Madras HC Directs Ban on TikTok Considering Children Safety

Madras HC Directs Ban on TikTok Considering Children Safety

Considering the safety and future of the youngsters, the Madras High Court has issued an interim direction to the central government, to prohibit the downloading and usage of the most trending Chinese video app TikTok.

Observing that pornography and inappropriate content is shared& accessible to children, the court has also ordered to prohibit media on airing TikTok videos.

In this world of short attention spans, TikTok, is taking the internet by storm with its quick 15 second video clips that anybody can create and share publicly. According to reports, over 100 million Indians have downloaded TikTok, and there are over 54 million monthly active users in India.

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The petition against the app was filed by a senior lawyer, social-activist Mr. MuthuKumar citing issues like cultural degradation, child abuse, exposure to sexual predators, suicides etc.

Agreeing with the petitioner, the Madras HC court has come to a conclusion that it is evident from media reports that inappropriate contents are made available to children through these kinds of mobile apps. The court said:


And before any tragic incidents would occur, the government has got the social responsibility to take appropriate action and prevent usage of the app and also take action against people who are making use of it.

According to reports, a TikTok spokesman told Reuters that company is committed to abiding by local laws and is awaiting a copy of the court’s order to take appropriate action.

Madras HC Directs Ban on TikTok Considering Children Safety


Owing to such concerns, the TikTok app has already been banned in foreign countries such as Bangladesh & Indonesia.




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