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Google’s New Mobile OS ‘Android Oreo’ Rolls Out with New Features

Google's New Mobile OS 'Android Oreo' Rolls Out with New Features

Google has recently unveiled its latest version 8.0, now called as Android Oreo of its Android Operating System which includes features like auto-fill, picture-in-picture and supports Android Instant Apps.

This is the first version that is named after a cookie, Nabisco sandwich, and it is believed to be the most powerful Android system, released till date by Google. Google Android OS’s are always named after sweet treats in an alphabetical order and the latest OS update is Oreo.

Other than the multi-windowing mode, Android O speeds up login to apps and Android Instant Apps allows users to directly log into the app through the browser without requiring installation.

Android Oreo will have new features including better battery management functions, revamped notifications, redesigned emoji library, minimise background app activity, automatically sized text, adaptive icons and 2X faster booting etc.

On the whole, Android Oreo is much more streamlined than Android Nougat with various system optimization features and all the popular phones will get the update for free very soon.