Google Announces ‘Kotlin’ as Android’s Official Programming Language

Google Announces ‘Kotlin’ as Android’s Official Programming Language

Google has announced ‘Kotlin‘ as Android’s official programming language at the Google I/O 2017 developer conference.

Kotlin, developed by JetBrains is a programming language which is expressive, extensible, concise and moreover fun for both reading and writing. As the program is compatible with Java and C++, developers can use the existing codes, other Android libraries and also add Kotlin codes to the existing ones.

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The new program is an open source programming language under Apache 2.0 license which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and hence can be utilized with other JVM-based languages for Android development.

JetBrains is now collaborating with Google to establish a non-profit Kotlin foundation to expand its investments into other existing languages.

Kotlin is considered as a great addition to Android app development family as it enhances faster development and more productivity.




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