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Master Class Series in Corona SDK


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“The world of Mobile applications and games is interesting, exciting and is stirring the technology world up and down. I as a Techno commercial guy had lot of ideas (practically everybody of us has) which I wanted to convert as app or games and do something different. But, how was the big question that I need to answer.

After my preliminary research I came to a conclusion that I need to do something with Android and iOS the two dominating platforms in the Mobile world. But Android was out of question for me as it required Java and I had never explored Java before. So, the obvious choice was iOS. But for iOS I need to refresh my objective C and OOPS concepts. Then learn x-code. That was very challenging.

After all the research I realized I am looking at a learning curve of at-least 12 months whereby I would in the position to make my first app available on the store which was very disappointing because 12 months is huge time and I would lose the early mover advantage.

This was the time I met Mr. Altaf Rehmani of Redbytes.

Redbytes had a promising tool that they were successfully using to make app and games and there company had already ported 34 apps to the store. This tool was not just a development tool but also a cross platform deployment tool. That means I could port my application to not just one platform but to all the major platform that dominate the Mobile world today. So, I decided to join their 15 days Master Class Series in Corona SDK. I started the class with little inhibitions in my mind that “Will I be able to code?”. Because, I was trying to code after a gap of almost 14 years. During my career that’s spans around 16 years I have seen many programs that promise a lot but deliver very less. This program was big exception. It delivered what it had promised.

At the start of the program Mr.Altaf had promised to all the participants that by the end of the program every member of the program would be in a position to code is own application and port it various mobile devices. I was really happy to see my Idea converted to an app ported across various devices like Samsung Tab, Micromax FunBook etc all Android based devices with knowing even the “J” of Java. The same app could have been ported to iPad and iPhone also but this platform comes with certain restriction because of which I could not do it. But in the real world I am in a position now whereby I can develop my own apps or games and make them available on iOS platform in mere 15 days. THAT’S HUGE PRODUCTIVITY ADVANTAGE.

The 15 days class started with installing the SDK on my laptop (the very basic) to understanding the language in which the SDK is developed (LUA). Good 2 days were spend in understanding LUA language and programming in LUA. Eight days in understanding the Function and Libraries the SDK has and the remaining 5 days in hands on project.

We saw our own ideas and concepts evolving in app and games. One word in which I can sum up my entire fifteen days Master Class Series in Corona SDK experience would be “Fantastic”. I would strongly recommend this class for those freshers who would like to establish a strong foot hold in the Mobile industry. This program really “Empowers you to become either an Employee or an Entrepreneur” as their punch line says.”

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