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Mobile Apps and Small Businesses [Infographics]

Mobile Apps and Small Businesses

As online activity continues to shift to mobile, the prominence of mobile apps in business is ever increasing day by day. Having a web presence alone will not be sufficient for businesses in the near future.

The number of mobile phones worldwide is soaring by billions. We will reach a point very soon where nearly every human being owns one. Studies show that on an average, people check their mobile devices every 6 minutes and they use mobile apps 6 times more than websites.


Mobile Apps and Small Businesses


Business apps are continuously transforming the marketing scenario. The corporate plans and policies are changing as new ways of buyer-seller relationships are being established. Smartphone has become the new era’s inevitable marketing tool in order to propel business sales and leads. Hundreds of business apps are being released by mobile app development companies every day. Even your competitors may own one.


For small businesses and local businesses there is a lot of untapped potential lying in this medium. Creative ideas that combine fun and social elements with rewards and discounts can allure the customers to shop again and again and help you to build a community around your brand. Small business owners with mobile apps benefit from having the ability to reach their customers 24/7 and from wherever they are, thus allowing them to fulfill customer expectations more easily.