The Dorm App

Thursday July 1, 2021


Dorm was developed to connect college students with each other in order to build lasting and meaningful relationships. With the “Dorm App” college students can connect with each other based on their shared interests, hobbies & academics. 


Our main objective was to create a mobile dorm-like experience which allows students to build & share their profile with other students within their university and surrounding communities, this will give students an opportunity to message connect with each other directly. The Dorm also comes with a general forum page that allows them to see posts from all their connections. 

What we did? 

We gave priority to an UI desirable to students and a seamless flow that will allow students to connect with other students easily based on their common interests  


1.Logging In and Student Verification

The Dorm app requires the students to enter their college email address to register, this email will be used to as a verification tool to ensure that they are from the specified college. 

2.Profile Creation 

The Dorm profile consist of fields like Name, University/College, Major, Year, horoscope & a short bio consisting of 150 characters. After filling the fields students will be directed to Rep Your Squad page where the y will be a able to select their interest & other personal identities. 

3.Profile Screen 

Your profile will give the other users a snapshot of who you are. The profile page will be designed as a university ID card that will list the users name, university, major, year, horoscope sign, short bio, profile picture, and their interests  

4.Roommate Finder 

This feature allows the students to connect with other roomies. All potential connection will be listed on this page and the students can swipe right to friend request a roomie and left to decline the roomie connection. 

5.Direct Messages

This page will be used to send direct messages to students that the user has connected with and to view pending roomie requests. 

6.Floor Meeting

This page will serve as a community forum, in which roomies will be able to post updates directly that will be shared with all their connections. Roomies also can comment, share & like the posts also they can also view the shared updates of their connections

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