.

AVG Mobile Security - rating - antivirus and malware apps

What will not please you much is that its boosting features for memory, phone and battery are almost dysfunctional. Still, AVG is not bad at all. After 14-day free trial, you pay as little as $2.99 per month for subscription.

Google PlayApp Store


5) Bitdefender Free Antivirus

This is completely free antivirus apps. Bitdefender Antivirus offers all the basic scanning features, good performance, simple interface, cleaning and no configuration.

Bitdefender - antivirus and malware apps

We haven’t noticed much change since its inception. It makes for the best option for basic security needs. The app simply scan the content of your smartphone and repeat its action every time there is a need to do so.

Bitdefender - rating - antivirus and malware apps

Although there is an extended version of Bitdefender app out there, this one seems to suit those who expect simplicity and not too fancy things. The free app has ads but no in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Google PlayApp Store



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6) AVL

Being the former winner of the AV-test award, AVL is a respected antivirus solution for mobile devices. It is an independent app that is powerful with not only a reliable antivirus database but also a brilliant scanner that can detect any kind of executable file entering your device.

AVL Pro Antivrus - antivirus and malware apps

Additionally, there is a call blocker, a feature designed to block out suspicious unknown numbers, and an anti-fishing feature to prevent malicious websites from loading.

McAfee - rating - antivirus and malware apps

The app is light so it will help you save on battery life.

Google Play


7) Dr Web Security Space

This is the oldest legacy app in the world of antivirus and antimalware protection for mobile apps. Dr Web contains a decent set of features, which essentially includes basic full scan, ransomware protection, performance boost, a quarantine space, and stats.

Dr.Web Mobile Control - antivirus and malware apps

Apart from that, it also contains useful features like anti-theft, call and SMS filtering, URL filtering, parental controls, a firewall, etc. The features cost you as much as $15.99 annually.

Dr.Web Mobile Control - rating - antivirus and malware apps

It also has a lifetime license which is a bit expensive, too. But it is worth spending.

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8) Sophos

Sophos is making much buzz as a much loved antivirus and anti-malware app for Android. It helps you with a lot of basic phone security actions such as malware protection, scanning, app protections, website filtering, anti-theft solution, Wi-Fi security and more.

Sophos - antivirus and malware apps

What keeps Sophos clean in its image is that it is ad-free, free and doesn’t annoy you with meaningless garbage boosters that don’t add value. It is KeePass compatible and is also laced with a function for multi-factor authentication.

Sophos - rating - antivirus and malware apps

It is the incredible, pleasant features of Sophos that make it highly recommendable antivirus/antimalware app for today’s smartphone users.

Google PlayApp Store


9) McAfee Mobile Security and Power Booster

McAfee is perhaps the most known name when it comes to protecting your PC free from suspicious virus attacks. Familiar for PC protection, McAfee’s mobile app goes by the name McAfee Mobile Security.

McAfee - antivirus and malware apps

It is effective and also helps boost device performance along with scanning apps. Other features include remote device tracking, locking and wiping when lost or stolen. The app even takes a picture of the thief if the device stolen.

McAfee - rating - antivirus and malware apps

It also blocks potentially malicious websites and blacklists harmful calls and SMS. Moreover, it also scans apps for the safety of sensitive information and locks them if that is necessary.

Google PlayApp Store


10) Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky is another name with a great reputation as online security services. Its features are comparable with big players like Avast and Bitdefender. Its free version for mobile security includes basic scanning and precise malware detection features.


According to AV test trials in 2017, the app has detection rate of 99.9% – which is pretty impressive. It blocks suspicious sites and URLs so that you won’t accidentally click on them and incur nuisance in the first place.

Kaspersky - rating

What makes the app unique is that it also features simplified protection for Android wear security.

Google PlayApp Store


11) Norton security and Antivirus

Norton security has been subject to mixed comments but can’t be ignored. After all, it offers loads of basic features including scanning apps, malware and spyware protection, and other malicious attacks.

Norton Mobile Security

It saves device location when batter is low and has anti-theft element with real-time protection. It is comparatively affordable since it offers rather pricy features at merely $39.99 per year along with PC protection suite.

Norton Mobile Security - rating

Norton is also into dedicated applock option which is not included in this app.

Google PlayApp Store


12) Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout security and antivirus apps are often found pre-installed on many devices. It is popular enough for carriers like T-Mobile.


It performs all the basic security actions quite well, including scanning, anti-phishing, malware detection and anti-theft.

Lookout - rating

Its outstanding traits like identity protection, identity insurance and WiFi scanning give it a unique edge over other antivirus apps. It is reasonably priced at $2.99 per month which is good given it takes care of a lot many security aspects.

Google PlayApp Store


13) Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect takes a fresh approach on its antivirus mechanism. It scans the apps installed on your device to compared them with original versions in Google Play so that eventually you will know whether or not they are the same.


Its existing user protection practices in Google Play also forms another layer of security. For Android devices, this free app would be a default presence.

Lookout - rating

In fact, it might be working its way in your device and is sometimes better than other antivirus apps.

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If you are one of those who like to take chances by not opting for antivirus and antimalware apps, you might risk the healthy condition of your smartphone system.

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Preventive measures are far better than frustrating corrective actions. Install a smart antivirus and antimalware mobile security app that helps protect your data and prevent your phone from getting stolen.

The list above will help you choose only a few functional apps that literally guard your phone and ensure utmost security.