Major Update! Instagram now allows users to reply with photos and videos

Major Update! Instagram now allows users to reply with photos and videos

Instagram, with more than 700 million users is indeed in the league of Facebook and Twitter. So it is obvious that any update of Instagram will create a buzz around the world. Latest buzz Instagram has made is regarding their story feature. It seems that people are in awe of it.

They have introduced a feature which allows users reply directly to an Instagram story with a photo or even a video. However, major tech portals are unanimously saying that the feature can’t be named as innovative even though it’s absolutely engaging.

After the update, you will see a camera icon at the bottom of the story, right beside the text box. When you tap the camera icon Instagram camera will pop up so that you can snap a photo or even record a video. An interesting quirk about this update is that. You can apply different filters, stickers hashtags etc. on the photo or video you took. In short, the story you are trying to reply to will be on the top and you can re-size, tilt or modify it according to your wish. You can send the reply as a direct message.

Recently Instagram owned by Facebook became a bit audacious regarding the updates. Rumor has it that the reason for the updates is to target Snapchap who is considered as the rival social media app of Instagram.

After a series of update reports came in that tech experts questioned Instagram’s integrity as most of it had similarities to that of Snapchat. There were rumors that tech experts declared that Instagram is on its way to becoming Snapchat 2.0. The biggest example they cited was the stories itself as it was first introduced by Snapchat.

Whatever might be the reason. The results of such tactics are evident with the user increase of Instagram.

Around 250 million Instagram users use stories meanwhile in Snapchat it’s 166 million.

After releasing the feature, an Instagram post appeared on their official page. In which they explained about the need of the update by saying that,

Today’s update is just one of the ways we’re working to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with friends on Instagram. “

Lately, people were furious towards Instagram for a bug that appeared in their software deleting user accounts without their knowledge. However, It seems that all will be forgotten with the arrival of this new feature.

This new feature is only available for the 10.29 version of Instagram. All you have to do is go to App Store (Android) or even IOS store to update even download the latest version of the app.



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