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Apple Scraps iOS Apps Featuring Confederate Battle Flag

Apple Scraps iOS Apps Featuring Confederate Battle Flag

The tragic Charleston church shooting in South Carolina last week has compelled Apple to remove the games from the iOS App Store that featured the Confederate battle flag.

The confederate flag was used by the southern states during the American Civil War. However, they have become the symbol of white supremacy in the recent years. The Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof had posed for a photograph online with the flag before he shot dead nine people and injured another at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The incident had triggered a nation-wide discussion regarding the usage of the flag as an icon. As a result, Apple has removed all of its civil war based games and other games featuring the flag from the iOS App Store. However, the move has been criticized by a group of people who say that they are trying to censor history.

However, according to recent reports, Apple has softened their stand now. They are restoring the games in the App Store that feature the Confederate flag in a good way.