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In-app Purchases in Kids Educational Apps Costing You? Here are 5 Ways to Prevent That

In-app Purchases in Kids Educational Apps Costing You? Here are 5 Ways to Prevent That

Kids giving you a hard time with over the top in-app purchase bills? Then this article is a must read for you.

More often than not, many parents are not aware of the troubles that comes by letting children have an uncontrolled access to their smartphones until they face with an initial bad experience. Most of them are deceived into thinking that free kids educational apps will never cost them a penny. Unfortunately, the reality is that free kids educational apps can cost you several times higher than the average paid apps, if you are not being careful.

Here are some useful tips for you to deal with those tricky in-app purchase feature.

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1. Making your purchase mechanisms Password/PIN protected

Set passwords or PINs from the settings menu if you are using Google Play or Amazon App store to make your in-app purchases. iTunes already requires a password protected account to download from it. You should be careful not to expose this password to your children.

2. Disable the feature in your Digital App Store

Another way to deal with this issue is to turn the in-app purchase feature off from your app store settings.Higher versions of iPhone OS allow you to use a password as soon as you begin making a purchase instead of disabling the feature on the whole. In these cases you should be careful that you do not use the same password that you had set to unlock your phone. You should also be careful that this password is not something that your kids can guess or already know.

3. Make use of Gift Cards or Prepaid Cards

If you don’t want to be too stringent on your kids about making in-app purchases, a monitored approach can be permitted. There are iTunes gift cards and prepaid debit cards available for iTunes, Google Checkout, and Amazon.You can get a gift card or prepaid card for them, to allow purchases that will lie inside of your budget. This method will also teach your kids the value of money and how to spend money wisely.

4. Oops! Are you too Late?

Have you ever thought of what you could do after your kids have made a transaction and it was too late? It wouldn’t hurt to try to get your lost money back.

In such cases, there is no need to lose your hope completely, as many app vendors willingly refund the money for first time purchasers. Several of them even make one-time refunds based on the genuinity of your concern; but the decision is entirely at the discretion of the particular app vendor.

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5. Know when to spend money for an in-app purchase

The most saddening thing about in-app purchases in kids educational apps is that they are purchased by the buyer(kids) not knowing they are spending any money. These apps are offered as freemium, so that parents gleefully download them for their children. Kids are lured when they are offered to unlock certain gifts, powers, or other attractive collectables and levels through in-app purchases. This is a major source of revenue for app vendors.

After having a disaster, many parents think of spending money for in-app purchases that comes with kids app as something that is absolutely unnecessary. Still, there are some cases where spending money for an in-app purchase would sound reasonable or even benefit you.

Let’s see some of those cases.

Make an in-app purchase to go ad-free:Ads can be irritating, especially when they are of no use to you and destroys the user experience. This disadvantage points to the need of downloading the full version of a freemium app, which will remove the ads forever.

Skipping a problem some level:Sometimes it can become really difficult for you to clear a level which requires you to possess a skill or understanding that you have not managed to master yet. It can become frustrating for you to continue with the same level, that you may regard to skip it by spending a dollar than waste your time and effort on it.

Some are trial apps: Some apps are offered as free apps, but they are only given as a trial version. They will expire to be free once a certain term period or level has been reached. From that time, you would have to buy the app to continue using it.